Worst Tourist Attractions In the United Kingdom

There are many great tourist attractions in the UK, however are also many terrible attractions. In this list are some of the worst tourist attractions I have ever visited in the country as a result of either little to do, high costs to enter or just as a result of the attractions being terrible.

The Top Ten Worst Tourist Attractions In the United Kingdom

1 Warwick Castle, Warickshire

One of the most gimmicked, overly priced and terrible attractions that I have ever visited! The living quarters are a massive let down with barely any furniture, the merlin tower is basically pretending to be a wizard in one of the most gimmicky activities I've ever seen, and everything else is for two year olds. When I went, I got so bored that I decided to just leave and visit the town instead. I would strongly advise to not go here. - aldwych94

You visit there once, it's alright. You visit there twice, you've fallen into their trap of boredom.

It looks beautiful. - Picklesthekitten45

2 Madame Tussauds, London

One time my mom went to Madame Tussauds and somebody tried to photograph her because they thought she was one of the wax figurines. Lol. - TwilightKitsune

I've never really seen the point. - PositronWildhawk

Very expensive, enough said. - aldwych94

3 St Paul's Cathedral, London

I think that it's kind of wrong to have to pay to enter a church. - aldwych94

4 Petworth, West Sussex

A highly overrated attraction that I'd strongly advise not to visit. - aldwych94

What's wrong with the cute little village? - Picklesthekitten45

5 Olympic Park, London

Not much other than a building site now, there are so many better parks to visit in London. - aldwych94

6 Louis Tussauds, Norfolk

Saw the attraction on have I got news for you and couldn't believe how bad some of the wax models were. - aldwych94

7 Brick Lane, London

A very busy street in London, meaning that it is hard to travel from one end to the other. There are also many salesmen who always hassle you to buy food or clothes. - aldwych94

8 Tate Modern, London

The art is nowhere near as good as the art in museums such as the National Gallery or Tate Britain. - aldwych94

My mum walked out, she was so angry. Its not art. It's a pile of rubbish.

9 Eastbury Manor House, Essex

Rooms are empty and not much to do. - aldwych94

10 Stonehenge, Wiltshire

The attraction is very expensive for one that you cannot go anywhere near to. - aldwych94

The Contenders

11 Diggerland, Kent
12 Teapot Island, Kent
13 Margate, Kent

Sure, it has Dreamland and lots of arcades, and an amazing seafront. But if you take those away, this place is dull. It's a kind of London Number 2. lel bye

14 The Hit or Miss Island

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