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21 Gummy Drop
22 Doodle Jump

This game has the worst controls I've ever seen on a mobile game.

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23 Head Soccer

The game is actually entertaining, one can easily play it for an hour - yatharthb

Like many other games could easily play it for more than a hour - ikerevievs

I like it

24 Kill Shot

I don't get why pokemon go isn't on this list

25 Geometry Dash

This game is awesome! How is it on the list!?

Hey please. Hard does not mean it's bad. The only reason I don't like many games are that they are too easy

I made a Lavender Town level, you guys should try making your own

You know its only at 1% vote for worst game, god is great but has lots of hackers. Hopefully robtop fixes it

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26 Frozen Free Fall

This is so hard!

I love the big hero 6 free fall more!

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27 Paint Monsters
28 Boom Beach

Supercell are monsters in terms of cash grabbing

Not bad... Better than Clash Of clans though

Boom beach is annoying, non challenging and sort of repetitive. You can only upgrade 1 building at a time, radars require a high level to explore just half of the regions, TF only has operation to play, and bases can be made into OPness in really easy ways. Never playing this nuclear waste again. - MChkflaguard_Yt

29 The Rats
30 Zootopia: Crime Files
31 Fidget Spinner

This is pointless why have this on a phone, it doesn't have the same effect as really spinning one

32 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Well it IS pretty repetitive but it's one of the best tower defense games out there.
Heck they have variety with quests and stuff.
It's actually pretty good for a new grounds game what with their low budget.
So stop complaining

33 Pixel Gun 3D

SO BAD. - Jaboss

So bad. No...not so bad, so utterly utterly terrible digusting and pay to win. Play pixel strike 3d if u want a well balanced and fun game. - Jaboss

34 Minecraft

The game is called Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game sucks (not really) after 0.12.1, where the terrible hunger system is added. Also, not to mention the boring PC sounds added. You can hear the breaking bones sound when drowning in water. Does that make sense?

Finally this game is on here.

Ugh so overrated. - DCfnaf

At 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 it happend to update heres on list:
Not available updated yet:
/gamerule command
/clear inventory command
Armor stand
Stained glass
Colored of stained clay or other items in command
Needed to fix
i'm waiting to update this game - SpencerJC

35 Game of War: Fire Age


36 Roblox

This is blant - TeamRocket747


Stupid game

Use pc - SpencerJC

37 Mobile Strike

I used to play this, but it ended up becoming so pay-to-win that my friend and I actually quit. - Supergameplayer

38 Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville
39 Super Monster Bros

Only 28? This needs to be in the top 5. look at the in app purchases from hell. - UltraGamer

40 Ena Power Girls Escape

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

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