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41 Furries

The most disgusting community on the internet. In good communities, you get a few perverts here and there but it's mostly good. In Soviet Furries, you get a few decent people here and there but it's mostly pervs. - kfcnyancat

Furries need to die

*cough* TheHyenasSBE *cough*

42 Whiny kids
43 Cheaply Made Flash Games
44 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

That face is hilarious - NuMetalManiak

I was probably one of hese who tried to put a dislike under Jacob Sartorious' "Sweatshirt". And this picture is just... blah - redhawk766

45 TheTopTens TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

This is hilarious. Anyone who put this on put it on a website they hate anyway. - redhawk766

Yeah. Crap results.

46 Dank Memes
47 9gag
48 Panfu

Here's my opinion on Panfu. I absolutely loved this virtual world, but now that it's been shut down, I see its downsides.
- it's awfully colorful
- it has got some violence. Bloodless, but violence nevertheless.
- it's a total rip-off of Harry Potter (constant magic things, stupid spells, and one villain was called... Krucio. Does that ring a bell? )
- Manny the construction worker is a ripoff of Handy Manny.
- constant exaggerating of situations
- who gave those pandas clothes? And why do they walk on two legs?
This is why I'm saying it's not a really good virtual world. But... it has pluses. It's creative, well voice acted, has some funny name parodies: Smashing Pancakes (Pumpkins), Pandaberg (Spielberg) and others. I really like how the creators did it. However, this game was shut down November 2016, as another thing on the list of great people and things that died in 2016. But I recommend you check out some blogs made by the players. - redhawk766

49 Bing
50 Directioners Directioners
51 Creepypastas

It's not the Creepypastas themselves that are annoying...it's those DANG RABID FANGIRLS THAT can't STOP RUINING EVERY CREEPYPASTAS! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I think there talking about the dumbass stories that are beyond stupid and the pornos.at least the SCP Foundation can be real and area 51 is real and that could be the scp foundation wow that makes it way creepier than crappypastas

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52 Haters

All they really have time to do is crash websites and post their obnoxious opinions on sites that they hate. - Narranoxa

I HATE haters!

53 Religious Extremists


54 Bronies

They're so annoying

55 Vines

I absolutely hate vines. They're just taking a good movie or cartoon and throwing in as much swear words and sexual notes as possible. They give people dirty minds. - redhawk766

I really don't get how vines can cure depression. If anything, they cause depression. - Aragorn98

56 YouTube's New Policy

I swear they did this just to screw people over. Demonetizing videos for swearing, controversial topics, adult jokes etc..?! Are you mad?! People like Leafy, Phillip DeFranco and others are screwed because of this. I never thought I'd see the day where liberalism would make YouTube fall. - bobbythebrony

57 Admins
58 Pitchfork
59 Wikipedia
60 Harlem Shake (Baauer Version)

Worst song ever, makes my ears bleed.

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