Worst Ways to Die

The Top Ten Worst Ways to Die

1 Buried Alive

It's dark, you can't move, you're running out of air, and no one can save you, because no one knows you're there. Creepy - TwinsFan11092

*come on people, its not THAT horrible. *shudders*. on second thought, it is.

No food, no water, dark, cramped, limited air, nothing to end it quicker besides abusing the air, nothing to save you, no one to save you, and your only way out is near impossible. - Qryx

Once I went caving (for those who don't know it is when you explore caves) and I was crouching down because the ceiling was only like 2 or 3 feet high, then we came to this little hole in the ground, and I was laying on my stomach to get a close-up look at it, and I lost my grip and slid head-first into this tiny little hole. I couldn't move my arms, and couldn't see anything... After about 10 or 15 minutes people pulled me out but, sheesh... Scariest moment of my life for sure

2 Burning

Don't be stupid

Enough with the stupid Justin Bieber and virgin jokes.
This is indeed the worst way you can die, it is slow and extremely painful, come on guys this is much worse than dying a virgin.

All I can say about being burned alive is... HOLY CRAP THAT WOULD HURT! - HorsebackCheerleadingGirl

This would be the last way I'd want to die. And also, WHY CAN I NOT FIND A NEGATIVE LIST WITHOUT POOR JUSTIN BIEBER ON IT! I mean come on people. I am literally liking every single comment that is agreeing with me. Like bruh. WE KNOW OKAY!? It's okay to not like his songs but seriously? Can we please not bully him!? Yes, it's bullying people! AND I AM NOT LIKING IT!

3 Torture

They're literally trying to inflict as much pain on you as possible before death. Burning, and drowning are both types of torture. - ThePursuer78

Extended torture is so harmful not only to the body but to the mind that many who had suffered from it had their brains physically shrink in size. A person can last months or even years this way. Death would be the most merciful part of such a terrible way to go.

Pain and terror will slowly consume you. Hundreds of thousands of ways for it to happen including over half of this list. Could use your worst nightmares against you.

I almost thought it said tortoise.
Now I imagine a tortoise eating my organs.

4 Drowning

Drowning is undoubtedly the most painful on this list. Number one isn't bad because it's fiction. Number two isn't bad because once I'm dead I won't care. Number three I could just sleep through. Number four would be quick and easy for me and gruesome for the poor guy who had to clean it up. Number five would be quick and easy. Number six isn't that bad.

I think drowning is the worst I would rather be tortured for years before I die than drown I've almost drowned once and it's the scariest thing out there your deep under water no one can hear your screams for help and it you do scream your wasting air that's keeping you alive and you don't know where your at and all you can think about is oh my god I'm going to die

I think this one is the most painful of all. There other ones are kind of a joke. Except burning. I think burning and drowning are THE WORST, but drowning is like REALLY painful. Just experiencing it, not really drowning, is enough!

I already got close to dying this way in a rafting accident a few months ago. It was the most terrifying, powerful experience in my entire life. Hold your breath for as long as you can to right before the point of falling unconscious, then tell me about how you felt at that point. Just horrible. - PinkflASHES

5 Trapped under ice

Flametail's death (Warrior cats)

Screaming (screaming) I'm trapped under ice! (A one for all you Metallica fans) - IronSabbathPriest

More horrifying than being buried alive, because you can see the world thru the ice, but can't get out to it. Plus, in your panic, you loose sight of were the hole in the ice is and you begin to drown from the shock.

Freezing, can't move at all
Screaming, can't hear my call
I am dying to live
Cry out, I'm trapped under ice - Soader36

6 Be strapped down so you can't move. Then, have a 1 foot nail start from a foot above your head, and go down a millimeter every hour until it goes through your forehead

There is this thing called bamboo torture when they strap you above a growing bamboo and wait until it grows through you.

Don't even talk bout it

There are 304.8 millimeters in a foot and 304.8 hours is 12.7 days so it would take 12.7 days to die which is way too long of a time. - DrayTopTens

Realistically, you'd be laying there for two and a half weeks. You'd die of starvation before that thing touches your head. Now if it was inches, then you would die in under a day. - JamesBourne

Your torture would probably take care of you to keep you from dying earlier. Also, it wouldn't need to go all the way through your head. Only deep enough to kill you. I don't know if that's what you meant but anyway. - KilljoyWithAPen

7 Starving

not for me

Well, starving to death is very rare...

This should be number one because you don't die from being buried alive, you'd die from dehydration, starvation, or running out of oxygen. Also why isn't dehydration on here? It's worse than most of these and happens before starvation.

I can barely survive a day without eating breakfast! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

8 Long Painful Illness

I nearly died of being SUPER sick, this is the worse sickness ; - ;

Flesh eating bacteria? Ebola? Cholera? Bubonic plague?

Dang that would hurt since it would be torture and then you just die

I have cancer.

9 Having your skin torn off

Having your skin torn of I imagine is pretty god damn painful, so for me its one of the most painful ways to die

Think about it! This shouldn't be #8. Sit there right now and try not to blink for twenty seconds. Now imagine, you still can't, and you never can again no matter how much your eyes burn. And you can't stand because the weight hurts too bad oioin your feet. But you can't lay down because the weight hurts too bad everywhere else. And you're freezing, but also burning, and are vomiting and everything else. This is the worst, beside a billion papercuts slices through entire chunks of your body, just a half inch at a time, until too much of you has been cut off.

This would be HORRIBLE I would rather do anything else then that! It would hurt so much oh god never ever!

You know this happens to people who are overweight or pregnant, and when pregnant or overweight, the baby or junk food pushes out the belly and stretches the skin til it rips.
Ever wonder why they have stretch marks? oh and they're still alive, but it sucks and is something they'll never forget.

10 Falling off the Empire State Building and landing on your balls

That sounds funny, yet really painful a the same time... - Celestius

Boy be like:
-salute to the balls-

That will totally hurt dude laugh out loud but no really... And I'm a girl! :O

I’d probably risk my butt not my balls but this is just nuts hahaa get it

The Contenders

11 Skinned alive

With what..?

This one hurts - ElSherlock

I searched this up and I literally threw up. I promise don't search this up. People are stupid to do this to animals. Why can't they just shave instead? A man had this happen to him once.

CRAP NO that's leather face getting your face ripped of and worn as a mask

12 Listening to Justin Bieber

NO I'd rather be buried alive than listening to that piece of... I'd like to die in war, trying to defend my country...

Id rather take a shotgun to the face and a nuke to the kiwis than to listen to JB's tourtureous muisic

This is the worst way to die by far, if I go to hell then the Devil will have this one in store for me in purgatory

I totally agree with number 12 becuase his voice is bloody earape and his songs are worse than someone trying to sing when they have no teeth.

13 Being crucified

They would nail you to a cross and then drive a nail through your throat

Like literraly why is this not 1! Judas commited suicide after seeing this!

You're pinned to a cross with your hands and feet nailed in, and that's it. You hang there until you die of starvation or something, which would take days. Thing is, there isn't a "fast" way to die in this situation. - Qryx

That's really bad. For you guys who don't know, they hammer nails into your hands and feet, then put you upright and let you hang by that. All while your naked, wearing a crown of thorns, and everyone you love is watching you starve/bleed out/die of thirst. Ouch.

14 Watching your family being burned alive, then get burned but you live to be tortured for many years and then paralyzed and then get shot

This is the most random way to die
I've ever heard whoever thought this up clearly has a twisted mind.

I would absolutely hate to see my family in pain. To be honest, the thing that makes this really bad and the worst one for me, is seeing your family in pain. I would rather live to be tortured for many years than out my family through all of that suffering. Then again, this is my personal opinion.

It's not so much about the way I die, as the TORTURE! Just watching my family die would be enough to break me, but torturing me for years, now that's sick and twisted considering I was nearly BURNED TO DEATH!

That's twisted, if my family was burned alive in front of me I wouldn't even make it to the torture I would die with my family voluntarily even if I lived I would think I deserved it for letting my family die and not dying with them

15 Raped and beaten to death

This would really suck to die this way. - Turkeyasylum

This sounds super horrible and twisted and it actually happens a lot in this world

This would be a bad way to end your life, bad memories in the sky and in the ground

If you survived this your life will never be the same again. It would be ruined.

16 Alone

This should be at the top spot because I can't think of a worse way to die than when you are alone, that's just terrible! - Blazers

I feel like this is inevitable for me. Not because I want it to. I'm not asexual or stuff like that, I feel that this is inevitable because, well, no one is interested in me. I better get used to this idea - SpectralOwl

Not so much painful as it is emotional, I would at least call someone like in Magnolia and just talk until I die. - Drewstar

that would just be the worst... - JohnnyTheBird

17 Chopped in half with a battle axe while your skin is shaved away with a rusty cheese grater

So painful. I can't believe this isn't ranked higher. It seems to be one of the only ones with actual creative thought put into it.

Ouch! I mean, come on. Anyone fancy a pickle and grated skin sandwich? Thought not. And your really weird if you do. Get it?

This should be number 1 I mean how can you not think get your skin taken off with a rusty cheese grater is not bad or painful

Is the person who thought of this crazy A RUSTY CHEESE GRATER? whats the difference between a new shiny grater? And you would not feel halve of it cause you are already dead... unless the person doing this to you wants to make you look UGLY for your funeral!

18 Pooping in the shower and the poop clogs up the drain and water fills up the shower and you drown in a watery poo poo mess while watching Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Laugh out loud! Clogged Shower? Watery poo poo mess? WATCHING FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM?! THIS IS FUNNY!

The fact that this is an item on the list on this site doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the fact that this is in the top 20 - SpectralOwl

Funny as hell. LOL. I voted for this.

Your kidding me? That is funny. I once pooped in the shower.

19 Bleed to death

I only bleed once, luckily the doctor gave me a bandage and I didn’t die

Don't know what type of wound this would be but it depends on the area of impact and if it's a fast or slow bleed out.

I got hit like right on the eyebrow with a stick by a girl. And I was gushing blood she said it was an "accident" but really I don't think that it was.

NO WAY! The EXACT same thing happened to me except I was hit by some guy with a stick. When was this anyway? - BLAZEDAFOX

I don't think it would be that painful because you would most likely be in shock

20 Suffocate

It would be a lot like drowning - DrayTopTens

It means to choke bad like strangled and drowning

Actually it kinda is

Its slow and painful

21 Suicide

You have no idea what you are talking about. Walk a mile in another persons shoes. Then decide, don't judge something you don't understand... The human experience.

I would rather prefer to kill myself before someone else tries to kill me

This is definitely the worst way... If you don't like your life, there is always a way to make it better..

Step in someone else's shoes for once in your life and think how the behind the seen is, life isn't worth living after a point, or you think you don't deserve to live

22 Electrified

I’ve been shocked before and it feels like a thousand needles jabbing into your skin, multiply that by a million and you get this. How is this below Justin Bieber?!?

Getting electrocuted sounds HORRIBLE! Think about it, almost anybody who has survived being struck by lightning described it as feeling like they got hit over the head with a sledgehammer! Or they say it is like one of those little static shocks you get when you touch a doorknob magnified hundreds of thousands of times! AH! Imagine your body becoming a FRIED CIRCUIT. OH. SNAP.

At least you wouldn't be able to feel anything, cause you'd be dead in a millionth of a second.

Lele Pons got electrified to death on escape the night

23 Being bound to a flesh-eating ant nest in the nude and having to watch the ants eat you until they ate your eyes.

Why just for those who touch women why not those who touch men as well we need gender equality here

This is best punishment for those who rapes women and disrespects women safety.
Its better if ants starts with their private parts.

That is very bad and weird. I wonder who would do that? Those people who do that must be crazy. Would you do that. I would not. That is just torcher. To the people that some people hate. That is just messed up

This would be the best type of torture you could get any type of looking at your death is bad for me!

24 Shot

Depends. If it's a headshot then you'll die so quick you won't even feel or hear anything. A heart shot is also quick but not instantaneous, meaning it still hurts. But anywhere else would suuck. - Qryx

Why the hell are guns invented then...

Head shot is quick, the heart is too but anywhere else will hurt like hell.

Getting shot in the stomach or the waist is said to be one of the most painful and slow ways to die

25 While having sex

This is so idiotic! If you're going to go you should at least go doing what you feels so good.

Oh, and if it hurts, you're probably doing it wrong.

Laugh out loud I don't want to die that way I love sex too much

You’re the supposed to have fun... but sometimes you should risk it

Ya this will never happen (thank god) because I'm setting a good example for my kids ( aka I'm adopting, I'm not an idiot)

26 Being stuck in a glass block that is 138 degrees while wearing winter clothes...... A hot and sweaty death

Woah, that's hot... And with WINTER CLOTHES? It's be worse if the block was black... - Turkeyasylum

OH GOD before you even step into a box you would melt with this heat!

27 Getting Round-house kicked by Chuck Norris

The only thing worse would be if Bruce Lee asked to fight you. It would be worse than a Mortal Kombat showdown. The only reason he died is because Earthlings were too weak for him, so now he's giving demons and angels a beat down. God decided he needed a bodyguard.

Medical Dictionaries say that once your brain recognises your about to cop a chuck norris round house to the head, it purges down through the entire body and exits out the anus. - GhostDarkon

Ow that kick would have destroyed you completely.

There is nothing more awesome than that

28 Eaten by a shark

Truthfully, the shark would only attack because it believes the person is a seal, then, once they realise their mistake, they leave the person alone

The only reason this is bad, is because not many people die from it, and you get embarrassed.

Seriously how is that number 1? I think even just dying is worse the not being saved by jesus are you kidding me?

You swim in Florida peacefully with your girlfriend. 10 minutes later... A shark sneaks off quietly behind your backs and eat both of you. - njalabi63989

29 Laughing at a joke so much you choke

It is such a sad and sudden way to die. I'd hate it.

I nearly did that once, and it was an absolutely terrifying experience. Not really, and I'm just going to keep on typing to fill up the Quality bar.

You choke but there would be a friend or a family member of yours or even a kind lady walking past you and see you choke. They would help you

Almost done that. But then you keep laughing because you choked. LOL

30 Getting Sucked Into a Jet Engine

Rip gary (lost series joke)

Man this would be terrible pain when every part of your body gets sliced up

31 Stuck inside wet cement

Dig your way out that would save up

Just what

32 In a gas chamber.

Der Fuehrer is watching you...

I did Nazi that coming Anne frankly I don't care.

I have been in th gas chambe before. AND IT HURTS. IT STINGS

Oh that would suck

33 Stabbed in the back with a carrot

HAHA! A snowman pops out of nowhere takes off his nose and decides to stab you with it. Then he takes your nose off and keeps it for himself! Throws a few yellow snowballs at your dead body and skips away to Vatican City!

I have a "one thing theory" like if you were going to hear a recording, when you woke up, of everything that would be said to you, then you would hear one thing that makes you go "WTF!? " For me it's usually something like "I perform in a band of pirates." Thank you. "Stabbed
in the back with a carrot" is my one thing for today. - Trivium

Your being killed by something that's nutritious if this happened my mom would never make me eat another vegetable

That happened to my cousin

34 Getting eaten by a Sarlacc

Seems legit

Just imagine boba fet still in there...

35 While on a toilet

Wait what? - andrewteel

I don't get this. How does someone die on a toilet. LOL!

This is where elvis died, and it was because of drugs not body fluids

Cancer is the answer my friend

36 Plane Accident

Probably the most horrible way to go because car accidents you can survive but if your plane is about to crash can either pray for a miracle or wait for your doom. If you survive a plane crash, then you would be extremely lucky. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My biggest fear is dying because of a plane crash

It's so horrible and scary

Ding dang ow boom

37 Locked in a hot tub

It would be like drowning in 100+ degree Fahrenheit water. I would be scared, and the hot tubs have chemicals in them. Swallowing too much water can kill you. You would get claustrophobic, and run out of breath. By far one of the worst ways to die. - Turkeyasylum

How does one get locked in a hot tub?

Wow... That would be slow and painful, the body loses energy in this situation

38 Listening to any song by Ann Wilson of Heart




I literally have NO idea who that guys is! sorry!
p.s cats rule!

39 Bludgeoned to death

Just like the death of a 1000 cuts.

Yes, 100 cuts to the body without hitting a vein. Slow painfull death


40 Flaying

Theon Greyjoy would agree

"A naked man has few secrets, but a flayed man has none."

- Roose Bolton

41 Snake bite

That would hurt so much but probably would not die probably just would hurt that would be it.

Anti-poison medicine

42 Being Cremated In Your Oven

Oh noes - Cesium

43 While typing in TheTopTens

Yeah, like that will ever ha - Stargazer518

Hello. I'm VoteBotingSucks. I am the idiot who puts this on the list and I hope I'm dead right no...

Why did yo

What that isn't going to hap... - DrayTopTens

44 Getting trapped in a disgusting porta potty at a burrito eating contest. The port potty rolls down a hill and lands in a land fill. It is in the desert. You slowly die from thirst, heat, and horrible smells.

I would say this has a 00.01 chance of happening

Ya that probably wouldn't happen

I know someone that this happened to! -said no one ever - PythonProgrammer23

That would be so disgusting.

45 Bomb Explosion

Terrible, just horrible. You burn and it takes forever to get medical attention.

Hope it's not a nuke

46 Hacked to death by ax or machete

My grandma has a Machete under her couch. Yeah she's got issues

Jason, I told you about that!


47 Getting pushed into a volcano
48 Listening to Panic! at the Disco

What panic! At the disco is awesome!

Also dying doing what I love! - Cesium

Yes, YES! I hate Panic at The Disco! They always blend their lyrics into one sentence and it always sounds crappy!

Oh good God... This should be on "1000 Ways to Die" Ya know what would be worse... listening to Protest the Hero. ugh - fireinside96

49 Being eaten alive

Yeah a lot worse! - andrewteel

Tasty human. Best with pinecones

That would be awful - NicholasYellow

The lizard mutts..


Guys this is totally the worst! You fall for about ten minutes, but for the first eight minutes you black out. Just imagine falling to your death not knowing when it will come, but not being able to do anything about it?

Freddie Mercury...

Yeah this is the worst and I agree with you

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