Worst Van Halen Songs

The Top Ten Worst Van Halen Songs

1 Learning to See

Music is relaxing, but the ending sounds like Sammy Hagar singing, "I gotta pee! "

It Just Gives me Head aches! - VanZeppelin

2 Up for Breakfast
3 Strung Out
4 How Many Say I
5 Dirty Water Dog

It's a song from Van Halen III that isn't Fire In the Hole. So it sucks

What the hell was this crap? this is definitely their worst song - christangrant

6 Neworld
7 Feels So Good
8 Primary

Not a great solo at all

9 Right Now

They used this for politics fail

10 New World

The Contenders

11 Year to the Day
12 From Afar
13 A Apolitical Blues
14 Atomic Punk

I love this song, it's energetic and from their best album, so it ought to be good. I didn't vote for this.

15 Tattoo
16 Spanked
17 Swingers Swing
18 Sunday Afternoon in the Park
19 Black and Blue
20 Josephina
21 One I Want
22 I'm the One
23 Dance the Night Away
24 Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
25 Take Me Back (Deja Vu)
26 Inside
27 Jump
28 Panama

Very bad song

29 Big Fat Money
30 Without You
31 Ballot or the Bullet
32 Runnin' with the Devil

This is my least favorite van halen song can't stand it - trains45

I hate this song it is the worst van halen song

This is my least favorite song by them

33 Hot for Teacher
34 Eruption
35 Fire in the Hole
36 Fools
37 Tora! Tora!
38 Big River
39 It's About Time
40 Source of Infection
41 Sinner's Swing
42 Spanish Fly
43 316
44 Loss of Control
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