Worst Kanye West Songs


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1 Dark Fantasy

Nicki Minaj is in it. So understandable.

2 Bound 2

Dang. This is awful. 2013 wasn't such a good year for Kanye West (it's was great for Shady)

If there's a pair that should never go well together it's Kanye West and romance. Romance is the worst genre of films since they all the same damn thing. They meet. Make love. Break up. Something bad happens. Get back together. When the LOTL dies they whine instead of move on. But it's a bit different in song. It's much worse in a song. Especially rap.

The reason I find Bound 2 awful is not because of Kanye West (he's a decent guy but he going downhill) but because of Kim Kardashian or as I call her Kim KardASSian who's talentless and famous for no reason.

He's just says crap the whole time just like I am a God. But this is 50 times worse. I can't stand the fact that Kanye and Kim K are supposed to be couples or something (yea I know they married now but in 2013 they weren't.)

I already said the lyrics are lame at least 0 times...I mean ummm...once?

But does ...more - AlphaQ

This should definitely be number 1.

3 Bittersweet Poetry
4 Freestyle 4

Coming from a Kanye fan, this pretty much blows. - yaygiants16

5 On Sight

This has some of the worst production I have ever heard on a song.

It sounds like an alien's nightmare.

It raped me once...

6 Hate
7 Through the Wire

Why is this here?

8 Barry Bonds
9 I Am a God

Oh the random screaming at the end...

10 Runaway

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11 Mercy
12 Breathe in Breathe Out
13 Run This Town
14 Bad News
15 Devil In a New Dress
16 Robocop
17 E.T.
18 Big Brother
19 All of the Lights
20 Gold Digger V 1 Comment
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