Encyclopedia Dramatica


Why is Facebook above this site? Sure, Facebook has been used as a kingpin for cyberbullying, but nothing says bullying other than Encyclopedia. They are not a site focused on actual internet feuds that count as "drama", but rather discrimination, sexism, sectarianism and false hatred. It's one of those sites that's so horrid, you actually laugh at the stupidity.

That, and the fact that saying the truth leads to being banned. Avoid this site at all costs, you're better off looking at how awful Tumblr or Twitter have been instead of here. - Swellow

If you're looking for tasteless shock humor, annoying links to adult websites, and computer viruses, then this is the site for you. I stumbled on this website by complete accident trying to find information about a somewhat obscure YouTuber. I clicked on the page thinking it was just a wiki or blog-type page. Boy was I wrong. All I got were some insanely unfunny jokes about how "autistic" the YouTuber was. I clicked out the second I saw an advertisement for an NSFW website. A few moments later, my anti-virus software told me my computer was at risk! So yeah, don't go to this website, EVER!

Whenever it has an article on a real person, it mentions their mailing address and where they live.. That is not acceptable and ED is trying to invade that person's privacy as much as possible. Do not let this happen to any of us.

It is not funny, not a joke. ED is a breeding ground for cyberbullies. That site should be banned and erased from the Internet, completely.

Needlessly insulting innocent people behind their backs, using autistic and other conditions as an insult, and breed trolls like bunnies! And you know what? As icing on the cake, leave it idling and it WILL try to infect your computer with a virus. If the guy below is telling the truth and the site had been taken down, good riddance! - GraphiteTail

I'm so glad it got removed. It will not be missed.

Trolling websites should just burn. They only exist to torture people in unfunny ways and they are the kind of people that count suicides as victories.

As a victim of the site and its unscrupulous and evil ways, I'd like to point out that this site is nothing but trouble - they claim it's satirical but it promotes a variety of horrible things including stalking, trolling/cyberbullying, child pornography, racism and the like. Also the people on the forum itself are pure evil incarnate, the admins are complete asses. I got an email from the staff and they expected me to do a video about how great the website is... they wanted me to flat out lie. And even worse, they wanted me to call their owner handsome. *shudder*

Encyclopedia dramatica SUCKS because it makes fun of people with disabilities and gives your computer a virus

I aboutsly hate this site. I made a promise NOT to go to the site ever again because its full of lies

This site is actually supposed to be satirical, it's just kinda hard to distinguish whether or not they're actually serious (I guess that's the charm of ED). Some of the articles are somewhat entertaining, but their humor is kinda boring. - Mochi

Uncyclopedia is much better than this piece of internet trash.

Join me so we can shut down this satanic website!

This website is horrible. They even bashed TheTopTens and popular users on there. - Powerfulgirl10

I really hope the person who made this website is dead

They say Urban Dictionary is for trolls. They obviously never visited Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Website full of lowlifes who have no friends and don't have a sense of humor, this website needs to be banned.

Was this website made by a sadist?

Haha, bunch of triggered snowflakes here. Read what they said about this site because it's 100% true

They seriously should slowly die in prison - AgentofAnarchy

Encyclopedia Dramatica is for trolls.

The only pages in there that were actually good were the ones on CuteYandereNeko, Juliana Wetmore and Donald Trump. the other ones are offensive, and people with autism are usually very smart, and they don't randomly spin around naked. I'm autistic and I read the word "questionable" when I was 3

I agree when they say the people on this list are stupid, but I only think some are stupid, and they say that this site commits cancer, aids and retardation. but I think we all know who the real retards are

People need to learn how to handle things online.

I hate this website, their worst page is Offended, when you scroll down that page, you'll see disturbing pics like a kitten going through a blender, a severed wolf's head in a toilet, famous shock sites like Goatse and Tubgirl, and Anime porn - ZootopiaFan

I only come there for some lulz but ED is just full of offensive insults and so-called satirical attacking - Neonco31