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The Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki is filled with mean people, it is run by little kids who can be very rude sometimes. Even the staff are kids that are rude, and they let people be rude. The wiki is full of swearing, sex, violence, drinking, smoking, and drugs.

203 HotNewHipHop

If you read the comments your brain cells will die it's terrible

I dare you to go to there and look at the comments section ain't nothing but asss on that site.
Thisshould be number 1

204 LurkerFAQs

Nothing but idiots bashing at other people

205 Vicsig

Another fake and stupid website, It says how good those dumb E-Class Trams are. - bugger

Boring and Unreliable website

207 Peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat

Not a real website


I never liked Fanfiction. You can't just pair a couple for no reason. If they don't want to get together, so be it. They also may straight people pair up with other characters of the same gender. It's sick and twisted! If they're doing it for a movie, imagine how the actors/actresses would feel! You people can't change a director's, author's, actor's, character's, or anything else's choices! You can't make their choices, so just stop! You may have wanted 2 certain people to become a couple, but that's their choice.

Trolls and Flamers want to act like big men flaming good stories, by acting psychotic over grammar, make topics on the forums to bash people's fanfiction, and there are trolls that harass other writers, that should not be tolerated and the staff needs to get it together, and start banning a lot of these idiots for their behavior.

This website is the best. Just read some of the troll fanfictions (or maybe I just have a sick sense of humor)

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209 Kotaku
210 V 1 Comment
211 TheDirty

It is often the idiots that think everyone else are the stupid ones. *Shakes head at the other comments.*

The dictionary can't confuse smart people. If it confuses you, you're not smart.

The worst website ever. Confusing the smartest of people!

213 Wookiepedia
214 MyFirstWorld
215 Khan Academy V 1 Comment
216 Sonic Stadium

Yeah, the Sonic Stadium message boards are full of mean people. They claim to be nice, but still give you a bad reputation for no reason.

Meltingman234 said this website Is garbage

217 Digitaldreamdoor
218 Imvu
219 All The Tests

Their quizzes are the worst online quizzes ever. - sketchysteve


This website is profane, inappropriate, and it sucks. - sketchysteve

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