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41 Walk-A-Funghi Walk-A-Funghi
42 Super Monster Bros

Only 28? This needs to be in the top 5. look at the in app purchases from hell. - UltraGamer

43 Ena Power Girls Escape

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

44 Hay Day
45 Asphalt 8: Airborne

My brother plays this game, but, for me, it sucks. So boring - put it at #1!

Good game but wow the false speedometers of s class cars get this game here. - SelfDestruct

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46 Boom Beach

Supercell are monsters in terms of cash grabbing

Not bad... Better than Clash Of clans though

47 Genies and Gems
48 Shopkins World Shopkins World

Ugly - ikerevievs

49 Call of Duty Heroes

Like clash of clans its garbage - ikerevievs

50 Lara Croft Go
51 Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
52 Dungeon Keeper Mobile
53 Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge

The worst version - ikerevievs

54 Seven Nights at Buddy's

What is this a rip off of another crappy game?

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55 Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle
56 Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Is Just Pure Crap. Hey, Rayman. You Are Extremely Crappy.

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57 Pet Rescue Saga

Exactly, king just returned with another "Saga" game. - PlayStationSolar

58 South Park: Phone Destroyer
59 Lineage 2: Revolution
60 Gardenscapes

Both homescapes and gardenscapes are just the same bland puzzle game you have seen 1000 times before

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