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141 Underage Kids Who Flirt with Older People

This isn't necessarily a bad thing unless you're a 9 year old who has sex with 17 year old girls which only makes it weird. I personally don't care about age (although most girls I date are older) - AlphaQ

When I go on the bus I sometimes see slutty underage kids flirting with adults..really old ones... they sometimes do it to make fun of them - Iamcool

142 Rich People

They are only annoying when they brag about being rich

They are so greedy! Even when they have more money than they know what to do with, they don't want to give any of it up but still want more!

I think it's okay to be rich as long as you work for it and donate a lot of money to charity.

Only if they brag about it all the time - GriffinDoge

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143 Convinced Catholics

Evil writhes within this church with vermin infested leaders, some catholics are good people and God is calling them out of Babylon

Somebody needs to learn to be more tolerant...

Yes and all other religious bigots

144 Parasprites
145 Traitors
146 Goody Two-Shoes

I remember when this good two shoes was being a jerk to me in band and so I yelled at him and I got in trouble so I was in the office and I told the principal everything bad he's said about me and I got detention for yelling and the goody two shoes got NOTHING!

Sometimes I wish I could put them in a torture chair, blast Justin Bieber into there ears and scream "quit shoving your morals down other peoples throats! "

They act as if they can do no wrong.

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147 Rebels With No Point

Literally every school kids in life

148 Bad Listeners

You have to speak up son I'm a little deaf in my right ear

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149 Moms

Umm... Without a Mom you would be dead...

If you an young person that's still in childhood or teenager you need a mom without a mom who going to take care of you

I love my mom. She does so much for me. I'm lucky to have a mother.

Why? Mom is the one who borned you! Without her, your not exist! - Frost182

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150 People Who Never Stop Talking

Don't get me wrong, I love extraverts. But there is a difference between being social and talking for so long that I start to grow a beard. Seriously, how did you not learn how to have a 2 sided conversation?

It's one thing to be talkative but there is a limit. When you talk nonstop, it just gets annoying after a while. VERY ANNOYING!

I am one of those people but sometimes I get sick of people talking myself - StayAlive

Give them lipstuck

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151 Homosexual Supporters

I do not support homosexuals or their beliefs. See I've never been in favor of homosexuality. In other words I'm against homosexuality... But I still respect them. I'm not homophobic in any way. I'm only against homosexuality, NOT the people who are gay. Oh no now I'm going to get hated... Oh well. - cosmo

Hm, another homophobic piece of trash. Better call the garbage truck!

Being homosexual is NOT a reason to hate someone, and you can't help who you fall in love with. And they're not hurting anyone else just by loving the same sex.

They are clowns. I really dislike Gay Pride parades.

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152 People Who Comment On YouTube Videos to Create Unnecessary Trouble

If I had a dime for every stupid YouTube comment I saw, I'd be rich as hell. Seriously, when it comes to popular YouTube videos, the ratio of stupid comments to smart, contributing comments is 99 to 1. - NuMetalManiak

They're annoying, offensive and absolute asss with no life.

I hate those asss.

153 People Who Hate On Religions

Exactly. I'm on this list giving it my all to protect my dignity and religion. I have never hated on religions. - username34

I love to hate religions, and they deserve it.

My parents have always told me growing up that even if a person doesn't believe in the same religion as you, you have no right to criticize or judge them for it. but some people just can't shut their piehole filled with their offensive bitch ass opinions up. like, grow up!

154 People Who Think You're Weird Just Because You Don't Like Something They Like

Person 1: Oh, I don't like that.
Person 2: How can you not like that? There must be something wrong with you!

I really can't stand people who do this! Whatever happened to respecting others opinions?

I have a friend who has tried numerous times to get me to like anime. After that I hated anime even more and with passion. I honestly don't get why I am still friends with this person.

I get this all the time because I'm a 7th grader who listens to muse & I despise "watch me whip" "me myself and i" and all those other stupid ass songs

The people who do that ARE weird

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155 People Who Think Metal Is Screaming and Satanic

It's not evil, just entertaining. And not all rock is violent or anything like that; rock can also be mellow and peaceful.

Pop is satanic

Example A: Stryper is a Christian metal band
Example B: Christian metal has a large following
Example C: people that say this listen to the song "take me to church" which is an anti Christian song because Hozier says the church is stupid because they are anti homosexuality

156 Rednecks

We need to build a wall to keep those beer drinking idiots out of our country. - AR2002

157 Coprophiles

What does THAT mean? People who love crap?

Just... Ew. - Freddy_Fazbear

158 Murderous Black Metal Musicians

They're considered murderers, see number 1.

159 Police

Typical TheTopTens liberals. Thinking cops are bad because they go on a frenzy shooting black people. For your information, there have been more white shootings in America than blacks. Second, if it wasn't for cops, the crime rate would be way up. It irritates me of how stupid liberals are. - DoroExploro13

They should have given the previous poster a more thorough thrashing so he would learn not to be such a big cry baby.

US cops are the worst. They are so paranoid, aggressive and sadistic that they'll shoot you even if you are unarmed and don't even show any agression. Or they can beat you up for no reason.

What is the biggest cause of riots in the U.S. that's right its police. But I think they should give less power to police officers.

160 Toddlers

Come on they are so cute.

I used to be one like ALL OF YOU but I could read the word purple

Annoying - Goatworlds

Why? - Blight

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