Top Ten Worst Metallica Songs

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81 Trapped Under Ice

Shouldn't be on here.

82 Thorn Within

I blame bob rock for screwing up Metallica if he never approached Metallica Metallica would still be greater. This song is is on the worst album and it absolutely sucks and album does too.

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83 My Apocalypse

Shouldn't be on here.

Should be on here.

84 Fade to Black

Shouldn't be on here.

Best song ever written.

Do any of you have brains? Fade to black is one of the best songs ever!

85 Suicide and Redemption
86 Lords of Summer

The song is about summer, and James still had bad vocals, along with Lars' terrible drumming! At least Lars had improved since St. Anger.

87 Sabbra Cadabra

I hate this song so much! ! !

88 Hit the Lights
89 Creeping Death

Nope, shouldn't be on here

Their best song.

90 Battery

This song shouldn't be on here.

91 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Is this a best list?

92 The More I See
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