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201 The Easily Offended

The kind of people who say that you're racist just because you don't like Obama.

Unfortunately, this has become such an epidemic. If you say anything nowadays, someone, somewhere, somehow will get offended.


Me: I'm anti feminist
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: your overweight
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: I kinda support abortion but I kinda don't
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: I believe in 2 genders naturally because there are only two sexes
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: get help if you're depressed
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d

god. peace

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202 Religious Fundamentalists

Religious fundamental are always proud of ignorance.

203 PewDiePie Fans

I don't have anything against Pewdiepie himself. However, his fanbase is extremely annoying and cancerous, as evidenced by the other comments here.

I am a fan of hating fan haters who hate fan haters

Wow this is dumb

Why is this on the list? I hate fan haters.

204 Twihards
205 Annoying Teenage Girls

, I forgot to wear mascara! I can't go to Starbucks looking like this!

I am a girls, and this is offensive - Frost182

206 People Who Can't See Quality In Their Face and Find Value In Crap
207 Flirters
208 Brony Haters

I don't mind bronies, but some are just crazy. You know, the ones who like My Little Pony porn

Hey! We hate brownies for a reason, you know!

But brownies are delicious. I guess not everyone likes the tastes of oven baked brownies. - BrotherOfWolves001

If there's one thing that's worst than bronies, it's the people that say stuff like "End all bronies! " and "All bronies need to die! ". Those people need to learn to respect people's opinions. Not all bronies are cloppers!


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209 Dallas Cowboy Fans
210 Karma Houdinis
211 People Who Like Big Brother V 1 Comment
212 People Who Are On Big Brother

I think they are all nasty people

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213 People Who Never Admit They're Wrong

Nobody is right all the time; everyone is wrong about something once in a while.

Yea this is mostly anime fans

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215 T-baggers in MW3

If you don't like it, then don't post it on a social media forum. Attention like this is what T-baggers want. - username34

216 Anime Fans

Screw whoever put this on here.

Yeah! I'm 16 and I loved Anime! Maybe a so called logic headed person put thus. - Frost182

I'm a fan of anime, but I HATE people who say U don't LEIK YOOGEE O AWWW DIE NAO


That's that's basically them.

217 Power Puff Girls Believers
218 Narcissists

They act like everything is all about them and they're so vain!

They give you one chance to be how they want you to be, then they look at you like you r an idiot - username34

Ignore them. that will put their ego on a diet.

219 Juggalos
220 People Who Randomly Explode After Eating a Spicy Bean Burrito

Hey, that happens to my uncle Phil! I was born in 2010!

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