Top Ten Worst Kids Toys Ever Released


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1 Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set

Something like this needs no explanation. - RalphBob

How in the world is this kid friendly?

Why would somebody release this into stores. - Catacorn

Just why

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2 Lego Fabuland Peter Pig the Cook 3703

You probably don't know about Fabuland, but it was a LEGO series released in the 1970's. It contained creepy looking characters in very boring sets. This is the worst though, as it only has one character. - RalphBob

SO KAWAII - Officialpen

3 Hitler Doll

Oh my god not even funny I would light it on fire

Any child who has one of these dolls clearly doesn't know who Hitler is and what he did to Jews.

This doesn't need any explanation. - RalphBob

What next a Kim Jong Un doll?
This is just STUPID.
Whoever made this doll was mental or high.

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4 Giant Microbes Prostate Cancer Plush Toy

Cancer isn't funny, kids should stop playing with fatal diseases.

This also needs no explanation. - RalphBob

Already offended

eff STUPID - Epikrika

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5 Doggie Doo

I actually saw a bunch of T.V. commercials for this product. - Catacorn

I used to own this product when I was younger and loved it. Nowadays I just think 'why did I ever want this? ' - kittygirl2

6 Barbie Midge & Baby Happy Family by Mattel

For some reason, this toy has a lot of knock-off products. Who'd want to rip off something like this?

This toy promoted underage pregnancy. - RalphBob

7 Vintage Batman Water Gun

Batman isn't the only character this happened to, there's Donald Duck, Popeye, Dumbo, etc.

In this toy, you actually push on Batman's privates to use it. - RalphBob

There is great sickness abroad in the land.

This is just wrong...

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8 Furby

I had a Shelby from McDonalds in 2001, it wasn't noisy it never kept me awake at night. I would've thrown it away if that happened. I just thought it was a cute little baby. Smaller than Furby's look like a clam. I don't even think it really talked. But it was from McDonalds not a toy shop.

I bought furby connect in 2017, I took it home but all it did was making weird impressions with its eyes.

9 Giant Microbes Ebola Virus Plush Toy

Is this a real toy? The other disease toys had pictures but this one doesn't.


10 Giant Microbes Black Death - The Plague Plush Toy

This needs no explanation. - RalphBob

Sounds lovely, where can I buy it? - Merilille

Simple yet incomplete list of all plush toys these guys sell:

Illnesses like cancer and diabetes
Body Cells
And more...

Copyright PonyListings 2018-2018. All rights reserved - Epikrika

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? Gooey Louie
? Oreo Barbie

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11 Teddy Ruxpin

That creppy

12 Kinder Surprise

I just wanna say I feel really sorry for any country that has these unholy things sold in stores everywhere. It's bad enough that America has Kinder Joy now but I pray to God that Kinder Surprise doesn't make it to my country.

Banned in America because its not supposed to be for babies.

America banned it because one stupid 2 year old choked on it. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR 2 YEAR OLDS!

13 Tweety Barbie Sleep Over Party Warner Bros. Studio Store Doll

In this set, Barbie is reading a book about not being fat (which contains the step "Don't eat" in it, and it shows that she is underweight. - RalphBob

This set brings bad lessons to children. Some kids are just fat and can't help it.

14 Water Weenies

Top 10 material. Just watch Matthew Santoro's Top 10 disturbing toys.

Drax the Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy) reaction : Uhahaahahaaha!

15 Monster High Doll

I used to have these dolls when I was younger. - Catacorn

16 Shopkins

I totally agree. Season 1 was by far the best. Then season two was good. Now-a-days I only buy newer shopkins to trade for season 1 and 2! So far the worst has been the hats... WHO CAME UP WITH THE HATS?!

I love shopkins. I have a lot of them. - Officialpen

A waste of money


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17 WWF LJN Junkyard Dog 1985 Loose Action Figure w/Dog Collar and Red Chain

I was thinking of a different toy when I put this here. - RalphBob

Bloods they should have made a crip doll 2

18 Air Pirates Funnies #1

Air Pirates were non-liscensed Mickey Mouse comics where he talks about things such as sex. - RalphBob


19 Barbie Doll

You hate a really old doll. Oh she has boobs? Oh she is ridiculously too thin and so girls would go anorexic? I don't think any girl who played with her has actually noticed or cared about how thin she is or having boobs. At the end of the day its just a plastic doll and people just overreact about the thinness, boobs.

Why do girls toys get attacked but boys toys get celebrated. Is it because toys rhyme with boys. So toys are just for boys and female ones suck.

I seriously hate Barbie she should be in the top ten - Discord1

What? Barbie is amazing and I'm literally 15. Though I do have autism so maybe my mind is set back a little?

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20 Spongebob Balloon

It looks innocent at first. but one one part under his pants LOOKS LIKE a penis

21 Lawn Darts

I don't like them because they'll kill someone or me. - andrewteel

*COUGH COUGH* terraria darts *COUGH COUGH* - Epikrika

22 Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin' Sara

I still like this and I'm big

It's nothing, but crap. - henry_danger_is_great


23 Nerf Guns
24 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

How did this get onto the list? I need answers. And I need them soon. Fidget spinners are the bomb! They're one of the best toys out there! - kittygirl2

25 Shavable Baby

My Grandmother saw it inside a toy store when she doing Christmas shopping, she bought it just because it was just so insane! On the box it says, "you can shave the baby" and "real shaving experience! " Because every child dreams of shaving an infant.

26 The Grossery Gang

Stupid shopkins rip offs they are so gross - Officialpen

They suck! Why moose WHY?

27 Dora The Explorer Plush Doll

Why do you call dolls, plush. Its soft toy.

28 Jurassic Park Tim Murphy action figure

Why did Kenner release a figure of a lame-o prebubecent boy who almost got killed by an Electrical Fence, and not of his older, and by some standerds cooler, sister? - Interrogator

29 Ever After High Doll
30 Fuzzy Wonderz


31 Hibou Smart Interactive Owl
32 Lol Dolls
33 Barney the Dinosaur Plushie

Haters of this show might resort into buying this then burning it. - Epikrika

34 Bratz Dolls
35 Mikudayo Nendoroid Figure
36 Talking Galaxy Power Rangers
37 2010 Dino Megazord
38 Pink Lightspeed Cycle
39 Yellow Rangers from "Lost Galaxy", "Lightspeed Rescue", "Time Force" and "Wild Force"
40 Voltron Mighty Lion Force
41 Power Rangers Heroes of Space
42 Battlized Red Space Ranger
43 G.I. Joe "Street Fighter II" Vega
44 Phoebe
45 Buzz Lightyear Infinity Blaster

Everybody make this #1! This toy is crap

46 Num Noms


47 Fortnite Funko Pop!

I mean, they are bad, but not as bad as a hitler doll or virus dolls.

48 Bindeez
49 CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit
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1. Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set
2. Lego Fabuland Peter Pig the Cook 3703
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