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121 Big Hero 6 V 2 Comments
122 Anastasia V 1 Comment
123 Monsters University
124 Hercules

I Love PEGASUS I Have 3 Of The Books Of Pegasus And Hercules Is A Good Person.

125 Old Yeller

Old yeller will kill you and eat your flesh.

V 1 Comment
126 Finding Nemo

There's one thing I don't like about this movie. It's the part were they play the psycho theme! You call that a pixar movie?! Whoever idea was it to put the psycho theme in a pixar movie, must have been watching psycho too much!

I liked it, I just don't get why people made such a big deal out of it.


127 Gordy

Know one likes cinderrella please put it on because it is crap

128 Free Birds

Planes is the best film ever compared to this!

I think even angry birds is better than this.

Freaky I cried and I had to walk out

This was actually good.

V 3 Comments
129 Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

Dora poops on the crystal kingdom because they wouldn't give the bad guy the dam crystals he wanted - Trollsfan536

How can you say that?! I loved Dora!

Dora slaves crystal kingdom

Of course Dora sucks.

130 The Master of Disguise

All I can say about this film is worst comedy worst kids film and it almost almost made it on to my top 11 worst movies I had ever seen list. P.S I don't think I really want to see this film again it's that bad.

131 Aladdin (Good Times)

You shameless knockoff.

Knockoff of the Disney Aladdin. - Discord1

132 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

This movie was, creepy, dark, and terrible for kids I hate when Disney makes great movies but trashes the second...

V 2 Comments
133 Charlotte's Web

Worst list ever

134 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

You see, starting here haters without any taste start posting.

135 The Sound of Music V 1 Comment
136 Happy Feet Two
137 An Ant's Life
138 Cars Life 2
139 The Snow Queen 2
140 Barbie: Star Light Adventure
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