Top Ten Worst Things You Can Do at a Metallica Concert


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1 Insult the Band

Devoted fans will kill you. - IronSabbathPriest

Don't do this, you will be seriously injured - ToptenPizza

A LOT of people will gang up on you and kick your ass

Save doing this for Megadeth concerts. - AngryByrd

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2 Play Pop Music On Your iPod

And watch a bunch of Metallica fans destroy you - ToptenPizza

Playing St anger would get summertime beat up. - gemcloben

3 Wear a Justin Bieber Shirt

Still better than wearing a Megadeth shirt - Alkadikce

I would most certainly burn that, even if it includes YOU. - McKing1003

If you do this... Just... Your an idiot. - ToptenPizza

They probably won't even let you in.

4 Cut to the Front

Do it. But you will get punched - ToptenPizza

5 Call the Music Bad

If you say this to my uncle, prepare to be listening to a 3 hour speech on Metallica and bands. - ToptenPizza

The music is good! - Pony

Do this at any concert and it'll be bad. The people are there for the artist in question! - PositronWildhawk

6 Start Singing a One Direction Song

I seriously don't reccomend this - ToptenPizza

7 Ask James "Are you sure about the pyrotechnics?"

James Is Very Sure About The Probable 2nd Degree Burns He Might Get Again - FettiMC

Maybe five of you will understand this. - AngryByrd

He would destroy you! - gemcloben

I can't stop laughing - LizardKing99

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8 Say That You Miss Dave Mustaine

The only people who would take offense to that are Metallica themselves, everyone who could actually hear you would agree. - Songsta41

Kirk Hammett will get offended...

I actually do though... - gemcloben

GET OFF THE STAGE, HAMMET! - IronSabbathPriest

9 Wear a Megadeth Shirt

It's almost like wearing a Metallica Shirt in a Megadeth concert.

While I love both bands, this is obviously a no-no. You will get jumped as soon as you enter the room. - Alpha101

Lol haha and asking the guys to play Symphony of destruction lolol

10 Dance Something from a Pop Video

Someone will notice, and doesn't care about the law. - ToptenPizza

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11 Wear a Pink "Pop Is My Bae" Hat

I just hate haring "Bae". Don't you people know it's Danish for poop?

Prepare for dirty looks and slaps - ToptenPizza

12 Tell the Band You've Been Downloading Their Music On Napster for the Past Few Weeks

Lars would smack you! - gemcloben

Does anyone still use Napster? - PositronWildhawk

Well, there may be a select few people who have made it their mission to make Metallica mad, but other than that, I'd say no. - AngryByrd

13 Wear a Napster Shirt

I’m going to see Metallica for the first time next year and I’m already looking for a subtle Napster T-Shirt to wear

14 Compliment a Pop Artist

That is how to end up on the stairway to heaven, kids. - ToptenPizza

15 Say That Lulu is Better Than Master of Puppets

It's just opinions though - TuxIsAPerson

16 Say That Lulu Is the Greatest Metallica Album of All Time

I can just imagine James saying something like, "Finally! Someone who understands that album! ". - Gg2000

17 Say Cliff Burton Is the Worst Bassist of All Time!

Fans will kill you. - Userguy44

18 Say You Miss Jason Newsted

What's wrong with that? - Userguy44

It's disrespectful to Rob. It's like saying you want Rob out of the band so you can have Jason back. - Gg2000

19 Call Metallica "Devil Worshipers"

I've checked their lyrics in several of their songs, and the only ones that were satanic were Mercyful Fate and Jump in the Fire. Mercyful Fate is a cover, so It isn't really Metallica, but the band who made all the songs included in this 11 minute song were satanic.

20 Say That One Direction is Better Than Metallica
21 Say That Metallica is a Table

James Hetfield has already done that for you. - Skullkid755

22 Insult Cliff Burton and Praise Dave Mustaine

What is wrong with dave? - gemcloben

23 Set Someone on Fire

Then I can jump in the fire! - gemcloben

Anyone seen Metallica Through the Never? This happened in the movie. - Songsta41

24 Say That Metallica Is a Ripoff of 5 Seconds of Summer
25 Yell "Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning Are Worse Than Justin Bieber!"

Everyone will wish you were trapped under ice.

26 Stay Still
27 Make Wah Sound Effects During Kirk's Solos

Kirk won't hear you, so it won't matter. - Gg2000

28 Tell James to Be Careful Not to Fall
29 Request They Play the Whole St. Anger Album
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1. Say That You Miss Dave Mustaine
2. Play Pop Music On Your iPod
3. Ask James "Are you sure about the pyrotechnics?"
1. Insult the Band
2. Wear a Justin Bieber Shirt
3. Cut to the Front
1. Insult the Band
2. Cut to the Front
3. Wear a Justin Bieber Shirt


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