Worst Mountain Dew Flavors


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1 Distortion

I love Distortion! One of the best DEW flavors!

Key lime pie is good for pie, not a soda flavor - Cheeseduck

I literally searched up "mt dew voltage worst taste" to see if anyone agreed... I actually thought something was wrong with the soda machine so I told the Taco Bell peeps... Oops.

It tasted like some green Pinesol floor cleaner got into the can

2 Diet Mountain Dew

Never like the original - Cheeseduck

Shallow, pale version of the original.

Tastes like garbage leaking out of a sewage pipe. Death comes to all that sip from a flask holding it.

Ew! Who likes diet, besides people who HAVE to have it?! (sorry people who can't have normal soda, I pity you,.), Don't ruin Mt.Dew

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3 White Out

I love White Out. It's got just a little extra citrus flavor. - mtndewlord

Taste like water. Just as bad as white frost gatorade.

Waste of soda water (Flavors are needed) and waste of time. Typhoon should've won. - imacg4

It was ok
It tastes like sprite

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4 Pitch Black II

Tastes like antibiotics...

How is this on here? I loved it

Knock-off of Pitch Black. - imacg4

Not a fan thought it would be more of a grape soda flavour was very dissapointed

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5 Voltage

Voltage is the best mountain dew

This is gladly not the worst for you

What! Voltage is by far the best!

What this is the best flavor

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6 Mountain Dew AMP

Taste like splenda. Energy drink fail - Cheeseduck

7 Throwback

Terrible flavor! Kinda like the original except has less of a taste.

8 Caffeine-Free

Has there EVER been a diet soda which didn't taste like mule dribble rhuminating on asparagus? GROSS! - ShellyDraven


9 Code Red

Why is this on the list? You don't know what yer thinking!

I love code red, but it isn't my favorite

Code red makes dumb people even dumber

This list is all messed up.who are you code red is the best.you freak! Your a piece of hell I want you to heaven but your not because you don't believe in code red.start believing.next time you should make a list with your friends. You crapy person I hate you. I only like people that like code red.

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10 Pitch Black

It is the worst mountain dew ever. The shouldn't have even made it. I son know how in the heck it beat Baja blast. Some people are stupid to vote for this stuff

Pitch Black is not only the worst mountain dew ever, it's the worst soda ever(tied with root BEER). If I took a regular mountain dew, pooped in the bottle, peed in it too,coughed, sneezed, barfed, burped, and farted in it, poured poison in it, and spit in it, it wouldn't even amount to how bad this is. I hate this crap. The only reason it beat baja blast(the best mountain dew) in that competition is because the voters are too stupid to know the difference between what is paradise in a bottle and what is crappier than a fat person taking a dump.

This pop taste nasty I do not know how it won over Baja

Taste like an overheated grape koolaid

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11 Caffeine-Free Diet Mountain Dew

Cannot possibly get any worse when it comes to DEW

12 LiveWire

Just buy Royal, they taste the same

I love Livewire it mixture of origional Flavor and Orange is Amazing - ItzPhantasy

It is literally carbonated orange juice

13 Sangrita Blast

Taste like what a grandma would give you, sweet, tart, and sour. Does anyone else think this taste like a sweet-tart or smarties?

Horrible flavor! Catchy name, but bad soda! Just get baja blast

This is a horrible dew. It taste horrible with any type of food.

It is the worst flavor.

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14 Kickstart

Kickstart is awful! Tastes so bad...

Seriously the worst! If you want cherry, get code red! If you want orange, get Livewire! Kickstart is not good AT ALL!


15 Baja Blast


16 Revolution
17 Original

Loved by many, hated by some... nothing beats the original

18 SuperNova

This flavor tastes so sweet, but I don't like it at all

19 Diet UltraViolet
20 Sport

Tastes like a Hypocrite made it. - imacg4

21 Mango Heat

Worst game fuel by far, up with lemonade

22 Diet Crave

Tastes greatly disgusting

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