Worst Types of Atheists

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1 The ones which claim that passing down one's faith to one's children is child abuse

I'm an atheist and when I have kids soon, I shall teach them that religion is bad and that religion is rather a silly game... I won't even take them to churches, or anything that's related to religion or even mentioned. I don't care..I have the full right to raise my future children of however I wanted. - Kevinsidis

Ugh, just stupid points some of em make - EliHbk

2 The ones that think they are smarter than religious people

What about atheists who are ordinary people? They just don't want to be religious.

Usually they are. Some of the best mathmeticians and scientists are - Mono

3 The ones that have double standards when it comes to religion

Eg: anti-christian, but, pro Buddhist, etc. - clusium

4 The ones that try to ban religion in public

I'm atheist but it's not like I'm gonna like BAN RELIGION or something. - Firemist

That's basically trying to ban a commandment

I have never seen anyone do that before - Mono


5 The ones that judge religious people who help others but do little to lift a finger themselves

They don't do that either. You don't have anything to back these things up do you? - Mono

6 The ones that are anti-theistic in general
7 The ones that zealously hate religious people

They don't do that because they hate religion. Its just a coincidence that these people were atheists - Mono

Whom I think I can name a few... - htoutlaws2012

To the point of actually murdering them (e.g.: The guy which shot those worshippers in the church in Texas; the guy who shot that Muslim family, in North Carolina, a few years ago). - clusium

8 The ones that make prejudicial comments against all clergy for the actions of a few

Religious people do that too - Mono

9 The ones that compare God to Santa Claus

Internet atheists, no respect for any religious person.

Of course we do. Why? Because he isn't real! If he was then everything would be going to crap because of how vindictive he is.

That kind of point of view, is very arrogant & smug, towards those who believe in God. - clusium

Lol, Miracle on 34th Street - judo8alex

10 The ones which try to make religion illegal

Such as Communists, etc. - clusium

Communist leaders generally did not do this out of hatred for religion. They didn't want the people to acknowledge any power higher than them, to make sure they remained loyal. It's not because they were atheists, but more because they were tyrants. - tgbhj

It should be illegal because it brings nothing but war and ironically sin.

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11 The ones that are just as Homophobic as religious people are

And hate transgenders.

ha! - judo8alex

12 The ones who hate abortion like the religious people.
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