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361 The Wild Life
362 Strawberry Shortcake: Sunshine Girls
363 Surf's Up 2: Wavemania
364 Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers
365 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
366 The Angry Birds Movie

Awful how they would actually take an app from the App Store and make a movie out of it! People just trying to find new ways to make money... Voila the angry birds franchise

I used to love the game when I was younger, and I never thought it would be a movie.

My dad actually wants to see this movie in the cinema for some reason. I'm definitely going to see Zootopia instead because it's such a better movie. The Angry Birds is already a bad cartoon, It'd make it worst to make a movie out of it.. And once again, this movie is based off nothing but an app store game.. - SheepBuggy

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367 The Lion King

Very overrated stuff. It teaches kids how to run away. It teaches parents how to yell at there children. The animation is the only good thing about this film. Even trolls is better than this overrated crap. That movie was FANTASTIC! BUT I'm NOT EVIL! I'm JUST A VISITER THAT DISLIKES THE LION KING! IS THAT SO WRONG?

Why is the best Disney film of all time on this list.

Awesome lions funny there is a musical of it

Stupid person put this on the list. - Pixtol

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368 Inside Out

Which idiot put this here? This is one of the best films ever if not the best!

I love Disney but this movie was terrible! Say Bing-Bong and this magic sled will get you out of a pit!

Seriously Disney haters? isn't enough with your gay hate to frozen and now with this?

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369 Cars

shut up

370 Back to the Future

This is the best movies of its age whoever made this is dim

371 Zootopia

I hate whoever made this list


Son of a...

372 Song of the Sea
373 Moana

Cancel this now!

374 Pokemon: The Movie 2000 V 2 Comments
375 Charlotte's Web

Worst list ever

376 Bambi


377 The Fox and the Hound
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