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41 Moiiiii
42 Rhox

He will miss this too

43 applespearsandbannanas

I seriously don't know why anyone likes her. She's a plain jane that acts spoiled. Her body isn't even all that special. Her and apenguin are the only girls I ever had to block and ignore due to how nasty their personalities are.

Another girl without social skills of the real world.

Maybe she's having problems at home

44 Ism
45 williamfin

Sits in chat all day, acts butthurt, does not respect others and is generally an imbecile

46 ko2p1

Huge racist, insensitive, generally an ass

47 Rob Stevie
48 WildFunTimeBri
49 whoisadam

Has a podium in his room that he sits on 24/7. Don't catch him in a lie or prepare for a tantrum.

Pretends to be a spiritual guru. Snipes topics without ever adding anything.

Very arrogant with a cult leader mentality

Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Officially diagnosed)

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50 lonechaw

Only wins as long as you let him.

51 RedRumOnE

Takes his beard way too seriously...

I voted on this poll once.

52 Alcatraz

He's "American", a real one. It's how he eats, it's like he's trying too hard.

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53 Tree

She makes me wish it was winter so she can shed some of that foliage.. hnng!

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54 thehat

I used to love chatting in ICHC but he's the reason why I became a lurker. Silencing and banning people for his own arbitrary reasons, throwing dudes under the bus while sticking his nose up the ass of every girl there, and just being a dick. That dude is the worst.

I can agree with this. Thehat basically tries to talk to every girl, then seems to get some kind of possessive over them. If you're a guy he doesn't like you (excluding jackrandom and bloobloo). That would be fine if he wasn't a mod and didn't flex his power so much.

Take away the mod powers and all you got is a creep. Forest, there's all kinds shrimp! sir yes sir

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55 yab
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