Top Ten Worst Movie Adaptations

This list is about movies that are based off of video games, books, comics, T.V. shows, anime, even real life etc. And they just simply suck and the main reason why is because, adaptations are where you have to make changes to the story and such for where it's based from and those changes are where the movie sucks because the changes they make go too far, don't make any sense, are just very stupid or are just for the worst and let me tell you: they are a pain.

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1 The Legend of the Titanic (Animated) The Legend of the Titanic (Animated)

When I was a kid I was so confused on how the characters survived because I knew they didn't in the movie and in real life that it pissed me off to no end. I usually hate when characters die when I was a kid but I knew that this movie shouldn't have everyone survive. - Rue

The octopus put the titanic back together?! This movie is so offensive!

2 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
3 The Last Airbender The Last Airbender

Why can't Hollywood just leave the original to what it is and not make so much changes?

Everything about this movie was pathetic. One of the greatest T.V. series ever, and somehow Hollywood found a way to absolutely butcher the movie. Smh

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4 Patch Adams Patch Adams

This movie is just so offensive on so many levels. It makes the real Hunter Adams look like a moron!

A pure, PURE abomination of an adaptation.

5 Bratz the Movie (2007) Bratz the Movie (2007)
6 Twilight Twilight

The books weren't really that good either.

7 The Cat in the Hat (2003) The Cat in the Hat (2003)

To this very day I regret ever seeing this movie. Even as a kid I couldn't figure out what was happening in this film

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8 Thunderbirds (2004) Thunderbirds (2004)
9 Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget V 1 Comment
10 Tom and Jerry: The Movie Tom and Jerry: The Movie

The Newcomers

? Ouija Ouija
? My Little Pony: The Movie My Little Pony: The Movie

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.


12 Alone in the Dark (2005) Alone in the Dark (2005)
13 The Lorax (2012) The Lorax (2012)
14 Batman and Robin Batman and Robin
15 Howard the Duck (1986) Howard the Duck (1986)
16 Transformers Transformers
17 Dragonball: Evolution Dragonball: Evolution

How do you forget this piece of crap?

18 Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo
19 Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
20 Inspector Gadget 2 Inspector Gadget 2
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1. The Legend of the Titanic (Animated)
2. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
3. Bratz the Movie (2007)
1. Twilight
2. Alone in the Dark (2005)
3. The Legend of the Titanic (Animated)



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