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Porn ruined Safe sex that's why people kill themselves with pill or hanging.

There is the more famous, and that does the same thing. - nelsonerica

63 LiveScience
64 Something Awful
65 TMZ

Stupid website that degrades our society

The only thing I hate about tmz is the annoying narrator. HE'S SO RETARDED!



This wiki is so stupid. They make spoofs and junk of various movies where they recast characters from other franchises as those from the movie they're trying to spoof. It's worse if the characters casted are from The Lion King or Thomas the Tank Engine, which often are the cancer that is killing this site, and pretty much don't fit the roles their fans cast them in. They even have 'counterparts' on their character pages, that not all characters there are alike. They also make pages for fake VHS tapes that never happened.

71 Invader Zim Wiki
72 Chinaknowledge

Good god, just seeing the description I don't wanna look up this site. Ever.

This website sounds hilarious actually

It got replaced by a typical virus site - BlueSheepYT

Parked Domain right now. - UserWhom

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YES! Dork Diaries is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (way better) on crack. - mayamanga

But DD is incredible!

75 Kiwi Farms

A great place to see retards make fools of themselves. While the user base is mean, some people just do not deserve to be patted on the back for their vile behavior which these people expose. I think these people should never be taken down since these guys are one of the last bastions of free speech on the web. I hope our corrupt teachers, corporations, politicians, movie stars, scientists, and news organizations continue to get called on for their bad behavior and constant pandering to people who have a mentally illness like those on Tumblr.

Avoid this website. This website consists of mostly hypocritical bigoted douche bags that share many similar character traits to the idiotic people on Tumblr, Reddit, and Something Awful. Not only is this website garbage, it is hosted by a terrible user named Null who tried to scam $12,000 dollars from 8chan.

They go after people who are not as deranged as they are.These people are dangerous. They post private documents about innocent people and also post fake documents about people. They harass people, call them pedophiles, racists, rapists and mentally ill, even though the majority of their victims are much more stable than they are. Stay away from that board. They will be removed.

This site isn't all bad. It helped exposed the scam that is known as Social Autopsy which was created by a con artist known as Candace Owens/RedPillBlack. Sorry Owens, but you are a disgrace to black conservatives and a liar. I'm glad that the Kiwi Farms has exposed you for the con artist that you are. If you told the truth and apologized for your past failures no one would make fun of you.

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76 Gamespot Gamespot GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on certain video games.
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One day, I saw a Honda ad on YouTube. It showed gummy bears running away from a vacuum cleaner. It said "gummy bears can run, but they can't hide. More like gummy bears can't run, but they can hide.
Pen from bfdi

79 eSembler
80 KnowYourMeme

It's full of ignorant bronies who think they are the voice of reason of the Internet. If you try to voice an opinion that contradicts the popular circlejerk, you'll get downvoted to oblivion. - GamerBoy

They rejected the memes I came up with.

Who ever came up with this webiste is a dumb@ss.

First of all, most of the people there aren't bronies, cause they suck.
Third of all, I skipped second of all
Fourth of all, everyone has their own opinion and you should not post it if it contradicts someone popular cause they have army, I hate popular people but I don't say anything

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