Worst Songs of 2012-2013

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1 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

Can't stand this horrible piece of crap that will have your ears bleeding with in 10 second's of the song. I like some of her song's but, what the hell is she doing with her life here. In the music video all she's doing is waving her a$$ around in a cage and swinging her head back and forth singing " you a stupid hoe this, you a stupid hoe that". IF YOUR GONNA ACT LIKE THIS THAN STAY THE HELL OFF MY T. V SCREEN.

The difference between this and Blurred Lines? At least you can tune out the lyrics to Blurred Lines and still have a decent beat. This song just has awful whooping.

First of all, what the hell is Linkin Park doing on this list? Burn It Down was a FANTASTIC song!

Do I really have to explain.

2 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Her album cover is ugly. Makes me want to punch something. This song is so stupid, Liam Hemsworth has intelligence unlike U. So shut up. Please, for the sake of my ears. - maddyparrot22

I cannot stand this song!

3 Stay Schemin - Rick Ross Stay Schemin - Rick Ross

This guy just tattoo'ed "Rich Forever" on his FACE, talk about dumb as a rock.

4 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

I agree that this song is the worst. I mean, How is being sexist and repeating "I know you want it." A good idea for a song. It's fine if you like the song, but I am a feminist. My opinion.

This song was so bad! It was just a bunch of stuff about things that will not be mentioned here. It basically has no melody at all - hkhkcat

Robin Thicke is now the biggest pedophile out there. Just hide your kids and hide your wife. He's the reason why the doors should always stay locked at night. - ethanmeinster

This song is almost as bad as Icona Pop's "I Love It". The lyrics are just plain dreadful, heres an example. "I feel so lucky, you wanna hug me, what rhymes with hug me". The random noises in the background and the occasional "Oww! " don't help at all. ITS ONLY GOOD WHEN Michael JACKSON DOES IT!

5 Started from the Bottom - Drake

This is the worst song by one of the most boring monotonous rappers of all time. There is NO WAY that Burn it Down by Linkin Park should be higher than this poor excuse for a song

He only says:Started from the bottom!

6 Royals - Lorde

It's on the list because it sucks it should be higher on the list if anything just a pile of hot steaming crap

How is this song not in the list?!

This song was stupid (no offense Lords).

7 Midnight Memories - One Direction
8 Slow Down - Selena Gomez
9 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber

I made this song #1 at being the worst. I feel awesome!

YEAH! IT IS NUMBER ONE! You SUK Justin! (sorry just spreading truth! )

Anything by Justin Bieber sucks

Actually the only song I enjoy by him

10 Gangnam Style - PSY

One of the worst songs EVER let alone of the year!

This song was really good at the start, then everyone sings it EVERYWHERE and then it got annoying. It is still not as bad as the one on kidz bop though...

This song was never good in the first place. Maybe in Korea where they actually understand what he's saying.

The Newcomers

? Make It Nasty - Tyga

This song is a prime example of a “piss me the hell off” kind of song. When I was a non-fan of this artist, this song was one of the worst things I’ve ever listened to. Now that I hate him, this song is INFINITELY worse. The part with this guy saying bad stuff is enough to make anyone pissed beyond all belief. The song’s morality regarding explicit content might also be why most adult songs these days don’t even try.

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11 Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

Nicki Minaj is in it. Enough said.

What?!?! Alecia Keys is amazing!

12 Get Lucky - Daft Punk
13 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

This song was irritating from the moment I first heard it and was the official moment I started disliking Bieber! Since this song all he has put out is crap and it sounds very auto tuned. Lyrics-terrible, Singing-horrible. Yep, worst song of 2012-2013.

His voice is almost all autotune

Can't hit a high note even if his life depended on it.

"Swaggy! On you, chilling by the fire while we eating fondue" Those are actual lyrics from this song, no joke.

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14 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Oh My gosh. bad role model for children. Jesus I don't know what I did to deserve this

15 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis

So so so annoying

This song is a conspiracy to hypnotize people to become furries.

LOVE this sing!
Doesn't annoying to me! M/ - WillWords

16 Diamonds - Rihanna

Rihanna is a good singer but this song is annoying

Yes very annoying. Rihanna can't even sing - JollyRancher

17 Burn It Down - Linkin Park

LOVE IT & LINKIN PARK m/ - WillWords

WillWords is so right. Linkin Park is the best and this song This should be the 12 worst songs but the best. Hello does any one even hear the epicness of this song. -ARF

18 Confident - Justin Bieber
19 Harlem Shake - Baauer

Take this to the top!

20 Let Her Go - Passenger

This song shouldn't exist. "Everything you touch surely dies," is the worst line in the entire damn song. What does this #2 stain on the bloody charts even mean? Lets just be glad his 15 minutes of fame are up! - ArpstaAmy333


21 22 - Taylor Swift

Any taylor swift song is horrible.

22 Roar - Katy Perry

She always seems to find something very pointless to sing about.

We received a purr instead of a roar

I didn't like it.

23 Alone - Falling In Reverse

One of the worst vocalists of all time + an absolutely painful attempt at rapping = ear torture.

24 The Way - Ariana Grande
25 23 - Mike Will Made-It
26 Stay - Rihanna
27 Counting Stars - One Republic

This song doesn't deserve on This list

28 Gas Pedal - Sage the Gemini

The only thing worse than a rapper is a stupid rapper, and the only thing worse than that is this moronic excuse for a human being

A rocket scientist who dropped out of high school at 14.

Why is this here? - RickRossBiggestFan

29 Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

The amount of auto tune in this song hurts my ears.

30 Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
31 Come & Get It - Selena Gomez
32 Let It Go - Idina Menzel
33 Trumpets - Jason Derulo
34 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) - The Flaming Lips
35 Bom Bom - Sam & The Womp

I'm not sure if this song was supposed to be retarded but if it was, its done an AWESOME job

It sounds like a song someone would write if they were taking every drug known to man

Dislike this all you want but I love this song - RockStarr

36 We Are Young - Fun

Hate the singer because he has a hella sweet voice

37 Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Teló
38 Hey Brother - Avicii
39 Best Song Ever - One Direction

They should call it "Worst Song Ever"

40 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho

Worst song of 2010's - RickRossBiggestFan

This turd shall not get wawy from the list.

To really appreciate this song, you have to see the YT video of Jackie's performance at the Cirque du Soleil's "One Drop" benefit show. As you watch, remember that she is 12 years old and had just recovered from the flu. Mesmerizing. - BobG

You have to kind of feel sorry for Jackie Evancho, who is a very nice and talented young girl, who has gotten a Stalker-Troll who has multiple accounts like SelfDestruct, RickRossBiggestFan, Comparisans, and Comments, and who searches for every mention of her on TTT and leaves comments that make him sound like a lunatic.

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