Worst Things About Jefferson Starship's We Built This City

The Top Ten
It Exists
The Video

With That Stupid Rolling Dice - BeatlesFan1964

How Starship Used To Be Jefferson Airplane
Its Radio Airplay
People Like It
The Annoying Chorus
The Synths
The Cheesiness
Its Popularity
It's Catchy
The Contenders
It distracts people from their good music

Is it the worst song of all time? I don't think so. - Gehenna

The video has only 1,000 YouTube dislikes and 29,000 likes

Seriously? We have worst songs than this. This list is stupid, who even cares? -.- - Gehenna

You know it's bad when the likes outnumber the dislikes by 28,000.

The Lyrics
It Doesn't Make Sense
It was #1 for two weeks

In the year that thrash metal was on the rise, no doubt!

It appeared in The Muppets

And almost single-handedly ruined the picture.

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