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61 Twisted Metal 2

This game is great why is it on the list it's a good game the first one and the second one and third one and all of them should not be in the worst list

A good game, not terrible. - iRocketGamer52

Twistedmetal2 is the best game of all time

62 Gran Turismo

That game was great it's the best racing on the PS1game besides second one

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63 Crash Bandicoot

Let's be honest here, this game isn't really that good, especially compared to the later entries in the series.

Are you crazy? The game series is awesome hell I even like Activision Crash

Crappiest list ever no crash game should be on the list

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64 GP Challenge

A Racing Game that claims that it has analogue controls yet when you turn them on, the controller is considered worthless as nothing you do will get result in anything happening on screen.

65 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

There's a PlayStation version of this, but there's also versions of it on the Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color, and Microsoft Windows. I would recommend the Microsoft Windows version, the Game Boy Color version on Game Oldies.com, or don't play this game at all. Croc sucks.

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66 Croc 2

This is Croc's last game. This is on the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows & Game Boy Color. Croc is horrible.

Not as good as the first one still a good hidden gem

67 Battle Monsters
68 Robotica
69 Battlesport
70 Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life
71 The Mummy
72 Hellboy
73 Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys
74 Hidden & Dangerous

Wrong cover. The game I refer is a awful port of a classic PC game called Hidden & Dangerous: Deluxe

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76 Beyblade
77 Wacky Races

Infogrames did a bad job. Awful grafics, unfair a.i, only 7 racers, lacks variety on the tracks, useless weapons, AND MORE!

78 Revolution X
79 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

One of the best DC animated movies of all time, but when you give Kemco this concept, now there's your problem!

80 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S
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