Top 10 Worst Things Ever

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1 War

War is started by people in power, and they put regular people in danger, not themselves.

The horrible things that happen to people because of war are what make this the worst thing to ever exist.

War is simply part of human nature. It is one of human nature's instincts for one group or individual to will their dominance over another. World peace can never be attained because of our primitive instincts that are not peaceful whatsoever.

If you read Lord of the Flies, which is a truly powerful novel, you will find out that the quest for order is much harder than it seems, and that chaos and savagery can occur under quite extreme yet primal conditions. I understand that people cringe at the thought of war, but it's okay, for war is a natural and primitive thing.

And no, people who fight in wars are not all innocent. They fight for nationalism, for pride, and for a cause in their lives (which is another theme in Lord of the Flies, the loss of innocence). For all those who think of world peace, world love, and no hunger, they are wishful morons who don't see reality correctly. See reality through the eyes of our ancestors, the mistakes they made, and don't cringe and whine that it must end due to us living in a seemingly war-free society. Those who dissent against war are right in theory, but war is truly an unmistakable part of our existence.

2 Death

Death wouldn't be so bad if dying wasn't involved. Death isn't just a one-time personal experience. We see it and feel it often throughout our lives. Whether death comes in the form of the first time you crushed an insect or in the form of someone you know passing away, we create some kind of understanding of what death means without fully comprehending it.

Death can be ignored, but its effects can never be completely avoided. Yes, death is "the worst thing ever" because we're dying.

A few months back, I lost my mom due to cancer. She had a drug and alcohol problem and always tried to run from her problems as if they meant nothing. My dad and older sister cried for two weeks and still haven't gotten over her death.

I cried for two days and tried to hide my feelings. I knew wherever she was, she was watching over me, helping me along my journey, and that however hard things in the future were going to be, she would be right there beside me.

3 Murder

I hate murderers. They freak me out. I honestly don't understand why they do it. My mom and dad say it's because they have brain issues, but that's not always the case.

Sometimes they do it for money. Sometimes they do it just because. There are many reasons. Other than brain issues, I honestly have no idea why they kill people for money, just because, jewelry, etc.

I wish planet Earth wouldn't have murderers or killers or racism or anything like that. But I honestly think that will never ever happen.

Why would a human being ever kill another? It doesn't make sense, and if you do, you probably are an insane sadistic loser who enjoys watching people suffer!

Also, how could a human be able to not be affected by such guilt?! Just feeling that much guilt would make me have a heart attack!

4 Hell

Hell is the worst thing forever. Nothing is worse than Hell. I believe in Jesus Christ forever. Jesus Christ is the best forever. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God forever. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved.

I am written in the Lamb's Book of Life because I believe in Jesus Christ. I pray that everyone will be written in the Lamb's Book of Life. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Hell is the worst thing. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved. If you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins, you will be saved.

I will go to Heaven because I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. It is also a fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. God is the best.

5 Terrorism

Terrorism happens because of people who don't agree with other societies' and cultures' ways of life. It's killing people because of your prejudices, right there with racism but on a higher scale.

Before I say anything, anyone who says 9/11 is just a conspiracy is wrong. It killed thousands of people and almost killed even more people for no reason.

Because of angry terrorists, we have this abomination that changed the USA. This is sad and very serious. 9/11 will go down in history, which it already has.

9/11 changed America more than some think. It showed us that we are not safe. That we should be scared. That innocent people who thought, or their ancestors did, that they would be safe within our boundaries can be killed by some "freedom fighters." It was a terrible, terrible thing to happen.

6 Cancer

I don't know why death is above cancer. Yes, everyone knows it can be cured. But the thing is, it gives a lot of torture, not only to its victims but also to people who watch them.

When I see a cancer patient, I always cry and ask myself why there is something like cancer. It gives terrible pain to victims for a long time, and they have a huge chance of death. Just terrible.

Cancer is by far the most horrible disease known to our race, other than very rare diseases that very few people have been diagnosed with. I can already imagine myself committing suicide if I ever get diagnosed with it.

7 Sickness and Disease

This is the worst of the worst right here! I was just sick a week ago, and it is a major inconvenience to be sick. Whether it is a respiratory virus like the cold, the flu, or even bronchitis, or a stomach virus like the stomach bug or nausea, it is just horrible.

Not only do you feel like complete crap, but you also can't do anything. Coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, chest congestion, fever, headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting - it's horrible! You have to douse everything in bleach and disinfectant cleaner afterward, and you might miss a spot too.

How can you even like being sick in the slightest?

8 The Devil / Satan / Lucifer

The last person who said they worship Satan, you are doing WRONG! That's the truth. No other way around it. This is the WORST one here. Also, technically, they voted for the Devil because the only way to comment is by voting.

If you believe in him, he is the source of all evil. God gave all of his creations free will, and the devil abused it to an unimaginable degree, tempting humans to do the same. This is not to say humans don't do evil things by their own free will, but this defective world only exists as it is because of the devil's initial abuse of his free will and his attempt to overthrow God.

If you don't believe in him, as a concept, he is still the embodiment of evil and would be the worst thing ever.

9 Rape

That is absolutely the worst type of torture in my opinion! You aren't bleeding or getting cut, but it probably makes you feel dirty and extremely mad at the universe! You will live the rest of your life feeling disgusted and anxious!

You would probably want to die because of one or more stupid people who deserve to be torn apart and punished in hell. And even worse, this stuff usually happens to female people! Argh, I want to destroy all rapists!

It's horrible! What happens if they impregnate you? You're having a baby, and you won't have any help to take care of it. War is #1, but without war, the US wouldn't be a thing.

10 Racism

All because they don't look like you. I say racists belong in mental wards, as does any other hateful person discriminating against any other minority.

Racism is absolutely terrible! Please, no one discriminate against others just because of their race, color, or background. It is something that no one can control, and everyone is different.

What is the problem with the idiotic nuns and racists? I mean, that's as cruel as possible! Racists think they're better. Well, I'd say people like Hitler deserve to be in Hell, if not worse!

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11 Animal Abuse

I absolutely hate anyone who abuses animals. If people kill animals for the purpose of survival, then that's fine, as it's how some people survive. However, people who torture animals for any other reason are just inhumane, the same goes for those abusing other people.

What's even worse is that animals can't articulate that they're being abused or tortured, unlike humans. There is one infamous festival in the Chinese city of Yulin where people kill and eat dogs to celebrate the summer solstice. Over 10,000 dogs are killed in each festival. Many celebrities have spoken out against this, both in China and in other places, and protests have been rallied.

I advise against looking it up. Don't even search for the name of the city. If you do, proceed at your own risk. The pictures are just heart-shattering. Please, end animal abuse.

12 Pain and Injury

A lot of people will upvote this because they know what it feels like to get a cut or break a bone, and so on and so forth. But there is so much more. Pain is that feeling in your throat that makes you want to throw up. Pain is always being paranoid or anxious.

Pain is telling people "I'm fine" because they will never understand what is going on or what is happening to you. Pain is racism, sexism, and homophobia. It's falling into a category - be it Black, Hispanic, female, gender-neutral, gay, bisexual, or something similar - and feeling pressures build up on you.

Pain is depression and wearing sleeves 24/7 to hide self-inflicted wounds. Pain is losing someone or something, especially those of important value. Pain is knowing that, because of societal issues, tragedies occur like hospitals being bombed, resulting in hundreds of casualties.

Pain is watching loved ones pass away in front of their children and grandchildren. Pain is experiencing nausea. Pain is harboring suicidal thoughts. Pain is going through a breakup or similar scenarios where you know you won't be loved by someone. Pain is knowing you will never be loved by them. Pain is scenarios that prevent you from doing what you want.

I have experienced so much, even coming from a good family. My mind was the problem. This should be so much higher on the list. - Anna

13 Poverty

Imagine seeing poor, little kids suffer, and adults as well. Would you want to see this and leave them like that? Nope! I would help them and make sure they have enough food, medicine, and water.

I dislike school quite a bit, but poverty is absolutely worse.

An extremely hard situation and often inescapable.

14 Bullying

One of the worst things that can happen to you in school is being bullied. I experienced this three years ago. I was so sad, depressed, and hopeless throughout that year and even considered suicide. Thankfully, things got better, and it's okay now. Bullies are monsters! They can potentially ruin your life.

I recommend you watch the Disney movie "Z-O-M-B-I-E-S." Some may say it's for kids, but I'm 14, and I absolutely love it. It conveys an important message for children. It shows that bullying is not cool, that it's okay to be different or to like different things, and that you should never bully someone. The film also emphasizes that you should not change yourself for these people and should stay true to who you are. I'm absolutely in love with this movie. It teaches great lessons.

15 Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the gateway to bullying and eventually future serial killing.

Get this to the top 10! I hate abusers so much! They deserve to die!

I've been abused by my parents. They would lock me up in a cage.

16 Torture

It's very painful, and they do it for stupid reasons. Here are some tortures: Crucifixion, The wheel, The tub, Drawn & Quartered, The rack, etc.

Torture plus pain times one hundred using Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally is death. So that is why pain and torture are under death.

There is always a better way to attain information. Always.

17 Pedophilia

Better check the age of consent laws in your state or country. It is probably lower than you think.

Should be higher! What can be more disgusting than having sex with a child!

Isn't it proven that pedophilia is legitimately a mental illness?

18 Child Abuse

Some adults say things like, Adults are better than children because they're bigger, or children are bad because they're not established enough. Really? Just because children are smaller and younger doesn't mean they're worse. Adults, be nice to children.

Hey, I'm a child, and you were once. Without children, you wouldn't exist.

Making fun of shows and yelling at me is abuse!

19 Hatred
20 Heartbreak

I'd absolutely HAVE to say heartbreak! Death is just a transition, as scary as it is, but heartbreak is terrible!

You won't know if you're dead, and pain will eventually go away. But heartbreak will always be there.

I have it all the time. I'm the most cheated-on person in the school. Yet, I'm naive enough to want another boyfriend. I'm stupid.

21 Sexism

There are many types of sexism that I hate:

"I have a crush on that girl." "Who doesn't?"
Uh, me. I'm a girl and I'm not lesbian.

"How to look good for your girlfriend:"
What if girls are looking at that?! Not everyone has a girlfriend!

"Never punch a girl."
How is punching girls any worse than punching guys?!

"Here are some of the greatest things: chocolate, baths, girls, etc."
Excuse me?! We girls are not things, we are one of two sexes, and the opposite sex from boys. We can't be on the list of the greatest things! We aren't even attractive!

22 Anxiety

As someone who suffers from social anxiety, you can never fully understand how it feels unless you have it. Even then, everyone's anxiety symptoms are different.

I've lived with it all my life. I'm surprised it took me until 2016 to finally get a diagnosis when it should've been obvious way before then.

You actually don't know how bad this is. You can't sleep at night, and you worry about stuff like a runny nose. I live with this, and it's TERRIBLE!

23 Suicide

Can people stop acting like those committing suicide are at fault? Depression and bullying can absolutely contribute to a person having suicidal thoughts. You don't want people to kill themselves? Be a little kinder to them.

24 Global Warming

This could be the end of our planet. Why isn't it higher?

25 Cannibalism

So, Pokémon, Peach, and WoW being added is worse?

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