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1 Air Bud

I hate all those "animals can play sports" movies - KissingGoodbye

air bud is the silliest sports movie ever. A dog would not play any sport that a human being plays. - anthonybecerra831

A bunch of puppies going around playing sports. Who cares? - anonymous

Stupid workout fugu be. Not be.V. Bv. B fugu he T.V. hi

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2 Bend It Like Beckham

Why do you just kick Keira Knightley's head off and score a goal so that we can watch something better?

I'm having nightmares over this movie, are the people who make this stuff going F-U-C-K-I-N-G. If a sequel is made, I'll consider moving to Antarctica.

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3 Rocky V

Sylvester Stallone said that he regretted doing this movie any hated it

At the end he did this movie I have been hate this town

I hated it!

I hated it!

I hated it!

I hated it!

I hated it!

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4 The Comebacks

Not only should this be higher on the list, it should also be in the worst comedies of all time - ThisSiteSucks

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5 Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

ever since will teamed with the gay mustache dude next to him will is just... sigh.. horrrible

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6 Any Given Sunday
7 D2: The Mighty Ducks

The only people who like the Mighty Ducks aren't hockey fans. The crap Disney shows on-screen is nothing like real hockey, to the disappointment of many a 90's kid who signed up purely because of the movies. If you've seen a real hockey game, the Mighty Ducks films are stupid. If you actually know the rules, this makes you nauseous.

The animated series was more entertaining than The three movies it was based off of.

I hate all three of their movies so much, I would just go duck season on ice.

I know. they're so unbelievably boring.

8 Angels in the Outfield

I can't get images out of my head from this movie. Grown men flapping their wings like newly hatched chickens. If you look up the word "cheesy" or "cringe" you will see a reference to this movie. This movie sucked for all ages.

9 BASEketball

I'm sorry Matt Stone and Trey Parker, but hey, you created South Park, and Kenny vs Spenny and wore dresses to pick up your emmy awards - zack182daley

This is the best movie I've ever seen - 1066159

Not seen it but is the sport about a cross o baseball and basketball?

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10 Fever Pitch

jimmy fallon is horrible... just horrible - aman28

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? Ed (1996)

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11 The Rookie
12 Shaolin Soccer
13 Rookie of the Year

I hate the cubs

14 Rocky

Whoever put this here shouldn't be alive

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15 The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

This just sounds so dumb. -

16 H E Double Hockey Sticks
17 Slam Dunk Ernest

Don't get me wrong I like the Ernest movies but, you gotta admit as far as a sports movie it's pretty dumb - kyhickabilly

18 A League of Their Own

A still hot Madonna and Geena Davis just can't overcome the appearance of Rosie O'Donnell. - unclejoe1917

19 Bad News Bears (2005)

exactly the same thing as the original
that's not a re-make
a re-make is a movie based on a the original film and has lots of other changes
although they do keep the same main description.

Rocky, A League of Their Own, The Rookie, Talladega Nights, those movies were all great. But this movie wasn't. - InsertNameHere

Disney being a better mass corporation than Viacom in a nutshell.

20 Semi-Pro

Mine kingys your one and a half hours of your life returned watch Disney

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