Top Ten Worst Things About the Hunger Games


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1 Love Triangle Is Confusing

The second item is the same as the first one. Then, Katniss is always strong, I want to see you lose all your province and pass all she passed and not cry and fear a small part she did. And it never gets boring. You probably haven't read the ending of Mockingjay. - keyson

2 It Gets Boring After a While

I found the third book very dry and boring. I don't know why but I'm pretty sure it's because literally nothing happened the half of the book until you got to the action which was also pretty boring. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Mockingjay got so boring it took me a month to read it compared to the first and second book which took a couple days TOPS to read (each)

Mockingjay. This is the only item which I actually agree with the creator. It was great. Then it sort of sucked. - Fandom_Lover

I liked mockingjay and all but it was a significant step back in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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3 Katniss Cant Decide Between Gale or Peta

So your saying Katniss had to choose between dating Gale or becoming a PETA nude protester. - RevolNiartRuasonid

4 Katniss Is Weak Sometimes

She has witnessed her friends and other people die, but somehow she had the will to carry on! - Fandom_Lover

Who isn't weak sometimes? In my opinion Katniss is one of the bravest fantasy characters

She's basically Bella Swan with a bow and arrow.

5 The Fact That It Took 75 Years to Start a Revolution
6 The Capitol is Stupid
7 Katniss Is Overrated


8 It Looks Like It Was Written by a Twelve Year Old
9 The Last Book Has Nothing to Do with the Games

It's kinda true...

10 Katniss In General

Complete the sentence. "Katniss in general is awesome" - Fandom_Lover

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11 The Careers Are One-Dimensional Monsters
12 Katniss is a Sociopath
13 It Centres on Killing Children
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