Worst Monster Movies of All Times

As a huge monster movie fan, these movies are garbage. They are all terrible and garbage!!!!

The Top Ten

1 Godzilla (1998)

Terrible Godzilla movie. But if you don't look at it in that light, its not that bad. I still hate it as a godzilla movie. - RustyNail

That's a lot of fish. - phillysports

It's *Of all time* not "Of all times"

Oh this movie exists oh yeah. This is a terrible, terrible film. - iliekpiez

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2 All Monsters Attack

Like the cringe

So cheesy! So gritty! So boring! WHY ISHIRO HONDA! This movie is so bad! That it has so many stock footages from bad Godzilla films. God this sucks! - asantalo

Needs to be # 1, zilla 98 was at least enjoyable/ watchable, regardless if it got everything wrong about the big G. - RustyNail

3 King Kong Lives

This one is so bad! And beyond any doubt the worst Kong movie ever made. - asantalo

What an atrocious sequel. - iliekpiez

4 Gamera: The Super Monster

A gamera Clip Show - RustyNail

This one is stupid... - asantalo

5 The Giant Claw

I actually find this movie underrated ( and a classic). Yeah Yeah I know it looks like a zombified coco puffs bird...but I enjoy it. Hell the only reason people know of this movie is because of the creature - RustyNail

6 Konga

Kong Rip off! - asantalo

7 The Giant Behemoth

Actually it was a rip off of "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms", Personally didn't mind it. - RustyNail

A British Godzilla rip-off! - asantalo

8 Sharktopus

What? - Ashes

9 King Kong (1976)

Somehow did well at the box office - iliekpiez

What a bad remake! - asantalo

10 Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

Basically a godzilla movie that wasn't supposed to be a godzilla movie - RustyNail

The Contenders

11 Yonggary (1999)
12 King Kong (2005)

This movie is great - iliekpiez

I don’t know why this one is here. That remake was amazing. It improves the 1933 film perfectly in CGI. Although it’s not my favorite Kong movie, it doesn’t deserve to be on the list. - asantalo

13 Guan Yu (War God)
14 Godzilla Raids Again
15 Son of Godzilla
16 Son of Frankenstein
17 Son of Kong

Another bad Kong movie. - iliekpiez

18 Godzilla’s Revenge

Okay, how the hell was this movie not on the list? This movie is one of the most uncomfortable, terrible, unbearable movie experiences i’ve ever had. - RadioHead03

19 Pacific Rim: Uprising

Awful sequel - Dvafan2

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