Worst Ways to Die

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1 Buried Alive

It happened to some people. There are some stories about people being buried alive on accident after being under the assumption they're dead.

Once I went caving (for those who don't know it is when you explore caves) and I was crouching down because the ceiling was only like 2 or 3 feet high, then we came to this little hole in the ground, and I was laying on my stomach to get a close-up look at it, and I lost my grip and slid head-first into this tiny little hole. I couldn't move my arms, and couldn't see anything... After about 10 or 15 minutes people pulled me out but, sheesh... Scariest moment of my life for sure

No food, no water, dark, cramped, limited air, nothing to end it quicker besides abusing the air, nothing to save you, no one to save you, and your only way out is near impossible.

The song "Purity" by Slipknot says it all. "I am in a buried kennel. I have never felt so final. Someone find me please, I am losing all reserve, I think I'm gonna go crazy"

2 Torture

Being kidnapped to an unknown room where no one can save you or either hear you to reach you out. Even the sunlight doesn't passes through that room. In the room alone with the sinner, tied in a chain or chair in an uncomfortable way. The thrist comes and swallows up the saliva in your mouth. After confirming the identity, you'd quickly observe the surrounding that is full of tools with rust and dirt. Checking as if you knew, what you really thought that it was 'that' situation, "torture".

Death by a thousand cuts, stacking rocks on you slowly until your body caves in. There are so many horrible ways that people could do this. They could torture you until you want to die, and still torture you for a long time before you die. There is nothing worse than this because they can make it last for as long as they want, and make it as painful as they want

That would be bad, you would never know what would be next! like they can burn you, or like hang you until your nearly dead and then let you go, or stretch you out until your bones almost broke... :o and even more unspeakable things that ensured you got frailer and frailer until BOOM your dead! And even worse your happy to be dead because they can't torture you any more... This is definitely the worst way to die.

They're literally trying to inflict as much pain on you as possible before death. Burning, and drowning are both types of torture.

3 Burning

Maybe if it's a raging fire that's burning your house down, you'd die from smoke inhalation before you feel the fire burning your body.

Definitely the worst. Once I accidentally caught my finger on fire. Most painful thing ever. If you think it isn't, then imagine someone pouring hot acid over you. No joke. And you slowly die. Umm I would really hope that the smoke knocks me out for the time being.

Enough with the stupid Justin Bieber and virgin jokes.
This is indeed the worst way you can die, it is slow and extremely painful, come on guys this is much worse than dying a virgin.

I've been hit by boiling water before (100 Celsius) and it was like your skin has fallen off. Then I always told myself that fire is something like 1000 times hotter than boiling water... just wow

4 Drowning

This happened to me once and my parents didn't care or see me, I was like 10 and I was swimming I challenged myself to the deep ends but then I got pushed by a wave and started to drown, I kept jumping up for small breaths of air and I was screaming help every time I came to the surface, then soon enough I felt a ledge and dragged myself out, my parents didn't even notice, and when I told them they were like ok?

Having almost drowned once before, I think this is the worst way to go.
I would rather take the intense pain of burning alive, having my body ripped apart, or simply experiencing a slow ravage of agonizing physical pain until I begged for death and passed out. Because at least the pain is the last thing you think about as opposed to what's ultimately going to happen to you. By the end you might even welcome that final release just to escape it.
When you drown, you are acutely aware of your life counting down and the aching burn of your last breath running out. Being stuck under a suffocating mass of water with no way out and going through the sheer adrenaline driven terror of those last few seconds is the most petrifying thing imaginable.

I’ve almost drowned once before, when I was three, and I remember it clearly. I didn’t really understand what was going on, but it was a horrible experience. The worst way to go, in my opinion is by suffocating, and this is pretty close yet just as bad.

Drowning is undoubtedly the most painful on this list. Number one isn't bad because it's fiction. Number two isn't bad because once I'm dead I won't care. Number three I could just sleep through. Number four would be quick and easy for me and gruesome for the poor guy who had to clean it up. Number five would be quick and easy. Number six isn't that bad.

5 Trapped under ice

Being trapped under ice is like being buried alive while drowning. Ice actually is pretty soundproof, and thick ice is hard to break. Plus, you would be able to see people, and the world, knowing that they won't be able to save you. It also is much more possible than actually being buried alive.

More horrifying than being buried alive, because you can see the world thru the ice, but can't get out to it. Plus, in your panic, you loose sight of were the hole in the ice is and you begin to drown from the shock.

This is a mixture of drowning and being buried alive. I think it's the worst ways you could go. You feel your lungs fill up with water and you are pounding on the ice to break free. But trapped, forever, life and death.

It wouldn't hurt Because you just freeze. You just feel cold. Then you see Jesus ( hopefully) and its over.

6 Be strapped down so you can't move. Then, have a 1 foot nail start from a foot above your head, and go down a millimeter every hour until it goes through your forehead

It's both psycological and physical torture. Imagine laying there, knowing you are going to die. This is cruel and heartless. Not even criminals deserve this. I'd rather have life in prison with no parole.

Realistically, you'd be laying there for two and a half weeks. You'd die of starvation before that thing touches your head. Now if it was inches, then you would die in under a day.

There is this thing called bamboo torture when they strap you above a growing bamboo and wait until it grows through you.

This would be horrible just to watch AND listen to so imagine having to life (or die) though this!

7 Starving

This should be number one because you don't die from being buried alive, you'd die from dehydration, starvation, or running out of oxygen. Also why isn't dehydration on here? It's worse than most of these and happens before starvation.

My friend started doing that and I kept bringing her food and made her eat it I'm glad to this day she stopped starving herself

You can actually live 3 weeks to a month without food. You just need plenty of water.

It doesn't really hurt cause all you feel is hungry but its not that bad

8 Long Painful Illness

UMM this would be... sorta... HORRIBLE...
A slow long illness that you have had for years and then you die!
I would rather die instantly!

I'm ok besides the painful part. Smallpox is the worst, and most painful disease in the WORLD. You doe slowly and painfully, virtually exploding.

Dang that would hurt since it would be torture and then you just die

I nearly died of being SUPER sick, this is the worse sickness ; - ;

9 Having your skin torn off

Think about it! This shouldn't be #8. Sit there right now and try not to blink for twenty seconds. Now imagine, you still can't, and you never can again no matter how much your eyes burn. And you can't stand because the weight hurts too bad on your feet. But you can't lay down because the weight hurts too bad everywhere else. And you're freezing, but also burning, and are vomiting and everything else. This is the worst, beside a billion paper cuts slices through entire chunks of your body, just a half inch at a time, until too much of you has been cut off.

I did have a problem with my skin one time, and a lot of my skin peeled off ( this is a true story ) it was very painful, and it lasted for six mouths.

Torture at its finest and most gruesome. I'd rather be burned, drowned, buried, or even electrocuted than to see the fat layers beneath my skin while seeing it ripped from me. Nerve endings end up being severed, and someone once said that nerve damage is a 10 on the pain scale, where the scales from a 1 to 10, the latter being the maximum; childbirth is only an 8… Heck, give me the gasoline and the match, I'll die of carbon monoxide before one can flay me. Even watching someone cut pork skin makes me cringe, even though it's dead. Throw me off a plane, waterboard me, give me AIDS, but don't rip my face off. How would I blink even? There are so many reasons why being skinned alive is beyond my imagination in death, so I'll stop here.

You know this happens to people who are overweight or pregnant, and when pregnant or overweight, the baby or junk food pushes out the belly and stretches the skin til it rips.
Ever wonder why they have stretch marks? oh and they're still alive, but it sucks and is something they'll never forget.

10 Falling off the Empire State Building and landing on your balls

I agree, Celestius. Though out of all the parts of your body, it's rather unlikely you would land on THOSE...

That sounds funny, yet really painful a the same time...

Just hitting my balls with my legs accidentally makes me feel sick and I can't move or walk.

I'm a guy and this sucks. I've had my fair share of ball drops, boy does it hurt!

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11 Skinned alive

I searched this up and I literally threw up. I promise don't search this up. People are stupid to do this to animals. Why can't they just shave instead? A man had this happen to him once.

CRAP NO that's leather face getting your face ripped of and worn as a mask

Greer...Disgusting ripping face and skinned yr eyeball and choppe duo body into quarters and eat as sandwich...100% flossy grumpy gross breakfast lel

Awful can't imagine this happening to me it hurts to think about it

12 Listening to Justin Bieber

once our car was broken so it was stuck playing Hip-hop which was ok but then Justin Bieber started playing it was horrible my ears wanted to bleed and worse, it was at full volume so whenever we stopped at an intersection I had to tell everyone that I hate JB and that the radio was broken I would rather be kicked in the groin repeatedly until I die rather than listen to JB.

YES YES YES! THAT voice would kill a mouse. why because they are small, fast, annoying, and really hard to kill. If he is more annoying then that, then the god I don't be leave in better help me save me take my hearing away or gust plain out kill me now! O. o

This should be on 1,000 Ways To Die! This should be Number one. Everybody one earth should tell Justin this' Yo mammas so stupid she gave birth to you! No! Just looking at Justin Bieber makes you die just look at his HAIR!

For christ's sake. Stop with these idiotic parts in lists dissing Justin Bieber. For one, his new songs aren't all that bad. Two, you couldn't die from listening to this. Also, if someone killed you while listening to it, you probably already like JB!

13 Being crucified

Crucifixion is brutal. The Romans created it to torture and eventually kill the select person. Let me walk you through the process. First they beat you. Specifically lashing. Then they make you carry your cross to your death spot, beating you along the way. They either nailed or they tied you to a cross. Some people would last days on the Cross. If they want to make the process quicker they break you knees. The most gruesome death ever.

That's really bad. For you guys who don't know, they hammer nails into your hands and feet, then put you upright and let you hang by that. All while your naked, wearing a crown of thorns, and everyone you love is watching you starve/bleed out/die of thirst. Ouch.

You're pinned to a cross with your hands and feet nailed in, and that's it. You hang there until you die of starvation or something, which would take days. Thing is, there isn't a "fast" way to die in this situation.

It is not gods fault that he sent jesus out to be crucified. It was so that everyone could be forgiven for there sins. I belive in god so don't say anything mean.

14 Suffocate

I struggled between this and drowning. But ultimately I thought that this is the main problem with both drowning and being buried alive. You end up oxygen deprived and that's the thing that ultimately kills you.
I have been in a situation where I almost drowned and it's chilling. The other ways may be more painful but I would rather take the pain until I passed out than go through the sheer terror of your air running out.
Maybe you do end up light-headed and euphoric as the air runs out. But the seconds when you're reaching that tipping point are the most petrifying moments imaginable because you're so aware of it, there's nothing to divert your attention or focus on to take you out of it. At least with pain you have something substantial and physical to dwell on and intense pain can even make you wish for death.
Oxygen depletion is a whole other matter, it's the thing of nightmares and a whole other kind of pain.

I would love to suffocate I mean my life ain't important

It means to choke bad like strangled and drowning

It would be a lot like drowning

15 Raped and beaten to death

This sounds super horrible and twisted and it actually happens a lot in this world

This would be a bad way to end your life, bad memories in the sky and in the ground

If you survived this your life will never be the same again. It would be ruined.

Technicallly the worst way to die for a woman. First you harass her, then you kill her. That's wrong.

16 Watching your family being burned alive, then get burned but you live to be tortured for many years and then paralyzed and then get shot

I love my family I would give up everything for them but tortured for many years then get paralyzed and shot?Worst way to die I agree

I would absolutely hate to see my family in pain. To be honest, the thing that makes this really bad and the worst one for me, is seeing your family in pain. I would rather live to be tortured for many years than out my family through all of that suffering. Then again, this is my personal opinion.

It's not so much about the way I die, as the TORTURE! Just watching my family die would be enough to break me, but torturing me for years, now that's sick and twisted considering I was nearly BURNED TO DEATH!

Ugh... how is this not first? This is the most horrific thing I could think of! People would rather experience this than listen to Justin Bieber or die a virgin?

17 Alone

I feel like this is inevitable for me. Not because I want it to. I'm not asexual or stuff like that, I feel that this is inevitable because, well, no one is interested in me. I better get used to this idea

WELL... its not bad 1) cause you don't feel anything 2) No one has to see you 3) I would have my phone!
WELL... It is bad cause 1) no one is with you 2) you won't have a funeral 3) it would be really boring

This should be at the top spot because I can't think of a worse way to die than when you are alone, that's just terrible!

Not so much painful as it is emotional, I would at least call someone like in Magnolia and just talk until I die.

18 Chopped in half with a battle axe while your skin is shaved away with a rusty cheese grater

Is the person who thought of this crazy A RUSTY CHEESE GRATER? whats the difference between a new shiny grater? And you would not feel halve of it cause you are already dead... unless the person doing this to you wants to make you look UGLY for your funeral!

I believe you would die before they (who ever they are) get to the cheese grater! mostly because of the loss of blood and the fact that you were chopped in the head there for killing your brain! honestly it should be the other way round. Your skin getting shaved away then chopped in half! what do you think?
p.s cats rule!

So painful. I can't believe this isn't ranked higher. It seems to be one of the only ones with actual creative thought put into it.

Ouch! I mean, come on. Anyone fancy a pickle and grated skin sandwich? Thought not. And your really weird if you do. Get it?

19 Suicide

once I almost choked my self putting the shower rope thing around my neck but my parents took it off and I cried a lot for like a hour

People make there desisions either if they want to live life with depression, social anxiety, self harm or any other kind of mental disorder that may want the person to die, I do have to say its more horrible to family memebers or friends then to the person commiting the suicide.

It is easier to throw in the towel than to fight. Sometimes life hurts more than death

People! Suicide is th worst! For those who believe in God, they go to hell!

It would certainly be the worst if someone is in the state of mind where they think suicide is the only option. Very sad

20 Bleed to death

An injury to the femoral artery or brachial artery,followed by panicking, results in faster bleeding due to a higher heart rate, increasing your chance of death due to blood loss. I've heard about this in my Bio-10 class

I got hit like right on the eyebrow with a stick by a girl. And I was gushing blood she said it was an "accident" but really I don't think that it was.

Don't know what type of wound this would be but it depends on the area of impact and if it's a fast or slow bleed out.

Would you really feel it? I mean like you would feel dizzy but it would not hurt right!

21 Pooping in the shower and the poop clogs up the drain and water fills up the shower and you drown in a watery poo poo mess while watching Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Your kidding me? That is funny. I once pooped in the shower.

I can see why this is #27 why can't you open the shower door?!

No one would be that stupid to even poop in the shower


22 Electrified

Getting electrocuted sounds HORRIBLE! Think about it, almost anybody who has survived being struck by lightning described it as feeling like they got hit over the head with a sledgehammer! Or they say it is like one of those little static shocks you get when you touch a doorknob magnified hundreds of thousands of times! AH! Imagine your body becoming a FRIED CIRCUIT. OH. SNAP.

At least you wouldn't be able to feel anything, cause you'd be dead in a millionth of a second.

I’ve been shocked before and it feels like a thousand needles jabbing into your skin, multiply that by a million and you get this. How is this below Justin Bieber?!?

How is listening to Justin Bieber worse than this?

23 Burned Alive

That would be painful

It’s already here

24 Being bound to a flesh-eating ant nest in the nude and having to watch the ants eat you until they ate your eyes.

That is very bad and weird. I wonder who would do that? Those people who do that must be crazy. Would you do that? I would not, that is just torture. To the people that some people hate, that is just messed up.

Why just for those who touch women why not those who touch men as well we need gender equality here

This would be the best type of torture you could get any type of looking at your death is bad for me!

Can't you just kill the ants.

25 Shot

it doesn't really hurt but I should have just ended it right there and then I mean nobody wants me around so why does my life matter... I watched my 4 best friends shoot themselves because of bullying

Depends. If it's a headshot then you'll die so quick you won't even feel or hear anything. A heart shot is also quick but not instantaneous, meaning it still hurts. But anywhere else would suuck.

Getting shot in the stomach or the waist is said to be one of the most painful and slow ways to die

Head shot is quick, the heart is too but anywhere else will hurt like hell.

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