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41 Off the Chain

Selena Gomez is overrated. She sucks. I love this list.

42 Love Will Remember

I... actually like this song. The instrumentation actually has some control over its volume and so does Selena's voice. The lyrics aren't great, but they're passable enough. This is the only good song off Stars Dance. - NiktheWiz

This song is an amazing way to emotionally connect with everyone in the audience. I think that it is a very beautiful song and I love listening to it

This song shouldn't be here it is amazing how can you vote for this song?

I hope the world sees how much of a stupid bitch she is.

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43 Ice

I hope she slips on ice and breaks her legs.

44 Welcome to the Jungle
45 Magic

If I could do magic, Selena Gomez would be hated by the whole world, and Demi Lovato would be the most popular singers ever.

Stop judging you haters are just jealous

What a stupidness gomez this song has only this ohh ohh ohhh its magic?

Hear this song it sucks oh oh oh its magic you know stupid please stay away from. This song because it the badest of all so let s make this selena mistake I was thinking insid making this song and wasting money on its recording and what ever she can give this money to begger because they need it ATUPID SELENA GOMEZ

46 We Don't Talk Anymore

Great. Now she made Charlie Puth look like a nobody. >:(

47 It Ain't Me
48 Brand New Day
49 Falling Down

I like this song. When your falling down the world start's spinning around, you, when your falling down now it's not all about you, when your falling down falling down. It's catchy and I love all her songs and movies and her beautiful face. She makes a good couple with Nick Jonas

50 Rule the World
51 Everything Is Not As It Seems

Selenators are intrusive and mean. IF YOU don't LIKE SELENA GOMEZ, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ON THIS LIST. Every selenator's comment praising her ought to be removed and to all Selenators; IGNORE THIS LIST. This list is not disrespect to Selena Gomez nor would she really care about this anyway, after all she is a celebrity. TO EVERY SELENATOR, STAY AWAY FROM THIS LIST.

This is the most stupid list ever. Selena Gomez works hard and it's really disrespectful to do this. Plus, I love this song and the show

52 Headfirst

Can we remove all of the selenators commeting on this list. I beilieve that they are very annoying when they do it on every single item and bash the haters who have the right to share their opinions as well. If that can be done thanks.

53 The Heart Wants What It Wants

Boring, cliche, auto tuned to death. This song sucks

This is the most boring song of all time

Best singer ever. Selena don't listen to them. Everybody's jealous of you. Your songs are the best and everybody loves them. We love you from the core of our hearts! <3 Stay same you're the best.

Yeah selena I am so jealous of you. You know why? You have a sweetest autotune ever that make you trashy to angel. I am really jealous. LOL

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54 Nobody Does It Like You
55 Me and the Rhythm
56 Perfect
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