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41 Headfirst

Can we remove all of the selenators commeting on this list. I beilieve that they are very annoying when they do it on every single item and bash the haters who have the right to share their opinions as well. If that can be done thanks.

42 Undercover Undercover

Nothing eles she did here insted of making her voice perfect in the song she put a monster voice in this song and listen this line all to myselff her voice in. Selff is such freak voice?

Bad song such a cheap it has a good dj but not her voice listen this line all. To myselfffdfffd this yselffd is uch a cheap

43 Round & Round Round & Round

Oh shut up. This is the worst song ever

I hate her voice. It's so annoying and disturbance.

Why her autotune voice is also broken. Lol

Kevin Rudolf beats Selena Gomez, and yet he composed this annoying autotune crap.

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44 Good for You Good for You

There's annoying kids at my school saying this all the time and I bet they heard this song. - Linnea

45 The Heart Wants What It Wants

Boring, cliche, auto tuned to death. This song sucks

This is the most boring song of all time

Best singer ever. Selena don't listen to them. Everybody's jealous of you. Your songs are the best and everybody loves them. We love you from the core of our hearts! <3 Stay same you're the best.

Yeah selena I am so jealous of you. You know why? You have a sweetest autotune ever that make you trashy to angel. I am really jealous. LOL

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