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21 Ghostbusters

Paul Feig is a talented Director and the Cast is great but it's not funny, the effects are terrible, the characters are annoying and it ends with a Sequel hook.

22 Halloween
23 Carrie (2013)

What a disgrace! The original was creepy and unpredictable. The 2002 remake was better than this too

I saw this with my friends, I was trying to not laugh. - MoldySock

If you love Carrie 1997, please never see this remake!

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24 The Thing

It isn't a remake, it is a prequel to the 1982 remake.

Technically it's a remake of the 1951 version, this is the 1982 version, in which case what the hell is it doing here? this movie rocks

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25 Children of the Corn
26 The Amazing Spider-Man

So many people went nuts over this movie and I can't understand why, I thought it was decent but the original trilogy was 10000000000 times better, this franchise is just a cluttered underwhelming unfocused mess, with a dick Peter Parker and hollow villains, and it was a little too soon for a reboot, it usually happens after a movie has been out for at least 10 years, spiderman 3 came out in 2007 and the first amazing spiderman came out in 2012, that's only 5 years, and why did you have to make it darker and more realistic? Those are the 2 things that make comic book movies suck. And people are saying this is the better series, well then why is it having a bunch of problems? I see this franchise as the attempt to make a better franchise but just makes one that's just decent and nowhere near the awesomeness of the original. Maybe next time they'll get it right

Do people actually think the Amazing Spider-Man franchise is better then the original, let's see, 2002's Spider-Man got an 89% critic rating, Amazing Spider-Man got 73% Spider-Man 2 got 94% Amazing Spider-Man 2 got 53%, so, in what way is the new franchise better?

When this movie first came out so many people were just trying to convince themselves that these movies are better than the originals, At least now more and more people are waking up and realizing just how pathetic this franchise is

Very underwhelming, it almost feels like a direct-to-DVD movie you'd stumble across on Netflix or something

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27 Fantastic Four (2015)

Worst movie of all time

Worst movie of 2015

Worst reboot

It looks like a long intro on how the four will become the fantastic four. It's only on the last twenty minutes of the movie that you really can say " it's a fantastic four movie ".If they would have made follow-up movies from this one, it could have made sense, but they didn't... Pitty, because I like Kate Mara as an actress.
As for the movie " remake ". It's not really a remake. It has its originality ( not a succes one ) but it's completely different than the other " fantastic four " movies I saw.

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28 Red Dawn

Does Hollywood expect me to believe that North Korea, one of the poorest countries in the world, can carry out an invasion of the United States?

29 RoboCop

It always bothers me when they remake an old movie that was originally rated R and tone it down to PG-13, the 2 most annoying examples are the remakes of total recall and robocop, cause they REALLY held back on the cool violent action in these remakes, in total recall it wasn't AS bad as robocop, with robocop it's just annoying, Murphy's death wasn't good at all, in the original he got shot down by criminals which made it a lot more personal and allowed us to feel for him, in the remake all that happens is he goes outside and his car blows up, that's not anywhere near the amount of impact the original had

Should be in the top 5 - boring, stupid

30 The Stepford Wives
31 One Missed Call
32 The Invasion
33 Get Carter
34 When a Stranger Calls
35 Rollerball

This is the movie that killed John McTiernan's directing career and somehow got him serving time in jail.

36 The Getaway
37 The Day the Earth Stood Still

I think the only reason people went and saw this movie is because it had Keanu Reeves' name on the front cover.

38 The Producers
39 Taxi
40 City of Angels
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