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1 Fack - Eminem

Per the visitor, did Eminem really do this? Did Eminem really make a song worse than Nicki Minaj's Anaconda? - WonkeyDude98

I think someone other than Eminem did this

Still better than anything from Drake

Not Afraid is his only good song. - 445956

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2 Revolution 9 - The Beatles

Not bad, per say, just weird and forgettable, yoko ono brainwashed john

It's trash! - Userguy44

This song makes me want to lose my love of one of my favorite bands 😢 - LightningStrike

3 The View - Metallica

"I AM THE TABLE" - WonkeyDude98

I AM THE TABLE! - kempokid

"I AM THE TABLE! " - naFrovivuS


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4 B**** I'm Madonna - Madonna

Madonna did a crap job in this one. though she's better than Nicki Minaj. NM did a better job in this one. - AlphaQ

5 Fear - X Ambassadors

But...X Ambassadors sucks. like, they're awful.

6 This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a MotherF****r - Maroon 5

2015 wasn't such a good year for Maroon 5 besides they aren't so good now - AlphaQ

7 Work - Rihanna
8 Hey, Soul Sister - Train

This song is good! - ProPanda

9 Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato SUCKS! This song is worse than FACK and I really hate it too

This song is all about sex, I don't like sexs.

10 Hello Brooklyn - Jay Z

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? Goin' Down - Three Days Grace

I love Three Days Grace, but this is one of their worst songs in my opinion. I like the chorus, but the vocals in the verses, the laugh and the “whoo” in the bridge are some of the biggest turn offs a song could have for me. I’m starting to think Adam was drunk while recording this song. - 3DG20

? Happy Ending - Hopsin

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11 Bugs - Pearl Jam
12 Beverly Hills - Weezer
13 Umbrella - Rihanna

I'm mixed on Rihanna, but this is phenomenal. - WonkeyDude98

This is a great song, come on! - DCfnaf

I agree with this, but me and my friends actually enjoy listening to Fack and The Messenger - Danielsun182

I was never a fan of Rihanna in the first place.

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14 Ashtrays and Heartbreaks - Snoop Lion
15 Heavy - Linkin Park
16 Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park

Much better than heavy! Why is it on the list? - Userguy44

17 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Are you mad how is this a bad song, if you want to put Michael on the list at least look through his discography and find one of his songs that wouldn't be considered one of his top 25 songs - germshep24

Wait what this is one of his best songs

18 Just a Lil Bit - 50 Cent
19 P**** Wet - Marilyn Manson
20 Frantic - Metallica
21 Nightlife - Green Day
22 St. Anger - Metallica
23 Who Killed It - Nas

Nas isn't that good anyway

24 Iron Gland - Alice In Chains
25 Rumor Has It - Adele
26 Something Just Like This - Coldplay

This song is good! - Userguy44

27 Danny Says - Foo Fighters
28 Hip-Hop is Dead - Nas

I can agree with this usually is bad songs just have terrible chorus like Big Girl, KISSING, Some of us have Angels-but the actual got some good verses in them if only there was a good chorus to go with it or a good beat, but this one has a pop chorus (a long one too) and too much repetitive lyrics in the verses and are surprisingly short, but maybe it is a secretly genius songs making fun of popular hip hop by purposely making a terrible song in the same vain as those other terrible songs that were popular, because the popular rap songs were by non mainstream rapper - germshep24

Nas messed up this song SO DAMN MUCH I think this is worse the FACK but this should be #2 (just under FACK) because Eminem is better than Nas but Nas is quite decent

Like I said before, this is an absolute travesty, even as a NAS fan. - WonkeyDude98

29 Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Seriously? I thought this was his most popular one. I don't think he's capable of making a bad song.

30 We Are the World - U.S.A. for Africa

I LOVE THIS! - ProPanda

31 Where R Ü Now - Skrillex
32 The Messenger - Linkin Park

Linkin Park isn't good to start with. - AlphaQ

33 We Did It Again - Swizz Beatz, Metallica & Ja Rule
34 Rest - Green Day
35 Fitter Happier - Radiohead

I find this one to be pretty cool, it isn't much of song, but it is extremely chilling and unnerving. If you want to talk about a bad Radiohead song, look no further than How Do You? or Ripcord. - kempokid

This isn't even a song - Rorywilbren

@Rorywilbren Yes it is - jack2244

36 P***y - Lupe Fiasco

Probably an example of so bad it's good. - WonkeyDude98

37 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
38 Phenomenal - Eminem

This was OKAY. Wasn't as good as it the other songs but it's was decent. 3.5/5 - AlphaQ

This song was OKAY

39 Birthday Cake - Rihanna

Rihanna is really talented and not too dirty (unlike Nicki Minaj) but I have no idea what happened with this song. I'm sure The worst song by a good artist is definitely FACK by Shady but Birthday Cake is just #2.

I honestly feel disgusted and have no clue what is going on. Besides why would she invite Chris Brown who's a huge jerk to Rihanna. I don't know.

The lyrics are EXTREMELY awful compared to the rest of Rihanna's song. Her tunes are usually bouncy and catchy like Fetty Wap but this one was just as bad as 7 Years.

Please never do a song like this. AND NEVER PAIR UP WITH CHRIS BROWN.

Sorry everyone but this just gets a 0/5 - AlphaQ

40 All for You - Imagine Dragons
41 Carouselambra - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin isn't good to begin with. - AlphaQ

42 #Twerkit - Busta Rhymes
43 I Belong to You - Muse
44 Royals - Lorde

Well, technically, this is the "worst" song by a good artist, but that's saying a lot, because this is still good. - WonkeyDude98

45 Ancestors - BJÖRK
46 My 1st Single - Eminem

The beat sounds like it was performed using a few dentures, and Eminem literally farts and burps the chorus, while the lyrics are nonsensical. - Martin_Canine

47 Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
48 Show Me Yo' Booty Hole - Saosin
49 Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.
50 Style - Taylor Swift

You seriously think this is her worst song? Listen to Look What You Made Me Do, which everyone says is her worst song. - allamassal

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1. Fack - Eminem
2. Birthday Cake - Rihanna
3. B**** I'm Madonna - Madonna
1. Fack - Eminem
2. Fear - X Ambassadors
3. This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a MotherF****r - Maroon 5
1. We Did It Again - Swizz Beatz, Metallica & Ja Rule
2. B**** I'm Madonna - Madonna
3. Fack - Eminem

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