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63 Invader Zim Wiki
64 Chinaknowledge

Good god, just seeing the description I don't wanna look up this site. Ever.

This website sounds hilarious actually

It got replaced by a typical virus site - BlueSheepYT

Parked Domain right now. - UserWhom

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66 Access Hollywood V 1 Comment

YES! Dork Diaries is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (way better) on crack. - mayamanga

But DD is incredible!

68 TheTopTens TheTopTens

Something very true, deserves a spot on the list not because of the site, but because of the people, we all have opinions, but some people obviously are on crack
When they write theirs.

The users on this site are all hypocritical and rude. They claim that it's bad to make a list about the worst users, yet they have a worst users list on their profile page. Are you guys idiots? Don't act like you're any better, you self-centered jackasses. You're also rude to Admin. Well listen up, morons: Admin was just trying to improve this site. Man, you guys are dumb. This is exactly why you guys where suspended. Go ahead and thumb down my comment all you want. That just proves that you guys are all sad and pathetic pussies.

I don't like this website that much, if we don't like it, then WHY ARE WE USING IT? - TopTenJackson

Putting in a vote here for irony's sake. - MarianasPilots

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69 V 2 Comments

One day, I saw a Honda ad on YouTube. It showed gummy bears running away from a vacuum cleaner. It said "gummy bears can run, but they can't hide. More like gummy bears can't run, but they can hide.
Pen from bfdi

71 eSembler
72 Bing
73 Kiwi Farms

Avoid this website. This website consists of mostly hypocritical bigoted douche bags that share many similar character traits to the idiotic people on Tumblr, Reddit, and Something Awful. Not only is this website garbage, it is hosted by a terrible user named Null who tried to scam $12,000 dollars from 8chan.

They go after people who are not as deranged as they are.These people are dangerous. They post private documents about innocent people and also post fake documents about people. They harass people, call them pedophiles, racists, rapists and mentally ill, even though the majority of their victims are much more stable than they are. Stay away from that board. They will be removed.

Stalks people for laughs and while the people they stalk are lowlifes, the community there isn't each better. Take the worst parts of the internet and this is the result.

These people are hyprocrites who make fun of people just like themselves.

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74 Metacritic

This website actually weights people's votes so some scores don't count as much as others, and the overall average score is what shows up first and most people look at and take into opinion. But why would anybody listen to me I'm just an idiot what do I know. - PewPewAssassin

What an awfully horrible website - ModernLife

So terrible! - PeeledBanana

75 Club Penguin

Waste of time. I made an account and got instantly perm-banned when I first logged on... just saw a lighthouse and "BANNED".. My name was appropriate (bunnylover11) and I have no hacking stuff... Worst website EVER.

I used to play this. I stoped because when you lose your membership you're the same pathetic penguin you were before. That's it. - FernandoLemon

I tried it, and it was BORING, nothing really to do, the penguins look weird, the graphics are cheesy, most things about it are just WRONG.

RIP Club Penguin - The01Bro

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76 KnowYourMeme

It's full of ignorant bronies who think they are the voice of reason of the Internet. If you try to voice an opinion that contradicts the popular circlejerk, you'll get downvoted to oblivion. - GamerBoy

They rejected the memes I came up with.

First of all, most of the people there aren't bronies, cause they suck.
Third of all, I skipped second of all
Fourth of all, everyone has their own opinion and you should not post it if it contradicts someone popular cause they have army, I hate popular people but I don't say anything


Some random guy bought in 1999 or 2000. It's terrible.

I love it because it's so stupid. I don't like websites that have a point

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79 Ranker

TheTopTens has better features than this!

Loads slowly, tells you that you can vote without logging in but the window just blocks the whole page...

The ability to downvote is the worst thing this website has. Upvote your favourite and downvote every last one of the other items, even if you don't know about them. Not right at all. - gaali121

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