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1 Xbox Fat Controller

It has the stupid four inch wire thing that would always get lost so then the whole controller was useless

Too fat and its HEAVY. Try to play fighting games with it, I dare ya.

This is one time when the original is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Too Big
Too Heavy
Looks Like Something Built For An Octopus

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2 Jaguar Controller

Jaguar controller sucks and the console also

My god this thing had so many useless buttons!

Way too many buttons

Worse than Duke.

3 5200 Controller

Even the Atari Jaguar controller works a lot better than this crazy excuse for a video game controller works.

You guys can say what you want about the Xbox Fat, Jaguar, etc. controllers, but at least those actually worked and could function, unlike this piece of garbage. - SuperNESBrony

You'll be lucky to get one that works. - booklover1

The joystick breaks so easily.

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4 Philips CDi Game Controller

. . . And I STILL and never will understand why all of the hype of the Hotel Mario and Forces of Evil CDI games is here (primarily on YouTube)

Three buttons that are never used

These controllers look better in the bin - Harri666

5 Power Glove

This thing sucked so hard. It looked cool but didn't work a bit. I remember saving up my allowances to by this piece of crap when I was a kid. First experience of Buyer's Remorse... Stupid thing was in that Stupid Fred Savage movie, Wizard... made us want it even more. - VADERtheIMPALER

It's looks awesome, but you can't complete a game with it! Controls: move hand instead of joystick and press lots of buttons. Its awful, but looking cool. That's all about it.

A video game controller so bad, it was parodied in Regular Show to mock its inferiority. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You can beat Zelda II with this thing, just like AVGN did.

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6 Wii Bowling Ball

Ok just with the name you can tell it sucks

OK, who thought this was a good idea? I get that Wii bowling is a thing, but come on.

7 Roll N Rocker Controller

Want to make your games more unnecessarily difficult? Want to make it so you can't do sudden movements as quick? Want to rock around like an idiot when in reality you actually can use a controller with it? Well then the Roll N Rocker is right up your alley.

Seriously, who thought that would ever be a good idea?

Iv seen on Angry video game nerd, how much this thing sucks. It barely works. Rolling rock on roll N rocker. laugh out loud! But this thing is bad! So... ASS!

Let's face it, the biggest reason the Roll-n-Rocker sucks can be summed up in three little words: Laughing Joking Numbnuts

Let's face it, the Roll-n-Rocker is a useless waste of perfectly good plastic brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts!

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8 Intellivision Disk
9 Nintendo 64 Controller

I really liked the Nintendo 64. But the only thing that flopped it was the controller. I don't like the W-shaped controller. It felt awkward. Especially with the joy stick in the middle. And there was a button in the back. What the hell? I had trouble play ocarina of time with this controller. Such a great game, and it got screwed with the bad controls. So I decided to buy the master quest for the gamecube, since it was a better controller.

The joystick stick was a real pain especially in Mario Party 1 I got a lot of blisters from spinning it around. - egnomac

Why couldn't they just put the joystick above the d-pad, they put the joystick in the center, WELL NO WONDER THE DAMN THING LOOKS LIKE IT'S HAVING AN ERECTION

There was no one way to hold it, as you couldn't reach all the buttons comfortably no matter how you held it. The Horipad Mini 64 is a much better controller for the N64. It does everything better, and N64 games that you weren't really good on you can probably be really good at that game using the Horipad Mini 64. - thunderstar1124

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10 U-Force Controller

Though it was made by a third-party company called Rotorbund, it was licensed by Nintendo.

The you force is a good accercory the nerd reviewed it and its good - st2600

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11 Xbox Kinect

Even Phil Spencer (the current head of Xbox) said it sucked. - Masterlugia64

12 PlayStation 2 Controller

Why is this even on the list? It's not the best controller ever made, but it's still comfortable to hold and it works very well. - lite64

I just can't get over the shape buttons. Everyone else does letters. Also it never improved over 3 generations. It WAS the best when it came out for ps1, but the 2nd Xbox, 360, and GameCube were all better, and N64 was pretty close.

What, I like the design

The only problem was, that the joysticks are in a very uncomfortable place to put your thumbs.

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13 Tony Hawk's Ride Board
14 The Sega Activator V 1 Comment
15 Turbo Touch 360 Controller
16 Atari Trackball Controller
17 Sega Activator Controller

Who the heck is that? I don't even. Know about that?

18 The U-Force
19 Sega Saturn 3d Controller

Last year at game masters I played the Sega Saturn 3d controller I was playing nights into dreams it's impossible to pass a stage with that gigantic controller

This controller is actually pretty good in my opinion. It's bulky, yes, but at least you can still reach the buttons. Also, the Joystick is MUCH better for 3D games.

Same happens with Microsoft, for the Original Xbox Realese, also the Saturn has only 3 controllers, but the 1st one was so dreadful because how builky is the good dammed, D-pad, and irresponsive shoulder bottons.

20 Atari Jaguar Controller
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