Top 10 Worst Vocaloids


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21 Kagene Rei
22 Mayu

I'm sry, I think she is so creepy for some reason (blood stained switch)

23 Fukase
24 Galaco V 1 Comment
25 Mew Mew
26 Yuezheng Longya V 1 Comment
27 YOHIOloid

Hi, but really, you shouldn't make these kind of lists. People will get angry at you and it's all your fault anyway. Companies that create vocaloids and their software put a lot of effort in making them. It's like criticizing someone to get a better result on a test... It's perfectly fine to hate vocaloids in a neutral way, but don't say mean remarks about them like that. The majority of vocaloids here people love, and just because you don't like them doesn't mean harassing them like that will make yourself feel better. I advise you to just stay neutral, and this list already hurt many people. My friends that live in Hokkaido got mad at your list, and even I got a bit annoyed with it as well. So, think twice before you create this kind of list.

Punch yourself in the face, please. - Scraggy

28 Haku
29 Big Al
30 Tako Luka

Isn't she a derivative of Luka so this also doesn't make sense

V 1 Comment
31 Sonika
32 Kurotane Piko
33 Hibiki Lui
34 Sweet Ann
35 Calne Ca V 1 Comment
36 Clara
37 Ruby
38 Luo Tianyi

I like luo but her voice is a bit too high

39 Ring Suzune
40 IA Rocks
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