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201 Put It On - Big L V 1 Comment
202 Juicy - Notorious B.I.G

How the hell is this legendary song here? It's the best rap track ever!

One of the best track ever written by Biggie.

Best classic song ever. What idiot put this legend on?!?

How the hell is this god-awful song down here?
It's one of the worst rap tracks ever! - SelfDestruct

203 Not Afraid - Eminem

This is a great song
this is a great song
this is a great song
this is a great song

Recovery was when em really started to get bad.

He better be afraid cause he is getting really bad, really fast! - SelfDestruct

V 4 Comments
204 Jewels n' Drugs - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga isn't a rapper. The hell?

205 No Worries - Lil Wayne

He pretty much has NO flow. WORST SONG EVER.

206 Dime Piece - Nick Cannon V 1 Comment
207 Ghetto Qu'ran - 50 Cent V 2 Comments
208 Brainless - Eminem

Awesome rapper belongs as number one rapper in todays industry in my opinion but this song had not that much meaning.

Eminem IS BRAINLESS! He makes garbage that only BRAINLESS teenagers listen to and pick up the bad words he uses. - TommyBranca

209 The Funeral - 50 Cent

Awesome rapper lyrically talented but this song is off.

210 Pray - The Game

Don't get me wrong The Game is lyrically talented he belongs in the top rappers but this was just off.

211 Tipsy - J Kwon

He talks about getting girls and getting drunk but he was like 16,17,or 18 when he wrote this.

V 1 Comment
212 Ali Bomaye - Game V 2 Comments
213 Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake

Go home, shut the door, lock it, board it up, and never come back out again.

Horrible like every other drake song

V 1 Comment
214 Stronger Than I Was - Eminem

Correction the last half is mostly rapping

This song is so bad. I'm the biggest Eminem Fan ever, BUT this song sucks. It's not even a rap song. "Hold me", "you won't bresk me", gosh Eminem, you're not a little box who has to be saved or something. I absolutely hate t h is song.

Most people who like this are fans of fack because it's an Eminem song. They think that in order to be a "true fan" you have to like every line that comes out of his mouth. - Themusicman

V 1 Comment
215 Stoner - Young Thug
216 Party Time - Fritz the Rapping Dog

This is from Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

217 Ellen Degeneres - Lil B V 2 Comments
218 Ugly - Bubba Sparxxx
219 Splinter - Bubba Sparxxx
220 MS New Booty - Bubba Sparxxx
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