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61 Shrek the Third V 4 Comments
62 Hannah Montana: The Movie

Well at least she did this before wrecking ball not after

This is when Miley Cyrus was a good girl and not horrible like today she is.

This is the worst movie ever.

Hannah Montana is just terrible to start with

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63 Minions

Not the worst, but the most disappointing. I loved the first two, but this one felt like a movie designed for the younger audience in contrast to the first two's all audiences. Lastly, the plot was ridiculous. No, simply stealing Queen Elizabeth's crown won't make you a member of royalty. - Swellow

Minions used to be funny. But now these yellow pills in overalls are illuminations cash cows. They speak random crap in annoying voices and act stupid because its another stupid cash grab. - Lunala

This film is just a cash grab, this was clearly made to sell toys.

This movie wasn't the best despicable me is better

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64 Inspector Gadget

This has to be one of the worst adaptations for a cartoon ever! It has little to do with the cartoon. It keeps shoving in as much stupid childish humor as it can to grab an audience, they made penny a brunette and not a blonde girl, brain is barely even in the movie at all (except in the credits), they had the car talk which even worse, is voiced by D. L hugely, and the biggest of them all, why can we see Dr. Claw's face?! In the movie, he sounds less like a monster and doesn't own an evil organization Called M.A.D.

Wow. I mean, Did you people get one thing right? Did you even care at all about the cartoon while you were making this movie?

This is easily one of the worst movies based on cartoon and it's one of the worst films I've ever seen also it's one of nostalgia critic worst films, and why the hell show dr claw he was one of the coolest things of the show and that cat who opinion looks the cat from Alice in wonderland. And penny gadgets niece doesn't have a role and really you guys choose Rupert to be dr claw wow just wow and the effects are bad I bet even for that time period and Matthew Broderick as gadget what the hell! How does that work they have nothing common, Broderick does a bad imperission of gadget I don't even think he was trying and Rupert as claw is not intimating and both the cat and dog named brain don't look the same at all why didth they choose CG them and make look closer to how they in the cartoon kinda like they did with Dino in the flintstones movie and yeah this was awful waste of time waste of anything that has to do with film.

Hell its one of the worst adaptations ever made it has a very little to do with the show.

I remember watching the original cartoon... way better than this

65 Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Loved this movie, but I think it was also made for the Scrappy haters (most underrated cartoon character) Scrappy was 100% out of character. In the cartoon he would never ever attempt to murder his uncle who he loved and in the cartoon the gang would never throw him out into the middle of nowhere.

Scooby doo is dead.

I liked the cartoon better.

66 Sausage Party

Not a kids movie. Do trolls have to ruin every list? - Trollsfan536

Take this off! It was really cute and deserves to not be here

This is my favorite kids movie, wholesome family entertainment - purpleyoshi98

"It was really cute" LOL - Trollsfan536

67 Little Princess School

This is nothing but a corny girly stereotypical rip-off of The Little Princess AND Disney Princesses. If I were a police, I'd arrest whoever made this disgrace. - SheepBuggy

This movie was so bad when I watched it with my little sister I turned it off the second It came on with all it's terrible voice acting and bright colors

As if Disney princesses weren't overrated enough, now they've been turned into high school musical 2

Voice acting AWFUL
animation LAZY + AWFUL
I saw a youtuber review it. The art style is LAZIER THAN GOANIMATE.
Don't watch - Lunala

V 6 Comments
68 The Angry Birds Movie

Awful how they would actually take an app from the App Store and make a movie out of it! People just trying to find new ways to make money... Voila the angry birds franchise

I used to love the game when I was younger, and I never thought it would be a movie.

My dad actually wants to see this movie in the cinema for some reason. I'm definitely going to see Zootopia instead because it's such a better movie. The Angry Birds is already a bad cartoon, It'd make it worst to make a movie out of it.. And once again, this movie is based off nothing but an app store game.. - SheepBuggy

Oh lets turn a video game into a movie.
It worked for video games with a plot.
But Angry Birds is just random throwing birds at pigs.
How about a Pong movie?

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69 Spy Kids

We all learned something today, children. Never let hour olds do special effects! - ArpstaAmy333

I do think that this movie may be a little old, and the acting might be bad.. But it is still fun to watch.

Whats wrong with spy kids, it's a great family movie.

The girl main character in this movie (now grown up) named her son Ocean King. OCEAN KING!
She's just trying to search for fame since this movie was her only gig.

V 3 Comments
70 Re-Animated (2006)

I mean, a film about some kid who gets like a famous person's brain?! That is just so horrible. Worst Cartoon Network movie ever.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my whole entire life! What have you done, Cartoon Network?

What in the world is this film?! Is it a live-action cartoon?!

71 Camp Rock

I remember my little sister watching this OVER AND OVER AGAIN A FEW TIMES IN A ROW. Seriously, she did this! - mayamanga

This movie is nothing but a highschool musical rip-off. The actors suck and the Jonas brothers make matters even worse.

I saw it and it's not very good. But watch your mouth curse word lover!

Oh shut up, boy band hater. At least the Jonas Brothers played instruments.

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72 The Lion King

Very overrated stuff. It teaches kids how to run away. It teaches parents how to yell at there children. The animation is the only good thing about this film. Even trolls is better than this overrated crap. That movie was FANTASTIC! BUT I'm NOT EVIL! I'm JUST A VISITER THAT DISLIKES THE LION KING! IS THAT SO WRONG?

Why is the best Disney film of all time on this list.

Awesome lions funny there is a musical of it

Ok first thing this is my favorite movie of all time it is emotional funny and has a good plot.number two it is loved by lots of people.and number three they have put this as a worse film than the little panda fighter!? To whoever put this film on the list please get it off! ok?

V 8 Comments
73 Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. V 1 Comment
74 Bratz: The Movie

I've lost hope in humans

Bratz... more like brats

I only like the dolls

Another doll movie, except after Barbie Dolls and not animated.
I wonder what a Barbie movie with real people would look like.

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75 Barbie As Rapunzel

I don't like Barbie movies

Worst Movie ever if you watched this and your a boy u r gay. PERIOD.

Barbie. Now a sexist, Evil MOVIE! BARBIE! YOU SHALL PAY! PAY THE WRATH! OF THE ANGRY NERD ONLINE! We hate u Barbie. :3

76 Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure

Lol the cartoon for three year olds that everyone hates. I noticed its about a girl. Most female things get hate. Even toddler things.

Dora's fairy fail

Dora's shabbystale adventure-trollsfan536

We did it. We did it. Phoo. Hits Dora in the head. Dora: Where's the mountain. Shut up you m f er. Kills Dora. People: Yay. No more Dora. No more Dora.

V 1 Comment
77 Cool Cat Saves the Kids

One of the Worst movies I've seen.

Cool cat likes evil because every evil person in history was a baby.Evil babies.


78 Storks

I'll be honest. This movie makes no sense. The characters are so irritating. Especially that midget bird thing with that cringingly bad voice. The plot barely makes any sense and the jokes revolve around 10 year old low brow humor, The movie literally barely explains anything. It's like the director just came up with the plot as they went along. I give this movie a 2/10. I didn't laugh once at this film. Even some bad films have managed to get at the very least 1 laugh out of me. But even this film couldn't.

I like this movie - Trollsfan536

79 Monster House

This isn't even scary. If you want to watch a scary film, watch the brave little toaster. It has a suicidal A/C, a flower commits suicide as well, some mice pulled Blanky into a hole and if they ate through him and got into his wires, he would've short circuited and/or caught fire if Toaster didn't save him (Blanky is an electric blanket), they sleep in a jumpscare forest with scary trees, when the battery dies Lampy almost kills himself recharging it, when they encounter a waterfall Kirby eats his cord, they almost die by falling into quicksand, when they arrive at the parts shop a blender gets murdered, there's a mish mash consisting of a can opener a lamp and a shaver, and an extremely dark song called it's a b movie, there are unkind cutting edge appliances that send our heroes to the junkyard and sing a catchy villain song called cutting edge, our heroes arrive at the junkyard where there's a third villain song called worthless, the giant magnet tries to kill the master because ...more

I'm not going to complain about the graphics, because I'm not greedy. But... Its not scary... I know they tried to make people scared of it so they would write creepypastas about it and stuff but that doesn't work... They had silent scenes, where they clearly wanted you to be frightened. But I've seen scarier. if you want to see scary, just watch Annabelle.

This isn't even scary.

It's violent

V 3 Comments
80 The Neverending Story III

One of the worst sequels ever made

Uh, guys...it's called the NEVERENDING story for a reason...

The first one was better. - Discord1

Haven't watched this but the second one is awful

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