Things You Do That You Would Never Admit To

No sex-related or x-rated items, please - items that fall in that category will not be added to the list...
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1 You like a person but you are insisting that you hate him or her

Yes, that is going to make the person hate you when you admit you like them.

I hate and like them.

Ya that sucks.

2 Don't wash hands after using the public restroom
3 You drop food on the floor but eat it anyway

One time at lunch, my friend Sydney droped a half eaten oreo on the floor, and before she could pick it up I ate it.

I dropped a mike and ike on the patio, then ate it 2 minutes later. I'm fine!

Do that all the time. And I don't care either!

I haven't done this in the past decade.

4 You lied

Obviously. You don't need to be a detective to know when I lie. I'm a terrible liar.

For some reason, I am a master lier, not that I do it a lot, but I'm really good at it...

I am the worst liar of all time a beetle can figure out if I lied.

Haven't we all?

5 You masturbate

Of course I masturbate. Anyone who says they don't is a liar. It's not a bad thing. It's actually really good for mental health.

I knew this would be on here.

6 Afraid to swim

Not exactly "afraid", more like I can only doggie-paddle so I try to avoid swimming because of how terrible I am at swimming. I'm a worse swimmer than liar, which is saying a lot.

I'm not really afraid to dive into a pool and swim. All that scares me is if I lose my shorts.

Must admit, the sea scares me and if I ever got cramp whilst swimming, then I'd pretty much be own'd.

I'm black. That's the end of my sentence

7 You sucked your own blood from a cut

I did it a lot when I was in 5th and 6th grade (US schooling, so I was about 10-12 years old). I once had a cut on my finger from carving pumpkins with butcher knives (that one was not my idea there), and I was a little stressed too, so I ended up sucking/biting my thumb. That was the start of a "weird" habit, I still do that and I'll be going into 9th grade soon lol.

Well, I didn't consume it like a vampire, but it kind of is my natural reaction to suck on the cut.

I got to the point of taking a swab of blood from my classmates face and...

WHy is this gross? Its really your own blood! there is nothing gross about this.

8 You imagine that you have sex with your crush

Oh My Gosh I felt so guilty I thought it I was like "what's wrong with Mimi?" but guess some do it too?

"No sex-related or x-rated items" - this list is full of them.
But some of these...I relate

That would be fun

9 You are gay

The only reason people hide their sexuality is because in many places, they could be killed. Before you ask, yes, I am gay. I'm not. My compass is towards girls.

10 You have a nickname

Well, yes, but I didn't WANT it. My sister just refused to call me by my name since I was a newborn.

I'm not admitting it.

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11 You pick your nose

And eat it too. What? I always thought it was an immune system power up!

Everyone does that!

12 I farted

I always admit to this

13 You are broke

In more than one sense, yes, I'm broke. (Actually, in the financial sense, I'm anything but broke, but my parents never trusted me with my own bank account, so it only LOOKS like I have two dollars.)

14 Watching pornographic films
15 Addicted to sex

Why would you not tell people that? You never know when you might run onto another sex addict. Then bam! You got yourself a good time. Plus it's better than being addicted to crack.

16 You pee in the shower

My whole family does this, not just me!

I only pee in the shower

At least you save water.

17 Liking a pop song

I like Pop Rock, but not Pop. Two very different things.

I like a lot of pop songs!

18 Not only read, but BUY magazines like the National Enquirer
19 You think a lot in the shower

I feel confident in the shower. I feel as if I'm prettier with my hair wet (which other people have said to me tbh), I feel like less of a "slob" (hormones are wack and I get judged for that), and I feel like I can love myself in general.

Late up in the morning late at night, don't even matter what time it is

20 You eat a quart of ice cream every night before you go to bed

I would if I could...

Honestly, yhou cannot understand why so many people seem to think this is so excessive, so you only do it when you are home alone

21 Crying

I'd never admit when I'm crying. I'd never cry in a public place. I'm just to embarrassed

22 You help yourself to things you need or want at work, or you use the office equipment to take care of personal business

You know what I mean - making photocopies of your tax return at work, or creating your birthday par4ty inviutations on your work computer and making copies of the invitation on their copy machine...

23 If you were trying to sell your car, you would not admit to all the things wrong with it
24 Being scared of spiders

My friend keeps picking up spiders at school. It creeps me out. The one stayed on his arm all day. *Shudders*

Oh my gosh, I am SO freaked out of spiders. I'll evem freak out in theres a little, tiny, baby one.

This person is me

25 You eat the rest of your dinner out of the togo box while you are driving home from the restaurant
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