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41 Motorbreath

Why the hell is there even a list for this

This is a great song why is it here

Oh come on, ya just gotta love Motorbreath! You gotta! YOU REALLY HAVE TA!

Really? It is s classic! So underrated! - gemcloben

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42 My Friend of Misery

This is an awesome song! Whoever made tis list has to rethink and make it again. Phantom lord, my world, master of puppets, my friend of misery, struggle within... What?

This is just a shame from Metallica and I hope they make new GOOD songs at least.

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43 The Day that Never Comes

One of my favorite Metallica songs. in my humble opinion, those last three minutes was epic. How could it even be on here? I don't understand, but looking at some of the other songs in here, I guess the trend just happened to include this song.

Shouldn't be on here.

James new voice scared me when I first listened to it

44 The Memory Remains V 3 Comments
45 Human

This is a great song. It reminds me of the Ramones or the Misfits. Very punk form of. Metal.

46 The Unforgiven II

This list contains more good songs than bad songs. After listening to albums like Master Of Puppets and Ride The Lightning, listening to the songs of load and reload was like really upsetting. This was the first song I heard off these albums and I still remember how heartbreaking it was to see Metallica do a mediocre work that can only be compared to Green Day or Linkin Park. Thank God all this is history and they and their latest album had some decent songs( Not refering to Lulu).

Absolute disgrace to the original Unforgiven

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47 Through the Never V 2 Comments
48 Eye of the Beholder

This song is the only bad song off the album, the other 8 are classics. It is my favorite metallica album! Even better as an overall album than master of puppets. but my two favorite metallica songs are off master of puppets ironically. Master of puppets and welcome home sanitarium are my favorite Metallica songs. But they are the only ones I like off the album. Orion is just in the middle for me.

Can I ask who put this on the list? I'm coming for you.

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49 Dirty Window

'Every time I listen to this song I get a migraine' - Mahatma Gandhi

50 Turn the Page

Where are u? Are you out of your ' mind... This is the best one. It can be heard in all situations!

It was annoying when Bob Seeger did it but Mullettallica takes it to a whole new low.

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51 The Shortest Straw

Shouldn't be on here.

52 The Unforgiven

Did Helen Keller write this list?

They are all Bad but, Bake This One a Cake!. Horrible,

Extremely repetitive vocals, mediocre solo and just plain awful. How this song got TWO sequel songs I'll never understand. If you want a good Metallica song about emotions, listen to Fade to Black.

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53 Attitude

This song is so cheesy. The lyrics in this song are really bad and this is sort of a rip-off of Better Than You from the same album. This is the worst Metallica song if we don't include St. Anger, or Garage Inc. , or Lulu...

54 Fuel

This song was the final nail in the coffin that solidified Metallica as an over-commercialized, mediocre rock band, and even better I have to hear it on those new Ford commercials.

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55 Hardwired

The lyrics are just... bad.

Heck no

This song is good.

56 Where the Wild Things Are

Every Metallica's song is great but I really hate that. In half of song they sound like drunk. PS. WHY THERE IS MY FRIEND OF MISERY, MASTER OF PUPPETS, SHORTEST STRAW AND THE UNFORGIVEN 2? Are you joking?

I don't understand! There's more good songs than bad on this list. Most of the songs shouldn't be on here! This should be in the top 3! In my opinion, this is one of THE WORST Metallica songs. - johnpaularguelles

Shouldn't be on here.

One of the worst Metallica songs ever! How is it not in the top 10? - johnpaularguelles

57 Sad But True

Well, I have something to tell you. It is Sad but True.

I don't even like this song, and it is very overrated. There are many other good songs, but this one sounds like crap.

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58 Tuesday's Gone V 1 Comment
59 Enter Sandman V 1 Comment
60 Phantom Lord

NOTHING from Metallica's first 4 albums or Death Magnetic is bad.
They all are GOOD or rather GREAT. You people are idiots for voting these songs as worst.

Phantom Lord is a great song - levtomas1998

Shouldn't be on here.

Simply put: this is ridiculous. I love that scream at the end. My 3rd favorite Metallica song, definitely, definitely should not have even THOUGHT of being put here.

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