Worst Shawn Mendes Songs

He hasn't even made ten songs as I make the list, he is so darn despicable, I decided to make list anyway. He has ruined all radio stations across Canada and has gained too much undeserved fame to even be tolerable. Shawn Mendes needs to go away.

The Top Ten

1 Life of the Party

But I love this song... - Kirby_Super_Star

This is one of his best songs

I #love Shawn mendes Keep making music keep inspiring I love you

This is the most inspiring song I've ever heard keep making music Shawn I love you

2 Something Big

Shawn Mendes can't sing. His vocal technique is horrendous, and his songs are all so generic and boring. I also chose to write my comment under this song because my cousin loves this song (simply because he thinks it's about a fart)

After Life of the Party came this garbage. He is doing whatever he can to increase the negative aftermaths of the Canadian Radio Disaster he caused with Life of the Party. - SelfDestruct

Your songs are my favorite I love you

Listen to this then right after this listen to " We are never ever getting back together" or "22" by Taylor Swift

3 One of Those Nights

One of those days he makes a garbage EP and brainwashes teenage girls to like him because of his looks. - SelfDestruct

His music isn't only good but he is hot too! and that's
a good thing

4 Show You


This is one of my most favorite songs ever!

5 The Weight
6 Stitches

Need stitches for my ears after hearing this crap

This song is whiny


I love this song

7 Treat You Better

I absolutely HATE Shawn Mendes. I don't get why everyone loves him. His voice is so annoying and awful. This is by far his worst song, although they're all pretty close in being terrible. I know the Mendes army will probably come after me, but I don't care.

This song is just the beginning. Many other songs are better than this. If you don't like this, then don't listen to it. Don't worry I'm not in Mendes army lol - Kirby_Super_Star

You know this is the WORST shawn songs right? read the title.

Amazing! Should have a better rating than 8, though.

Should’ve been number 1

8 Never Be Alone

My favorite singer. Wish I could see him in concert.

HE should just shut his own mouth and leave at this instant. Hate him with a burning passion.

He's awesome you all that say he has bad music and isn't talented you are just jealous that you aren't as good looking,inspiring and amazing as he is

I love him he should keep making music forever I love you Shawn

9 I Know What You Did Last Summer

In my opinion Camila's voice ruins the entire song

Eh not too bad

10 Bad Reputation

The Contenders

11 I Don't Even Know Your Name

Song is the worst

12 Don't Be a Fool

I love this song it is not bad

13 A Little Too Much

Shawn sounds like Taylor Swift in Speak Now.

14 Kid In Love

This is one of my favorite songs ever

15 Strings
16 Crazy
17 Bring It Back
18 Imagination

Should be #1.

19 Honest
20 In My Blood
21 Aftertaste

I love aftertaste and I love Shawn Mendes

22 Air

Listen to this song, then Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift. This is country music and a copy of a song

23 This Is What It Takes
24 Don't Want Your Love
25 Lost
26 Ruin
27 Three Empty Words
28 There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
29 Señorita
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