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241 Anime Fans

Screw whoever put this on here.

Yeah! I'm 16 and I loved Anime! Maybe a so called logic headed person put thus. - Frost182

I'm a fan of anime, but I HATE people who say U don't LEIK YOOGEE O AWWW DIE NAO


That's that's basically them.

242 Power Puff Girls Believers

People think the PPG exsit? (OMFG0 - Tayxd123

243 Narcissists

They act like everything is all about them and they're so vain!

They give you one chance to be how they want you to be, then they look at you like you r an idiot - username34

Ignore them. that will put their ego on a diet.

244 Juggalos
245 Adults

Some can be very annoying. My teachers are annoying. Zeus Cervas is evil. The creators of Sanjay and Craig, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Barney, Dora, Caillou, Breadwinners, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Victorious, Total Drama, Fish Hooks, and Friends were all obviously either stupid or drunk. - Goatworlds

So if you hate adults, you hate your parents?

Oh my god... seriously?

Y'know, every kid becomes one at some point...

246 People Who Randomly Explode After Eating a Spicy Bean Burrito

Hey, that happens to my uncle Phil! I was born in 2010!

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247 Canadians

Who ever put canadians on the list are jealous hyppicratical scum bags and need to burn in hell. You can't just people based on their nationality. Americans Canadians Jews stupid nationalist scumbags.

Whoever added this on here is just mad that Canada is the best country (and I'm not even Canadian, and I don't even live there) - venomouskillingmachine

I'm canadian you fool. I will murder whoever put canadians on this list. Who ever did this needs to be tourtured. Who ever did this needs to be forced to eat glass burned by torches and than put them out and send them to the arctic when it is winter for 10 days and make them listen to justin bieber then blow out the dude's brians with a shotgun.

I am canadian and I wanted to say to that person who put this on the list I will make you,listen to justin bieber for 10 hours make you eat glass and make you drink bleach and tourcher you for 25 months.

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248 Frozen Fans

They are the most annoying

Let go of the fandom and let us play fnaf in peace

249 2010s Kids

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a selfie with her iPhone with a bright gold case... - Harri666

2010 kid: Anyone born after 2004

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a picture of herself with her iPhone with a gold case - Harri666

I was born in 2004 and I hate 2010s trends a lot - GriffinDoge

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250 People who like Ross Lynch V 1 Comment
251 Greenpeace People
252 Conspiracy Theorists

Oh no! Doritos are shaped like triangles! Pepsi is Illuminati! 11111! - Evant

Don't discard them, sometimes they hit the nail on the head.

Ugh. Especially the ones who insist they can't be wrong.

Ever notice how most classically shaped stars are composed of 5 triangles?

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253 Hoodrats
254 Bitchy People

They're so mean and cruel, even to people they have never even met. The worst part is, they can dish it out, but they can't handle it when they're given a taste of their own medicine. I HATE that double standard and I HATE this crowd!

255 Skater Boys
256 Gangster Wannabes
257 Snobby School Girls

They think they're such hot stuff, but they're not. They're just stuck up.

258 People Who Don't Care About Poor People

These people have no soul. Poor people are still human beings, just like the rest of us. They don't deserve to be spit on.

Then the people who run Ft Lauderdale are here.

259 Wildlife Destroyers

Honestly, what's this world coming to? People don't care what they destroy or what they wipe out as long as they get huge sums of money. They're so greedy!

Worse than animal abusers if you think about it. Abusers kill one or two animals. These people destroy multiple ecosystems.

260 Stupid People
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