Top Ten Worst Terraria Weapons

The Top Ten

1 Flare Gun

The Flare Gun is the almighty ruler of the Terraria world, and everybody knows its sheer raw power. With its whole 3 damage combined with the Flare Gun itself and the flare it fires, it has the power of a nuclear blast. Any unfortunate Armored Skeleton or Skeleton Archer will feel the sheer pain that the Flare Gun dishes out, with the On Fire! debuff only there to melt away enemies hopes and dreams as they die. It even pierces through enemies, and not just hitting multiple targets. No, it rips through targets' bodies. It's so powerful that Dungeon Guardians let you in the dungeon just by seeing you wielding one of them. It's so powerful the Moon Lord's eyes pop out immediately; it was why it was hidden in a ruined house's chest, because whoever originally found it knew of its power, and he couldn't consider himself worthy enough to wield such a deadly force of nature.
The reason it can't have prefixes is because Re-Logic soon discovered how truly powerful this weapon was and tried ...more - nerffan8000

Boom boom boom!

2 Ice Rod
3 Tempest Staff

I Got this on my first fishron kill, completely disappointing - Myname2

4 Copper Shortsword

How come wooden sword better then copper

5 Flintlock Pistol
6 Blowpipe
7 Wooden Hammer
8 Lunar Portal Staff

This weapon has trouble killing the eye of Cthulhu - Myname2

9 Snowball
10 Nettle Burst

The Contenders

11 Sandgun
12 Magic Missile
13 Harpoon
14 Bee Gun
15 Bladed Glove
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