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1 Pulk / Pull Revolving Doors

At the first time I listen this song, I don't like it. But now, this song is the reason to listen amnesiac album. This song isn't that bad.

This one is actually pretty cool - mtndewlord

Most pretentious song title. Ever.

2 House of Cards

I completely disagree. This song is full of emotion, and glory. So sad to see that it's number 1.

This song shouldn't be here. I realize this one was slow but come on, we all loved "Nude", so why can't this be just as appreciated.

This song isn't bad at all, doesn't deserve to be this high or even on it at all - Jiorl

Oh wow, I'm glad to see this song here. thought everybody loved this song. I hate it for many reasons. incredbily slow and boring. super repetive and gets redunant after 20 seconds in. thoms echoing vocals hurts my ears because it doesn't match the tempo of the song progression, terrible song in my opinion

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3 Pop Is Dead

This is why this website doesn't work - people vote without listening to all the songs in the top 10. If they did this song would easily be number 1 - it's by far their worst song!

On this list, there are good songs, and "Pop Is Dead".

Yes this one is their worst - Jiorl

4 Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner)

I've got to admit that Hail to the Thief has to be their poorest record since Pablo Honey. So I can understand why three tracks of this album are currently in the top 10.

And honestly I do not understand why so many songs of The Bends are in the top 10 now, these (especially (Nice Dream) and Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was) are great!

Finally, the only reason Creep is up here as well is because of the hipsters and elitists. Sure, there may be better records that do not get the recognition the possibly overrated Creep has received, but it is still a killer track and an absolute classic!

Initially I enjoyed this song, but after a few weeks I began to get annoyed and bored with it. For me this was one of those catchy songs, that sounds good quickly and fades out losing it lustre quickly after;for me many songs that I enjoy quickly don't have 'staying power'-this was one of them. - abcrgb

I like this song, not one of my favourites, but I have to disagree with the person who said this was one of the poorest since Pablo Honey

5 (Nice Dream)

What? This song is good, yes it's not their best but it is a very nice song. Far worse songs should be higher than this. There's a song on my iron ling rap called lozenge of love which in my opinion is just boring and doesn't sound too good.

My Iron Lung is one of their best songs. This, on the other hand, is terrible.

More like boring dream? I don't know, just don't like this song much. - abcrgb

6 Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was

This is such an amazing song and so is nice dream


7 Creep

I hate how many people only like Creep and Karma Police, (and I hate how they think karma police is a depressing song)

They say I love Radiohead, but only listen to creep!

The only song that is high on both "Best Radiohead songs" and "Worst Radiohead songs"

This is by far my least favorite radiohead song. I am a huge radiohead fan (I have all their albums, yes even horrible Pablo honey) but I hate creep. I do love the message that creep is conveying in its lyrics, but I can't stand the song.


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8 Treefingers

There are songs of this kind that are beautiful, but this is just... boring. I also didn't like House Of Cards at the start, but then I started to pay attention to the constant guitar riff, and I loved it. That's the greatest thing of the song, the guitar. I understand that you may not like it, but there are other songs that are worst. - mattlol

Ok this song is terrible but some of these songs are amazing like the gloaming, I will, nice dream is ok, myxomatosis used to be my favourite song and bullet proof that's probably the most amazing relaxing brilliant awesomest ever song that they have ever made it's the best! I can't believe you put it on the worst list let alone 5th to the worst I am disgraced I thought radiohead fans knew what real music was but clearly not

This is absolutely nothing and hence incredibly tedious. Everything in the top ten except this and Revolving Doors is good. And House of Cards rules.

I like this...

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9 My Iron Lung

Great song, keep it up.

This is a good song, at least I think so

Seriously, this is the WORST radiohead song ever. followed by pulk pull revolving doors. the first two miniutes are good. then it suddenly becomes extremely lame.

And again... Boring to me - abcrgb

10 Coke Babies

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11 The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths in the Cold)

This is... Actually a great song. The lyrics are great and its just so creepy & weird. I like!

12 Inside My Head
13 I Will
14 Fitter Happier

I know it's supposed to be social commentary and all that, but for me all it does is mark the end of the first half of OK Computer. Honestly it feels more pretentious than insightful.

15 How Do You?

The worst song on Radiohead's worst album, still better than a few other's though.

16 Million Dollar Question
17 We Suck Young Blood

My opinion for the worst Radiohead song. Extremely slow, boring, and not pretty.

This song actively hurts to listen to.

Not a bad stand alone song by any stretch of the imagination but in it's album it's atrocious, and I don't see a moment where it could have been fine
If it was a b-side I'm sure it would have been praised

18 Vegetable
19 Kid A

It's not a bad song. The instrumental background and melody are pretty well throughout, but the vocals just ruin it. I'm serious the vocals just give me a head ache, it sounds like a prepubescent robot trying to sing but know they can't

It is just noise, but it probably is their best album, excluding this song it is probably a perfect record.

20 Bangers & Mash

I'm sure many will disagree with me on this one, and that is their right, but for me next to HOC this is my least favorite of IR. - abcrgb

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