Top Ten Worst Things to Shout In a Movie Theatre

Don't attempt this, please! Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

The Top Ten

1 Wait... What Happened

Just to show you weren't paying attention - ToptenPizza

Shows you weren't paying attention.

2 My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Texted Me Everyone Shut Up

Rude. Especially if the audience are mainly seniors.

Be obnoxious and bother everyone! - ToptenPizza

3 Why Is She So Stupid... Not the Girl In the Movie, the One Next to Me

I hope the one next to you isn't having a bad day... Or her period - ToptenPizza

If you are a boy, good luck making a match!

4 Hey Tall Guy Get Out You Are So Annoying

You can just move seats, that's what I do - idontknow

Hating on the tall people like a boss - ToptenPizza

5 I Love This Song Shut Up

Yet you are yelling like a hypocrite - ToptenPizza

Listen to it carefully!

6 I Wonder What Will Happen Next

Shut up and find out - ToptenPizza

7 Every One Stop Yelling

How about you stop yelling!

8 Spoiler Alert!
9 Hey That Is a Movie Pirate Oh Wait You Are Just Texting

Way to embarress someone - ToptenPizza

10 Thar she blows!

One time I farted really loudly and I flew across the movie theatre. Then someone shouted this... I've never been able to set foot in a movie theatre again!

The Contenders

11 Walk the Plank

Expesially in a pyrat movie - ToptenPizza

12 Every One Shut Up, I'm Trying to Play (Insert Mobile Game/App)

Especially if the volume is as loud as it can get.

13 Fire!

Could cause mass hysteria...

14 Allahu Akbar
15 I Got a Gun
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