Top Ten Worst Metallica Songs

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81 Seek and Destroy
82 The More I See
83 The God That Failed V 1 Comment
84 Fade to Black

Shouldn't be on here.

Best song ever written.

Do any of you have brains? Fade to black is one of the best songs ever!

85 Nothing Else Matters

Yeah I can't stand this song. It's boring to me. I don't like the vocal performance on this song and the drums are awful.

Who in bloody hell put this here? This song is great! - LostDream258

Ehm, no, simply no, this is one of the best Metallica songs (not top 10 but very close) and should be banned from this list forever - levtomas1998

This song is a great classic.

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86 Escape

Easily the worst song from the first 4 albums (the ones I like) and the only bad song from those albums. I find it boring. The band hates it as it was a song made because their label forced them to make a more mainstream song.

I love everything about this song. The only complaint I have is that the ending is so repetitive.

Shouldn't be on here.

Ok so I admit the first half of this song was great, but after the second chorus, the song immediately just gets worse and worse, except for the solo.

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87 The Outlaw Torn

This Is one of metallica's best songs why is it on this list?

Shouldn't be on here.

88 Orion

Shouldn't be on here.

What in gods name is this doing here?! - doi

89 Until It Sleeps

Worst song From Worst Metallica Album,
I don't Like This Metallica,
I Hope They Will Back To The Old Period In Their Next Album.

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90 Disposable Heroes

This list is messed up all the good Metallica songs are on it. - surfacing

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91 One

What how could this song be in the worst.I just don't believe this actually this song is the greatest song of metallica and even in many lives they had sung this song. It is my Favourite song.How can it be?

One is definitely one of Metallica's most overrate songs. It had no bass guitar and the solo isn't even that good. Musicians say that the solo isn't very good. It was just a copy of Fade to Black and the drumming part was copied from Leper Messiah. The song went on for too long and the closer was terrible. Fade to Black and Master of Puppets are way better.

One isn't the best. It isn't the worst, but it isn't great. It has no bass guitar so it has a hollow unfinished sound. For all the idiots who ask why this song is on here, shut the hell up because every studio metallica song is on here.

Hey, take this off the List! This is the best metal songs ever!

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