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81 Reaction Videos

I'm talking about those kinds of videos where people take clips of movies, T.V. shows, video games, etc, and use them to represent their reaction. Most of them are poorly edited and aren't even done right. It gets so annoying.

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82 People Who Make Show Comparisons
83 The Blue and Black Dress
84 Benthelooney
85 Grammar Nazis
86 Pro-Choice Fanatics
87 Vines

I absolutely hate vines. They're just taking a good movie or cartoon and throwing in as much swear words and sexual notes as possible. They give people dirty minds. - redhawk766

88 Agnostics
89 Memes

I like memes, but not those that are just made for an excuse to swear and swear and swear. - redhawk766

Memes such as
"Internet Explorer, the number 1 browser for downloading a better browser." are okay. But some memes are quite bad and racist.

90 Christians

They have every right to exist in this world. And not all of them are bad.

91 Religious People
92 Pictures of Dead Corpses
93 Phineas and Ferb fans

Phineas and Ferb fans are so literally crazy - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

94 Misleading Thumbnails
95 Sexualized Drawings of Young Cartoon Characters

That's why 1 Million childhoods are ruined per year.

96 My Little Pony

This is probably the worst show ever made! I mean it's so annoying when all u see on the internet is my little pony. It's everywhere! I HATE IT!

97 Perverted Drawings of Cartoon Characters
98 Disturbing Thumbnails
99 Minions
100 Anti-Bronies
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