Top Ten Worst Ninjago Characters

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1 Nya

She sets a bad image for girls especially since now she is the water ninja, they tried to change her image into an independent strong female ninja but she still acts like a jerk to everyone and is still involved in love triangles and is just arrogant in general thinking she is the most important because she is the water ninja, she hardly even believes in herself, she costantly is struggling with her powers and being stubborn and rude when it comes to someone saving her. That's not being independent, it's just being plain stupid.

Every time she comes on screen I get supper angry not like stub my toe mad like boyfriend cheated on me with best friend FURIOUS

I used to think she was cool until season 4 when I realized that she had no personality whatsoever except for being a jerk

I will describe her in one word: annoying.

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2 Skylor

Nothing is wrong with Skylor, she became good in the end

Worst because she betrayed everyone

3 Jay

How are jay, nya, and skylor on here

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4 Dareth

Weak sauce because this sonny ain't got no elemental power that's dry dude

Yes Darreth is the worst guy on Ninjago! He is just that guy who ruins everything! And WHY ARE NYA COLE JAY AND RONIN ON HERE? They are all great characters! And Ronin is funny!

A pointless and a dumb excuse to be a Ninja

Dareth used to be funny, but in these newer seasons.. not so much. Honestly, Dareth. What happened?

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5 Sensei Wu

He thinks he's a good teacher but all he is is one person who will never stop being a jerk

6 Ghoultar

Stupid ghost with no brain, though he likes to dance

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7 Ronin V 3 Comments
8 Kai

Don't know why, but something about Kai really annoys me.

I just hate how arrogant he is and it's not appealing.

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9 Auto
10 The Great Devourer

Since Pythor wanted him it is garbage

The Contenders

11 Brad Turbine V 1 Comment
12 Chamille

She's a psycho Lloyd was calling it a truce idiot nothing besides
She's ugly

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13 Gene
14 Gravis

Without gravis there will be no master of gravity

15 Stone warrior scout V 1 Comment
16 Master Chen

Doesn't care about his own daughter if something costed her life.

He was all creepy a member of the Anacondrai Cult meaning he loves Pythor's relatives?

An idiot serpentine lookalike who wants to take all of the elemental powers from famous people and just wanted to become a fake anacondrai general by turning his relatives by a spell. This guy needs to be no1!
Why is Jay, Nya and Skylor on here?

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17 Zane

Zane is not that strong in the matter of fact zane is not that bad his horrible he's such a weird ninjadroid

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18 Batman

Since when Batman appeared on Ninjago? - BorisRule

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19 Lloyd Garmadon Lloyd Garmadon

He's my least favourite character - TwilightKitsune

20 Cryptor

Who put Cryptor on this list?! He's awesome better then Zane.

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