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1 Zuri Ross

Zuri is spoiled. Why? Because she always needs or what's something. One time she wanted a new doll so instead of using the other 100 dolls she has she wants a new one. Zuri is sassy, which I hate kinda. She talks back to her older brothers and sister and doesn't shoe a lack of respect to Jessie or Bertram. She blames things or messes on luke for no reason. She even liked Stewart better when he changed.

Zuri has a problem and her problem is talking back. Zuri is smart and shows a good heart but she needs to be acting right or someone is going tell her and it isn't in a nice way. She treats Bertram like can't never quit so she does whatever she wants to whoever. She also gets her way.

Her parents need to step up their game. They have been gone since...forever. They spoil their kids. My mom is nice but she doesn't spoil me. Example: they gave Zuri a real live zebra for gotcha Day (day they were adopted). What kind of parents do that. They do whatever they want. Example : ...more

On this list I have already discovered a Jessie caps person, good god. Let's just face it world, everybody's a hater and a hypocrite about something. At a young age I already see it, because even if we hate to admit it at times we all are haters and hypocrites about something, it's partly what makes us human, same with opinions though internet trolls suck. Also I hate Jessie. - Anonymousxcxc

Zuri is a brat and she throws tantrums about everything and talks in the "oh no you didn't" attitude!

Zuri has such an attitude! Millie the mermaid is fake!

Zuri is a self centered brat who thinks she's the best and cute meanwhile she sets a bad example for kids like Ravi.

Zuri is a spoiled brat! She gets everything she wants whenever she wants, she is extremely rude to adults and used people to do her homework for her. Like she uses Stuart and Ravi to do her homework for her which is terrible. One thing that bugs me out of my mind is, how she is so rude to Bertram. She expects him to do everything for her and it is really annoying. She thinks she is Jessie's favorite, and whenever Jessie hints that she isn't, Zuri threatens Jessie until she says that Zuri is her favorite. Zuri is a sweet girl with a good heart, but she really needs to step up her attitude!

Zuri thinks all that well tell that to like a 9 hear old girl who sleeps with a bear name chubby the bear. I got rid of my bears and dolls since age 8. She talks to Jessie and Bertram like their her slaves. Is their mom and dad okay with this cause they have just abandoned their children and said peace out leaving them with some nanny that they only known for like 2 seconds. If I were jessie I would have called 241 kids and let them take all of them away. Zuri always likes to sas people but if I were Jessie I would have locked her in her closet till she gives no more sas.

2 Jessie Prescott Jessie Prescott

Most of the time she is not really a nanny. She just cares about her acting career. In the episode," The Rosses Get Real," she got mad when the show didn't finish her line. Her full sentence was supposed to be,"I'm a nanny pursuing her acting career." The show only put,"I'm a nanny." Then Jessie said," This show was supposed to jump start my acting career so I can finally do something I love! " Wow, nice much? Also I thought that since she is an older figure and nanny she is supposed to be nice and respectful. Instead we get a girl who brags to her friend Darla and tries to better than everybody. For example, in the episode," Romancing the Crone," Jessie was making a video that made her look rich to show to Darla. Most of the time we see in episodes about Jessie being jealous of Darla and wanting to brag. In another episode,"G.I. Jessie," we do see that Darla is pretty mean and spoiled. But that does not mean that Jessie has ...more

Jessie doesn't care about anything. The kids are so spoiled and she doesn't do anything about that. I get that she wants to be kind but you're a nanny. Basically an underage parent. You need to start acting like a responsible adult. Whenever she is responsible, it's creepy. Like why doesn't she let Zuri go to the park in "Katch Kipling" and she just dresses up like an old lady and sneaks up on her. Who does that! Jessie is also a Female Perv. She also is rude and mean. She doesn't even like Stuart and she's the reason why they had to take an episode of when Jessie was making fun of how Stuart is lactose intolerant. She's always complaining about how she should've been an actress. But if she really wanted to be an actress she could've just not take the nanny job in the first place. She only did because she's broke and she's so greedy for love. She always looking for somebody to date and complains about how nobody wants to date her and even made the kids do it too. But then when this ...more

Jessie Prescott is good person and jessie love with Tony and her Dad was army best

Give a round of applause to Jessie cause she just her picture on the hall of fame as the world's most worst nanny. Does she really think that letting the kids talk to her like a peasant is okay and how they act like her boss and she grown.I have a few things to say about every Ross kid on Jessie and they wouldn't be smiling. This show makes me want to give them a piece of my mind so bad. Jessie trys so hard on her acting career I almost feel sorry for her except that I don't. She overacts that it cost her her acting career but I can't say that cause she doesn't have one. She doesn't have a man because she spends her time talking and playing with kids her entire free time. What kind of man do you think will talk to a lady who has kids as her best friends. No one because she has no live or social life like Ravi.

3 Emma Ross

How do I start to explain Emma? She thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world, with the best fashion sense ever, but most of the time, the clothes she wears in the show aren't even that good looking. She acts like a princess, having Jessie and Bertram wait on her hand and foot. And what really annoys me is that her life is pretty much all about texting, fashion, and boys. She obviously doesn't pay attention in school, and like Zuri, she uses people to do her homework for her. She is always so rude to Jessie, saying that she is so old, but really Jessie is not even 10 years older than her (I think.) She makes other people feel bad if they aren't as good looking as she is. According to Jessie, Emma's closet is as big as a mall, and it has a food court in it! Spoiled much?!

Emma is obviously mentally retarded. Emma Ross has special needs which is an insult to people that actually have special needs. How the hell is Emma even able to function if she acts completely dumb. Emma acts more like she is a villain who is retarded. - privateaccount

I like Peyton List but not Emma. She self centered and a fashion freak! She thinks Bronx and Staten Island aren't places... Get education ninth grade dumbass!

Emma is a cheap low-life dumb spoiled girl! She buys diamond badges and cheats! Everything sparkles with her and 20 year old jessie is considered old to Emma. I don't know what Rosie sees in Emma that they are friends!

Emma...is the most slightly ungrateful girl I have ever met. She is not crazy and I think she goes out with guys twice her age. She thinks money is all part of life that's why she got fired twice then hired back. If she worked for me I would have fired her on the spot. I bet her father will be very disappointed with her when he finds out that Emma has been dating guys that he didn't approve. I forgot last time I checked he didn't approve not any one of her boyfriends. My dad won't let me date til I'm 23. That's how a protective father is. He is a good one too. Emma's parents are slackers. They'll do anything for a quick buck.

4 Luke Ross

I hate him so much he is so rude and unkind to others. He thinks he is so better than everyone else and he thinks he is so hot. He is so mean and harsh to his own little brother which is awful. In one episode when he has to dress like a cowboy he's all like"if I saw myself I would beat myself up" he is an awful role model people like him are the reason why victiims of cruel bullying kill themselves jessie writers think twice about your characters and how they encourage bullying. End rant

Luke is a brat! And a bad influence for kids! He gets terrible grades and he says whatever he wants no matter how bratty! The nanny doesn't do ANYTHING at all! This show is stupid! CANCEL IT NOW!

I despise Luke so much! He is rude, unkind, and he thinks he is so hot, when in my opinion Ravi is way hotter. He hits on girls that are way older than him like Jessie, and all he thinks about is kissing girls. He doesn't care about school at all, which is a bad influence for kids. He is rude to Bertram, his siblings and anyone he doesn't like. He is a terrible influence for young boys!

Luke should be higher than Ravi. Ravi's the only kid with some manners!

5 Agatha

She should be #1! She has no sense of anything! Shes ugly no one can look at her!

I think zuri should not be number one what's wrong with people agatha and rhoda are number one hated

I think Zuri kind of nice but to much attitude for a little girl

Why is she #2 should be #1. And Zuri should not be n here cause she is one of the best - toy

Zuri is a spoiled brat with an attitude who always has it her way. But that's just my opinion. I respect yours. But, really, Jessie and them are always making fun of how she looks just like Bertram.

Sure she's ugly but who cares? That's nothing to do with her character and personality. I do agree that she's a cow.

6 Ravi

Don't get me started on Ravi. First of all he wants to act like Zuri or Luke made me do it but I seen him smart mouthing Jessie. If I was Jessie I would have called my dad to bail me out of jail because some teeth would have been on the floor. I don't play okay.And he is to attached to that Asian water something lizard. I would have sent that lizard out of town for good. What kind of teenage boy has no social life?

Ravi is the only kid in the family that is not a DUMBASS!

Ravi is the only smart one but he is also stupid because he is very offensive in many many ways like...

Ravi is the only person in this show that is ok. I hate it how everyone teases him for being smart, when that is a good thing to be. He is the only one that isn't a brat and he is the only one that isn't completely rude to Bertram or Jessie. He is the only Ross kid that I can stand.

7 Creepy Connie

She's psycho and doesn't know when to stop. She has so many restraining orders that she can only be at THREE places in New York. THREE! And New York is a large and vital state! She can never understand that Luke wants NOTHING to do with her!

Creepy connie shes just so weird

Definitely! Agatha is #1 and she's #2!

She doesn't take no for an answer.

8 Rhoda Chesterfield

Her multiple marriages aren't the only things that are inappropriate, so are her clothes. I mean yikes and she makes fun of other peoples' clothes, she needs to look in a mirror

You annoy the heck out of everybody and you got too much makeup and got burned by Zuri

She is me and she always yells at the kids for having a pet

Shes very mean and doesn't about anyone but herslef and dumb dog. when jessie gave her cookies she instead acted mean and not grateful

9 Stuart

I feel bad about how rude Zuri is to him. If someone liked me like that, even if I didn't like him back, I would still appreciate it!

Shouldn't he be " Creepy Stuart"

He is so creepy! This is litteraly a line:
"A boy can dream. And I do! " And he makes his eyebrows go up and down twice and he makes a pedo smile. SO CREEPY!


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10 Shelby

She's Rosie and Emma's enemy. She thinks split ends are horrible! Good for Rosie defending herself from stupid Shelby! She has too much makeup and thinks smart asses are what everyone should be! Shes so imperfect!

I hate Shelby the most!

She thinks she is so cool and pretty but she really isn't.


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11 Bryn Breitbart

She is a horrible little dick

I hate Bryn, but I want to see more episodes with her in

She's hated by the entire Ross family (ok she hasn't met Zuri or Bertram YET, but Zuri's in 4th grade now)

She's spoiled, jealous, obviously insecure, petty, and downright ugly.

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12 Bertram

He's so lazy and barely does his job but I feel bad for him because he's always treated badly by Jessie and the Ross kids. And they are not grateful for him when he does things for them.

I feel terrible for Bertram. He works his butt of all day for the kids and they don't say "thank you" once! If I had a butler, I would treat him nicely!

Whenever Zuri makes fun of him I'm like I would actually be nice to my butler if I ever had one. Oh yea I forgot that these kids are spoiled brats on a choo choo train without starting an agruement less than 12.4 seconds.

I love the show, but I think Bertram is a horrible butler.
He doesn't do anything!

13 Angela

By the way she's not the BEST

Angela is very nice,cute,sweet, and the best!

14 Rosie Liotta

I love Rosie she's my favourite character!

Is Rosie related to Vincent Liotta?
She's not so nice but I like her

15 Officer Petey
16 Dr. Van Adams
17 Tony

He is cute but still he doesn't care for kids and he is mostly a brat

18 Jasmine Epstein

Just annoying. She always like "Emma, kisses! " and she is mean to Zuri. Sure should punch her.


19 Nana Bananas

Ohh dear I seem to have lost my banana cam! Blah blah blah

20 Darla

I hate Darla because she acts like Jessie is a loser when Jessie is the best character in the show. Darla also brags about herself and is rude to the people around her. For example: she pushed Jessie down a well and said that Jessie jumped down there just to get attention and to be on T.V., and lied to everyone around here.

21 Tony Chiccolini

Why there are 2 Tonies? - TheTopTenVoter


22 Ms. Devlin

Ms. Devlin is such a weirdo. Stupid paintings.

23 Victoria Montesano
24 Mr Kipling

Apparently a "man"eating "giant" asian water monitor that's no bigger than an Iguana

The lizard is no bigger than my foot.

So fake -.- mr kipling is unnesscecary and I hate him acting like a human

Mrs.Kipling is a real lizard and he's pretty big, plus his name is frank

25 Coach Penny

She is really angry all the time it is terrible

26 Brooks Wentworth

He is so annoying and not hansome

Hate him

27 Morgan Ross

He acts so childish. Like man grow up already. I know u wanna b a fun dad. But u should know when it's play time and when it's time to get serious.

If he's so bad why is he married­čśĆ

28 Tiffani
29 James Lynn jackson

She is such a weirdo! When Emma and her first ment, she said Emma is nothing but a little ms bratty pants. But when Emma was hanging out with Lucy, Lynn wanted to be friends with Emma. That's weird! -AnimeGirl

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