Top Ten Worst Kids Toys Ever Released


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1 Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set

Something like this needs no explanation. - RalphBob

What the!?! This is a creepy toy you'd see in a dollar store. Glad this was taken off the shelves. - RaccoonCartoon

How in the world is this kid friendly?

Just why

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2 Barbie Midge & Baby Happy Family by Mattel

For some reason, this toy has a lot of knock-off products. Who'd want to rip off something like this?

NO KID wants to know about pregnancy. Still, it isn't as bad as the bootleg versions which looked more inappropriate... - RaccoonCartoon

This toy promoted underage pregnancy. - RalphBob

3 Tweety Barbie Sleep Over Party Warner Bros. Studio Store Doll

In this set, Barbie is reading a book about not being fat (which contains the step "Don't eat" in it, and it shows that she is underweight. - RalphBob

Now we all know why Barbie is so thin, it's because she's probably never touched food in her life! Not like she could eat with her plastic mouth. - RaccoonCartoon

This set brings bad lessons to children. Some kids are just fat and can't help it.

4 Hitler Doll

Oh my god not even funny I would light it on fire

Any child who has one of these dolls clearly doesn't know who Hitler is and what he did to Jews.

I don't really think this one was aimed for kids, but parents did end up buying it for their kids anyway on Christmas. I would be disappointed. - RaccoonCartoon

I think the meme lovers will buy it because this guy is a meme, but I won't buy it at all. if I did? I'll throw it away in the trash.

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5 Lego Fabuland Peter Pig the Cook 3703

You probably don't know about Fabuland, but it was a LEGO series released in the 1970's. It contained creepy looking characters in very boring sets. This is the worst though, as it only has one character. - RalphBob

6 Barbie Doll

I seriously hate Barbie she should be in the top ten - Discord1

Why isn't this higher?! Barbie sucks I want to burn her!

I've always hated these toys. I hate it when people shove them in my face just because I'm a girl. In one of the sets, she comes with a book that says ''How to be skinny'' and the only page in the book says ''Don't eat! ''. - RaccoonCartoon

7 Vintage Batman Water Gun

Batman isn't the only character this happened to, there's Donald Duck, Popeye, Dumbo, etc.

There is great sickness abroad in the land.

In this toy, you actually push on Batman's privates to use it. - RalphBob


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8 Giant Microbes Prostate Cancer Plush Toy

Cancer isn't funny, kids should stop playing with fatal diseases.

This also needs no explanation. - RalphBob

What the heck? Cancer toys? CANCER!? That's awful! Don't even get me started on the ebola Halloween costumes. - RaccoonCartoon

But it looks cute :( too bad it's based off a dangerous disease - mathyfox441

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9 Shopkins

Season 1 and 2 of these toys were good. Then season 3 came out. They were.. Okay.. But they aren't shop-themed like the previous seasons. Season 4, 5 6 and up continued. They just got lazy! They re-used old designs and the non-copied designs had nothing to do with a grocery store. I stopped liking them at season 4. - RaccoonCartoon

I totally agree. Season 1 was by far the best. Then season two was good. Now-a-days I only buy newer shopkins to trade for season 1 and 2! So far the worst has been the hats... WHO CAME UP WITH THE HATS?!

A waste of money


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10 Monster High Doll

What the heck? These are weird, ugly and stupid. Why would someone think that ugly mutant monsters are attractive? There's also a 2-headed horse thing. Kind of gross. - RaccoonCartoon

I used to have these dolls when I was younger. - Catacorn

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11 WWF LJN Junkyard Dog 1985 Loose Action Figure w/Dog Collar and Red Chain

I was thinking of a different toy when I put this here. - RalphBob

Bloods they should have made a crip doll 2

12 Nerf Guns
13 Air Pirates Funnies #1

Air Pirates were non-liscensed Mickey Mouse comics where he talks about things such as sex. - RalphBob

Gross. - RaccoonCartoon


14 Fuzzy Wonderz
15 Giant Microbes Black Death - The Plague Plush Toy

Sounds lovely, where can I buy it? - Merilille

This needs no explanation. - RalphBob

What.. Am I dirty minded, or is that what I think it is? - RaccoonCartoon

16 The Grossery Gang

Trash Packs obviously can't continue because they aren't doing well in sales anymore. Probably because they're literally garbage. So they decided to make this instead. - RaccoonCartoon

Stupid shopkins rip offs they are so gross - Officialpen

They suck! Why moose WHY?

17 Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin' Sara

I still like this and I'm big


18 Giant Microbes Ebola Virus Plush Toy

Who would want an EBOLA PLUSHIE? - RaccoonCartoon

19 Jurassic Park Tim Murphy action figure

Why did Kenner release a figure of a lame-o prebubecent boy who almost got killed by an Electrical Fence, and not of his older, and by some standerds cooler, sister? - Interrogator

20 Ever After High Doll

I will always be furious about the day someone gave me a Monster High doll for my birthday. I know that people say ''It's the thought that counts! '' but, she did not even think before giving it to me! The girl who gave it to me is obsessed with these dolls. She's actually a really nasty girl, so of course she gave me a really nasty gift! >:( - RaccoonCartoon

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