Worst Types of People


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241 People Who Exclude Others

People who exclude others should go die in a pit of fire

242 Anti-Vaccine People
243 Creationists
244 Creepers V 1 Comment
245 Doitsuists V 2 Comments
246 People That Still Watch Kids Cartoons

I'm still 16 and I loved cartoon! So? What is Anime by the way? My aunt loved Anime! - Frost182

I wish I could spit on all teenage SU fans

247 People Who Defend Miley Cyrus
248 Miley Cyrus Fans
249 Con Artists
250 Theistic Satanists
251 Ke$ha Fans

I don't like Ke$ha but there's nothing wrong with liking a certain artist.

252 Sociopaths

At least Stewie and Bart are funny - Goatworlds

253 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Haters

Wait! These kinds of people exist?!

There is no such thing...

254 Frozen Haters

Take this off, I hate Frozen. - Goatworlds

So what if I hate Frozen you 5 year old hypocrite.

I don't particularly hate it, just it's fans


255 Turd Eaters V 1 Comment
256 Extremists
257 Neckbeards
258 People That Tell Other People to Get a Life

Guess what? Every living thing has a life.

259 People That Hate Neon Genesis Evangelion
260 Demi Lovato Haters

I hate Demi Lovato. I you want real music go listen to Rock or Metal. - Goatworlds

Screw Demi Lovato! Green Day and Harry Chapin make REAL music.

They are sick and have no taste in music.

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