Top Ten Worst Ninjago Characters

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1 Nya

She is so mean

Nya's ok but she is a bit of a jerk

The water ninja came out no where

She shouldn't be on this list!

2 Skylor

I hate skylor so much! If I was in ninjago I would go and insult her some much she would she was never born!

I dislike her because of the not convincing acting

Skylor stinks! I wish she was never in the show! I HATE SKYLOR!

I hate skylor! She's just wants Kai to like her! She's weird!

3 Dareth

Dareth is the master of poo

Darth is funny and enjoyable also watch #darethpuffs - TENTACRUEL

Everybody, I see where you are going with this and I get it but let me just say everything out in my opinion. Dareth is a guy who just wants a chance like in season 6, everybody was flocking just to see the ninja. Dareth would actually be a good asset if he was trained. In season 6, did you see how he did that spinning kick without even knowing how to?! AWESOME. He also reminds me of good times. When people always fail and then they say "smooth... like me..." But they missed. - TypicalChez

He is so annoying. - BananaPotato

4 Jay

Oh come on! Jay is awesome! - B1ueNew

Oh Come on Jay has to be the worst character... - Animefan14

I think people mostly dislike him as he is addicted to nya. I think that is his only flaw. Without him, the entire show would just be so boring with no humour at all. Jay is awesome. Admit it.

So annoying

5 P.I.X.A.L

Ok now your just picking random. shes the girlfriend of the best ninja. I hear a rumor that she and zane will at one point get married

She sucks. She is weak and died so easily. - B1ueNew

She took my Zane that meany

Honestly, I haven't seen much of P.I.X.A.L. But I already dislike her. What does she contribute to the show? It feels like they just shoved her in there to be a love interest for Zane.

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6 Misako

Wost mom and wife ever

She is the worst mother and yeast favorite female character. 1. She abandoned Lloyd ( which of ALL places she chose Darklys! ) 2. CHOOSE A DAMN LOVER! She is always switching! She constantly acts like she " loves " garmadon ( which she does in a way but in a more " close friend way " TO HER DAMN HUSBAND ) She always goes behind Garmadon's back even when he is reformed and even when he died! You know Misako could have still picked Wu over garmadon even after the letter because if she cared she would have chosen who she really loved! 3. She wasted her life trying to stop the prophecy in which she SHOULD have realized unless she can turn garmadon back to normal there is nothing she can do! Isn't that what garmadon kept saying " I can't help it! ".
I didn't have much of an opinion on her when I was younger but now that I'm older all I can say 's that I HATE HER

Strict mother. - B1ueNew

Misako is just the worst mother ever

7 Sensei Wu

What? He's dope! - B1ueNew

He thinks he's a good teacher but all he is is one person who will never stop being a jerk

Ugh. I hate SENSEI Wu. LIKE he is so arrogant> I hate nINJAGO THANK YOU very much!

8 Lloyd Garmadon

Way op. Luke Skywalker. Just generally annoying personality (albeit he is a little better in seasons 8 and onward)

Lloyd is, what, a GOD?! I mean, what, Lloyd being garmadons son isn't enough? He also has to be best ninja ever lived and so on? LLOYD SUCKS, KAI IS THE BEST

The fact that Kai, Jay and Sensei Wu are higher than Lloyd shocks me

He's cool, But gets too sensitive - B1ueNew

9 Kai

Nope. Kai is a great and cool character. - B1ueNew

Don't know why, but something about Kai really annoys me.

Hey, the best character has haters too. - MrNoodles22

I just hate how arrogant he is and it's not appealing.

10 Ronin

Ronin is cool - TENTACRUEL

He's one of the boring characters who tries so hard to be "cool" and "badass".


He's a wimp


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11 Ghoultar

But he's just so adorable

Ghoultar is funny do not tease him - TENTACRUEL

Stupid ghost with no brain, though he likes to dance


12 The Great Devourer

She is only in two episodes but she ruined everything like 3 seasons 7,8,9


Since Pythor wanted him it is garbage

What’s wrong with her?

13 Cole

What the hell! Cole is the best ninjago character

Cole is the best, he even sacrificed his body and became a ghost.He should not be on the list but seeing as how all the other 5 ninjas are above him on the list I would say that he is the best of the ninjas

Sure, he does grag a bit. but he is 14!

14 Batman

What is Batman doing in this list?

Cole is BATMAN

This is a ninjago characters list. Not lego Batman characters. - B1ueNew

Sarcasm? - Animefan14

15 Harumi

Could never stand Harumi. It was just a forced love interest.

She is an annoying character

Lloyd never needed a love interest. Harumi disgusts me. Thank god shes dead.

She's only a character for the sake of adding a character. Where did the royal family come from? The show said that they were "keeping a low profile", but seriously? A palace with a royal family, out of nowhere? Not to mention that though she turns out to be the quiet one, she is not important to the story whatsoever. Also, Lloyd's attraction to her ruins his innocent character. Though he is older and more mature in this season, he still shouldn't have a girlfriend or anything, whatever the case. I hate Harumi with all of my heart and soul.

16 Auto

Who the hell is auto?!

17 Master Chen

"he likes buttons too much according to my 6 year old"

Doesn't care about his own daughter if something costed her life.

He was all creepy a member of the Anacondrai Cult meaning he loves Pythor's relatives?

An idiot serpentine lookalike who wants to take all of the elemental powers from famous people and just wanted to become a fake anacondrai general by turning his relatives by a spell. This guy needs to be no1!
Why is Jay, Nya and Skylor on here?

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18 Chamille

I don't remember much of her other than going against lloyd in Season 4 - B1ueNew

I hate hate her she,s garbage

She's a psycho Lloyd was calling it a truce idiot nothing besides
She's ugly

19 Brad Turbine

Brad pun

20 Gene
21 Gravis

Without gravis there will be no master of gravity

22 Stone warrior scout

Why is this on the list? I think they're adorable ❤️

23 The Overlord

I'm really starting to get sick of this thing and how he keeps coming back but only twice which is lucky,stupid bubble

He used Garmadon as a puppet.

Why is Cole on here.

24 Fenwick

Fenwick is the absolute worst! He's too...weird. He's mean and rude and arrogant! Fenwick and his stupid everything! I hate everything about him. He's so peaceful and boring and his voice is SO ugly. He's the worst...should I say, villain, and he's so dumbly peaceful! I really hate him!

25 Morro

He needs more love. Especially when he warned the Ninja about Yang in the Day of the Departed even though it risked his life. I love you Morro. U didn't deserve to die.

Annoying, obnoxious, f him

He wants to be the green ninja. He should let it go.

26 Acidicus

Who IS Acidicus...just kidding! He is so annoying, like, ugh

27 Cryptor

Cryptor is my favourite ninjago character - TENTACRUEL

Cryptor is the best ninjago character - TENTACRUEL

Who put Cryptor on this list?! He's awesome better then Zane.

28 Sensei Yang

Cole deserves to fight a better villain the him and he also ruined Day of the Departed aka the only 44 minute special that Cole got... - Animefan14

29 Antonia
30 Edna Walker

She doesn't care about her own sons safety, I see why shes here.but when it comes to Jay,I have no idea.

Her voice is drained. come on,Dareth,Jay,Nya and Skylor are awesome!

31 Ed Walker
32 Pythor

Pythor is awesome - TENTACRUEL

He "becomes good" in the new season but was always annoying in the other seasons. He was always there! In the first season he is king of the snakes, then he is the masked Stranger (disguise) and then assistant to Overlord, and finally becomes good after 3 seasons of being a useless villain? He's not even a threat to the Ninja he's just a useless snake.

Dude, I dislike all you Pythor haters. He released the Great Devourer that almost destroyed Ninjago. Don't you guys realise Pythor is so evil that Chen is his wannabe?

Huge hypocrite in season 4 as he never shuts up about being a true Anacondrai and having honor yet he teamed up with the Overlord in season 3.Would a true a Anacondrai team up with the source of all evil in Ninjago just to get some stupid revenge? Yeah, I don't think so.

33 Garmadon

Not really important to the story at all.

Are you dum he was the main bad guy and father of the good guy he helped so much like saveing every one from master chen he should be one of the best

34 Skales

No skales is awesome

He is awesome!

The top tens you suck skalles is great if I was to make top ten worst websites you would be number 1

35 Clouse

Close is just plain bad

36 Skalidor
37 Fangtom

He has same head mild as Fangdam

38 Arcturus

Not a rocket he is the first anacondrai General the rocket ship is named after him - TENTACRUEL

A rocket ship?

39 Zane

Zane is not that strong in the matter of fact zane is not that bad his horrible he's such a weird ninjadroid

Extremely.Overrated. On titanium ninja I didn't really care that he died because he's my least favorite character, he's bland and boring.😑


40 Tox
41 Dogshank

So annoying! - VideoGamefan5

42 Flintlocke

Total douchebag - VideoGamefan5

43 Nadakhan

He torchered a Kai with Ray (Kai's father

He torchered Kai with Ray(Kai' father

44 Nuckal

Nuckal is dumb irritating kruncha.

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