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For me: (I had trouble behaving as a kid)
2005: I was first born. I was an extremely loud and crazy baby that would constantly scream and cry!
2006: Like 2005, but somewhat better.
2007: Good year. I was well behaved and I was happy.
2008: I became miserable this year and my behavior started to get bad.
2009-2013: My behavior was out of control. I became even more miserable. I was happy a lot of times throughout these years though. Rough years.
2014: My behavior improved a lot and it was a good year overall.
2015: Not much special happened this year, but still good.
2016: Some cool stuff happened. Better than the previous year. This year had my Halloween and Thanksgiving.
2017: Best year in my life so far. My behavior significantly improved, I graduated elementary school, and had a fun summer.
2018: Fun year where I did a lot of awesome things and I turned 13. What sucked about this year was that my Dad broke up with his girlfriend and my Uncle Tom passed ...more

I do not understand why people think 2013 and 2014 are the worst years in history because music, movies, and video games sucked when there were years with World Wars that killed millions of people. In reality, 1939 and 1941 were the worst years in history because they involved the deaths of millions of people killed from violence, wars, and camps. I do not remember hearing about millions of people killed in World Wars or concentration camps in 2013 or 2014.

And also, I like songs like Happy, Blurred Lines, and Counting Stars. Years like 2013 or 2014 may have sucked pop culture wise (although I have found some songs from those years to be good), but 1939 and 1941 were indeed the worst with many innocent lives taken away from wars. - anonygirl

So 2016 was the world year ever because celebrities died and democracy took course? nonsense... 1939 signified the beginning of a brutal war that took millions of lives and led course to even more divisions, deaths and tortures in the long term aka a divided Berlin. If you can even compare 2016 to a year that spawned the genocide and mass murdering of millions of innocent men, women and children, you really need to grow up and maybe pick up a book rather than forming your opinion on the basis of a buzzfeed article

For me:

1999: That was the year that I was born

2000-2005: Great!

2006-2008: Best yearz of my life (Nothing Happened)

2009: Sucks

2010: Was Bad too

2011: It was okay! (nothing special)

2012: Again, it was okay! (Nothing special for me)

2013: HORRIBLE, Horrible, horrible year for me! Where do I begin? I was forced to get braces, I had a very crappy school year, The teachers were very mean back then, Frozen was released then, my life got completely screwed up, I was introuced to violent behaviors, PLUS, CRINGEWORTHY FANBASES! I was glad that I left the GoAnimate community to move on to Flash Animation.

2014: Very bad, but improved later on

2015: Meh, it was okay!

2016-present: Awful!

2016 2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2010s decade.

All these comments talking about how "people who are voting for years because of terrible music/media" are probably way before my time, as this and 2020 are the only recent years in the top 10. And while I agree years where war broke out should definitely be above them, 2016 was pretty terrible in its own right.

The outbreak of Zika Virus & microcephaly plagued Brazil and many other countries, ISIS & Middle-Eastern terrorism were at an all-time high, tons of bombings and shootings in the U.S. and Europe, politicial tensions in the U.S. were UNBEARABLE (especially since Trump got elected, which caused an uproar that's still ongoing 4 YEARS LATER!), a lot of great people died (Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher, to name a few), the opioid crisis was at its worst, the refugee crisis was at its worst, and a lot of other things that I haven't mentioned. And to top it all off...

The music was really bad, and YouTube started declining HARD (aka my two biggest ...more

I don't really think this is the worst year ever (I don't really have a worst year ever, but this is not a contender) all of the bad stuff are all stuff that have been done in other years... and because Donald Trump got elected president (one user calls him a modern hitler... Godwin's law at it's finest) doesn't make it worse than 1939 (WW2 started, and this was back when you can only vote once a day and had unlimited comments, instead of 10 votes and comments per day), also celebrity deaths happen every year, other people got killed at Disney than that kid y'know, and of course someone who voted for this confused Disney World & Disneyland, every year in the 2010s is considered the worst since it's easy to remember.

In 2016, my father died, Donald Trump (which many people call a modern-day Hitler) got elected as president, the Zika Virus spread like wildfire and causing severe birth defects and even deaths in infants, so many celebrities died (David Bowie, Prince, Christina Grimmie, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Patty Duke, Alan Rickman, etc.), an alligator killed an innocent 2-year-old, anti-Trump protests damaged other people's property and even killed innocent people who could have been Clinton supporters themselves, someone shot and killed 49 people at a night club in Orlando, a truck plowed into a party in Nice, France, and killed 84 people (a lot of them children), 32 people died in an airport in Brussels, Belgium, DisneyAnime1234 died, and too many innocent police officers got killed in the line of duty. I'd rather live in 2009 than 2016, and that is saying something because 2009 sucked. That is how I feel about 2016.

He's not Hitler. Has Donald Trump killed 12 million Jews, gays, communist, Catholics, etc.? I don't think so.

Oh man, where do I begin?

Well lets start with the Zika Virus. It spread all over the place in South America and some parts of the world. I feel bad for everyone who suffered through that. Whats scary is that it's still spreading, and it affected Florida and parts of Mexico. Hopefully it won't get TOO bad.

Next, lets talk about the attacks that occurred in a couple cities in Europe, starting with Brussels. On March 22 during the year, a couple places in the city were brutally bombed. 35 people were killed, and more than 300 were injured. That's pretty sad. A few months later, in Nice, France, a truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. 86 people were killed, and 434 were hurt. Both of those we're terrorist attacks.

Then there's Hurricane Matthew, which did a ton of damage to Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, The Bahamas, and the Southeastern coast of the United States. Almost 900 people lost their lives, and many people's houses and hometowns ...more


How is this below 2016?! In 1350, the Black Death peaked to its highest and wiped out tens of millions of people. How are the deaths of celebs and a US election worse than the the peak of the worst pandemic in history? In my personal opinion, 2016 was a better year than 1350, even though I didn't live in 1350.

This year was certainly the worst year in history, it was the height of the most deadly disease in history, the Black Death. By the start of 1350 tens of millions of people had already died in just three years from the Black Death but the Black Death continued and didn't start slowing down in it's killing rates until 1351. Overall between 1939-1945 in a population stagnating world about 1% (21 million a year) of the world's population died a single year during the Second World War. The Black Death in the period from 1347-1351 which is less than the 6 years of the World War II, killed half of Europe's population, over a quarter of the world's population that was alive in 1346 died during the years 1347-1351, greatly reduced the world population which the Second World War failed to do. It took 200 years for world population levels to get back to pre-Black Death levels. So not only was the Black Death far more deadly than the Second World War or any wars in history but it was also the ...more

The Black Death wasn't the deadliest disease in history, but it's up there. The deadliest disease in history was Smallpox, which killed 300,000,000 people until it's eradication in 1980.

I'm sorry but 2016? What are you guys smoking? In 2013 90% of the world had climbed out of extreme poverty and in 1350 99% of the world was and let's not forget to mention a little disease called the black plague killed 3/5 of europe by conservative estimates. Imagine 3 of every 5 friends and family members dying in the span of a couple years. That's as hellish as the world will ever get. 2016 give me a break.

The black plague happened and all but are we not going to ignore the famine that was happening to wood? I mean, wood was getting chipped everywhere becasuse there were rats everywhere which is a scary thought. I thought about chosing 2019 because every year is bad and all but 1350 stuck out to me because of the round numbers, not to mention that the Plague was dominant in 4 other years. Catch yall on Xbox Live Conor Hagerman signing off


World War 1 and the Spanish Flu outbreak occurred and those are the worst things headlining this year. There are bad things around the world that were happening in this time. People are saying 2020 is the worst year ever. I think and hope that 1914 still holds the title of the worst year in history by the end of 2020.

The Spanish Flu outbreak went from 1918-1920 but yeah, 1914 was pretty much worse than that

Should be #1. This year has NOTHING on last year and the year before that. Just because they were bad for pop culture and education (and they were VERY bad for those) doesn't mean it was necessarily a bad year. That misses the purpose of the entire list. 1914 on the other hand... well, it started World War 1.

You know, that one war that laid the path for the rest of the 20th century and beyond, the war that was the result of the less violent napoleonic ones, the thing that spawned nothing good out of humanity except for the league. You know, that year. When the actual war started, 1 million people died in one month. ONE MONTH! for a war in Europe. One of the most violent wars in history, the one that made the Nazis famous, the one that still has terrible implications today! This is truly one of the worst years in history, or even ever.

tldr: pretty big deal, but not because of good stuff, but because of tragedies. and bloodshed.

You think 2016 was bad just because lots of celebrities died, the liberal agenda got screwed over, the LGBTQs and Muslims are slowly taking over, and some crappy games/movies/T.V. shows came out?

THAT is the very definition of first-world problems!

Imagine being forced to go to war in Europe because some aristocrat in Austria got shot, being fooled into thinking it was a good thing, then spending the rest of your miserable (and likely short) life shooting people from a mud / rat/ feces / disease-ridden trench until you got shot. gased, bombed or died from disease/fatigue/malnourishment. And if you somehow survived the war, you would return home (but likely not in one piece) mentally unstable for the rest of your life with no hope of a normal and proper future for yourself.

Oh, and then twenty years later World War II happens because Germany got mad that WWI was all blamed on then and now they want revenge.

It's basically the cause of everything bad in the 20th century. Sure we don't know what technology would be like without the cold war, but it would have stopped the holocaust and Russian Revolution.


Oh man do I have some things to say about this year...

At first I used to say 2016 was the worst year of my life. Then it was 2017. Then it was 2018. 2019 was actually a pretty good year for me. I graduated high school during that year and the world wasn't in lockdown. That didn't become the case for 2020. This year already sucks! When this year started it was just decent for me. The first terrible thing that happened this year was that Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players of all time had died in a plane accident along with his daughter. It was a really sad time for Kobe fans and for the NBA. By March more terrible things had happened. COVID-19 came and spread all around the country. It killed hundreds and thousands of people. Because of that a bunch of stores were closed, malls were closed, movie theaters were closed, churches were closed, some workplaces were closed, and worst of all even the gyms are closed. I'm upset about Planet Fitness closing because I love ...more

The black death killed 100s of millions, and scientists say if it comes back it would kill 80 million in just a year, that's an average of around 7 million a month.

This is by far the worst year after the WWII years. It started with Australian fires. Then, there's the Coronavirus which is by far the worst thing of the year. The virus is making everyone's life a living hell. A lot of earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters occurred worldwide. Many innocent people died like George Floyd, Kobe Bryant, all the victims from the COVID-19, the people who died from shootings. Many places/events are closed, cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Riots occurred as well. Don't forget that COPPA ruined YouTube. If you think 2016 is still worse than this abysmal year, you're delusional.

Where do I even start with this?
First off Australia is literally on fire, next we were about to go into ww3, then scientists discovered alternate dimensions and more UFOs, an asteroid almost killed us, the Ebola Virus came back in Africa, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, Killer Hornets came to the US from Japan, a man named George Floyd was murdered by some racist police officers and now people are vandalizing and wrecking stores, and finally a virus is spreading across the world causing events like E3, the olympics and parades to be cancelled. 2020 is pretty much the end of the world.

Money has not been spent on this scale since the world wars. Where as in times such as the Great Depression they could encourage people to go to work to get more money into the economy, it is hard to do that when the world is in lockdown due to the global pandemic. Since basically the whole world has been effected, countries cannot borrow from other countries as everyone is involved. Whereas Brexit (for Brits) would easily have been the most major disappointment for many here and making many call it up as a reason for 2020 being so bad (though many/most would take it as good), it is not mentioned once - testament to the apocalyptic events on the year


World War II raging, attack on Pearl Harbour and probably the worst year of the war. How is 2016 higher than this? Please vote for 1941 so it exceeds 2016

Despite 1939 (the start of the Phony War) currently ranking #1, 1941 marks the beginning of the Jew Genocide, with the nazis ordering children shot, rapidly escalating executions and using Zyklon B for the first time.

Pearl Harbour happened too, which led America to join on both fronts, and Operation Barbarossa got the USSR into the Allies' side until the nazis were gone. This was a year when most of continental Europe was in the hand of fascists and/or literal nazis.

This year reminds us why we must vigorously oppose those who sow hatred and division, for the good of all Humankind!

OH come on WORSE THEN 2016?! U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! this was then over 20 million people died!,Pearl Harbour, Holocaust so between 25-29 million died! it should be Number 2 cause black death is much much worse then this

Is this a horrible joke? World War ll is number 6 due to terrible pop music and celebrities? God, people have no idea how fortunate mordern day people are! I don't care if kids nowadays are reckoned as immature and selfish, I'm not in a camp! Vote this up, because 2014 doesn't cut it as the worst year in history!


I was 15 years old back then. Let me tell you I was having so much fun that year. I was on the honor roll in school that year and got a great school award, I went to my aunt's wedding, me and my family went on vacation to Hawaii, me and my 10 friends went to the city's summer carnival, and my dad took me to his auto mechanical place that he owns. I even got to fix some of the cars a little! It was a lot of fun until 9/11 came... Everything in my life collapsed. My grandma was involved in the 9/11 attacks she was lucky she survived but she was very scared and almost fainted. My dad got killed in his car by getting smashed by a drunk truck driver, my German shepherd who was with me since preschool got put down, my 18 year old brother who was doing gang violence with his friends got sent to jail and thrown out of my house, my mom was struggling to keep her diner opened, one of my closest friends since Kindergarten betrayed me, I was all alone on Halloween none of my friends wanted to ...more

I hate how people hate this year because of 9/11, yet they never heard about the millions who got slaughtered in the second Congo war back then, 9/11 is sad because American people died there, if the planes bombed the twin towers in Malaysia nobody would remember it.

I might have been born this year, which is a bad thing to everyone I know (everyone hates me), but I do know a lot about the year:
Michelle Branch (perosnally)
Anime takeover
Nickelodeon starts to get bad (though they've gotten worse over the years)
Freddy got Fingered
Glitter (the film, in case you're confused. )
The 90's end. I never saw the 90's, but from what I've heard, they're awesome, even though I would much rather be stuck in the present forever than in the 90's forever.

I lost two jobs in 2001 due to the "IT recession" and had to let go of a relationship that I dearly loved, but the age difference would have doomed it in the long run. Then 9/11 happened, and things were worse...much, much worse. Did not find work until 2002 rolled around, and even then was still depressed about 9/11.


The depression began, some people might say it's decent due to the rise in popularity of Mickey Mouse and the foundation of the Looney Tunes, but it's a depression alright.

Unless you guys know what it's like to live on the streets with your family and all your friends, flat broke, cold, starving, suffering from anemia, pneumonia, and a whole assortment of other ailments, and with absolutely NO chance of seeing a paycheck for at least another few years, you have no right to say that ANY year in modern history is worse than 1929. It's called the "Great Depression" for a reason. Enough said.

This should be #2 due to the Great Depression, which caused people to suffer terribly. I cannot imagine how people would deal with this calamity today, and we came awfully close in 2008. Luckily the economy recovered once it got very bad. Seriously, I mean people don;t know what it was like for the people back in this year, endless human suffering.

This should be the worst year because the stock market crashed, everyone was going into poverty, this was the start of the Great Depression, everyone lost hope, and the American dream was dying.


This year was the year that many scientists and historians proved to be the worst year in recorded history. A volcano in Iceland erupted, which blocked the sun for 18 months. This caused crops to fail, creating mass starvation.

This year apparently was covered in darkness. Multiple volcano eruptions and Einstein and many other famous philosophers agree this was THE WORST YEAR EVER. Famine, plagues and more this year is the worst year ever.

This year was bad. Hope history never repeats because I don't want to live in 1-1900

I heard it was bad.


I personally despised this year mainly because I lost my older brother in a car crash and because my parents were divorcing halfway and there was a lot of tension in the house. And because of that I start to get moody and I got bullied a lot.

This year was the worst of my personal life. Early on I had a depression for three weeks because I felt like none of my friends liked me anymore. Even after I recovered it felt like my friendships had fizzled out, and I was often being left out. It was miserable. Also, I was still in secondary school and I got underwhelming grades, mainly C's, D's and E's. The only above C I got was an A in Maths.

Things did get better towards the end when I actually managed to get into college, and a fresh start helped me feel less lonely, but the year was just not good overall. 2013 wasn't much better either, but the depression I went through in 2014 makes it the worst year of my life. The best year would be 2012.

Same here and I understand why you hated life that year. So did I and things only started getting better for me at the end. So don't worry you're not the only one.

You've got to be kidding me! How is this year considered to be the worst year history!? "Oh it was because of terrible music and the celebrities like Robin Williams died, and Frozen was so popular during this year, and T.V. shows were terrible, and.." Grow up! Entertainment and celebrities passing away doesn't make this year the worst year ever. There are much worse years in history. There's 1939, where the Holocaust began, there's 65 million because where the Dinosaurs got extinct, there's 2001 where 9/11 took place, the list goes on. The 21st century as a whole doesn't really stand out as extreme. The exception being 9/11, but that was about it. Stop claiming that entertainment is the most precious thing in the world, because it's not! The only thing that stood out this year was Ebola, but even with that, it wasn't a disaster that affected the entire world. All you care about is the Als Ice Bucket challenge, T.V. shows, music, etc. that doesn't matter.

This was easily the worst year of my life - and probably a lot of others too. The ISIS attacks started off, Russia tried to take Crimea and lots of famous people died. The music was dire and sport, other than the world cup, was boring! Personally, it gets even worse because I was getting bullied at school, I had an awful teacher and there was an extension on my family's house, meaning we were living in a building site with two rooms to go in. Also, in late December, my Nan had a heart attack and my mum a car crash (she wasn't hurt). This really was an awful year, looking back at it. But all we can do now is enjoy 2016! :-)

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If I travelled here don’t expect to see me again. The plague was deadly many died on the same day they fell ill, about 20% of the population died because of the Black Death

This was when the Black Death spread like wildfire throughout Europe. It was very horrid. Bodies were piling up in the streets, and all people thought about was death.

Plague. No real medicine, no sanitation, no help for survivors except for some handouts from monasteries.

Black plague, people. You don't want to be there


Seriously this list is awful. All the spoiled kids are voting for newer years just because of their personal life. Yet the holocaust beginning is only 14

That was during the great depression. 4 years after the stock market crash of '29, America faced poverty.

The Nazis rose to power and started attacking Austrians. The holocaust began it was horrible all the memoirs about it.

Oh damn! This year the Holocaust started. I should have voted for this instead!


My life for the past 10 years
2009: great year, I had a lot of fun 7/10
2010: awesome, I moved to Florida and made many friends there 8/10
2011: amazing, everything was so lit in that year 9/10
2012: great, not as fun as 2010 and 2011 but still a cool year 7/10
2013: Worst year of my life! Everything was going rock bottom in that year 1/10
2014: alright, not the best year ever but an big improvement of 2013 5/10
2015: good, I liked that year except for the last two months of the year 6/10
2016: sucks, that year was just plain out trash 3/10
2017: Terrific, I really loved that year because a lot of aw things happened to me 10/10
2018: good, I enjoyed that year except for February and the summer 6/10
2019: fine, it's has been a good and bad year 5/10

My life in a review
2005: born
2009: great 7/10
2010: great, it's slightly better than 2009 because I moved to Florida and made many friends there 7.1/10
2011: awesome 8/10
2012: amazing 9/10
2013: awful (Worst Year Ever! ) So many bad things were happening like 3rd grade, my and my cousin didn't get along, I was grounded for half of the year, Cartoons started to suck, and I had 2 mean teachers. The only things I liked about 2013 were the summer vacation and my sister was born. 2/10
2014: okay, really sucked at first but then got improved later on 4/10
2015: good 6/10
2016: sucks 3/10
2017: Best Year Of My Life! 10/10
2018: good 6/10
2019: alright 5/10

My life in a review
2005: born
2009:great 7/10
2010: really great 7.5/10
2011: awesome 8/10
2012: amazing 9/10
2013: Worst Year Ever! So many bad things were happening like Cartoon Network going rock bottom, 3rd grade, me and my cousin not getting along, I didn't have many friends, etc. 1/10
2014: ok, I don't really care much about that year but it's better than 2013 for sure 5/10
2015: really great, 2015 is a huge improvement from 2013 and 2014 and it is also one of my favorite years of all time! 7.5/10
2016: pretty bad, everything was going downhill 3/10
2017: Best Year Of My Life, I was so happy in that year 10/10
2018: good 6/10
2019: decent 5.5/10

We have seen many events happen in 2013, some good moments, some embarrassing moments, some that are controversial and more, movies are not so different these days, there are the ones that are often praised for it to be forever remembered and there are the ones that people raged over just for it's existence, but when it comes to animated films however, people might remember 2013 as one of the WORST YEARS FOR ANIMATION! Seriously! There were only 2 great animated films that year while the other good ones were just OK and the bad ones ended up being REALLY BAD!

65,000,000 B.C.

A comet hit Earth, and released ejecta beyond the atmosphere and triggered the strongest earthquakes and biggest tsunami ever, miles tall, and the Earth burned shortly after from fires and sulfuric acid rain.
Plus, Most of the ozone layer was destroyed, causing UV radiation to bathe our planet, and give animals cancer.
Mega volcanic eruptions happened on the opposite side of the Earth from the impact zone, and poisoned the planet.
Dust was released from the impact and covered the whole Earth and blocked out all sunlight, putting the world in total darkness.
Then it cooled down way below freezing and caused nuclear winter, putting plants and many lifeforms, including the Dinosaurs to extinction.

I mean if the meteor did not hit earth humans would not exist cause the age of mammales would never begin and we would still be smaller than rats

I'm a 69 million year old Megalosaurus this was the worst years of the life dinosaurs went extinct and my pet dirt died :( however me and my family including 35 brothers and 12 sisters and 200 cousins managed to survive including my Dad and his 17 girlfriends worst part I was stuck with my dad and his 17 girlfriends under a boulder in a 1234 metre cave and at the very bottom yep it was awkward..

Think about though. The dinosaurs had died because it was their time. I agree it is sad but without the extinction I would not be typing this and no one would be here.


The years I that I hated the most (other than earlier years with wars like 1939 and 1941) were 2001, 2009, 2012 (only for my personal life), and 2016. I was only 10 at the time, but I still remember it like it happened yesterday. That year sucked because of the swine flu epidemic, Justin Bieber's music was at his worst, lots of beloved celebrities died (in 2016 as well), terrible economy, I moved that year and had to say goodbye to my friends and family, Oscar Grant getting killed by police, I was frequently sent to the principal's office for no reason, Nickelodeon got rid of its orange slime, analog T.V. was no longer available to use (which is especially bad for low income families who could not afford to pay cable bills), Noggin went away, I was bullied, SpongeBob was at his worst, and many other reasons.

This is the year EVERYTHING went to hell. The credit crunch, stock market crash, the recession, more and more celebrities dying, the swine flu scare, the Daily Mail on the rise with it's "health" addicts, the music industry destroyed - nowadays they only care about looks and money, not heart and soul! Hollywood falling on it's knees just EVERYTHING about this year,was CRAP! Today we are still suffering from what happened in 2009! If I had a time machine, I would erase everything about 2009-2016 and go back to the 80s and 90s, even the early 00s, because the only really bad thing I remember about 2001 was 9/11. 2009-now can go buried in a gavr and never seen again!

In 2016 even more celebrities died and 2017 wasn't much better and 2018 -- well, it's only January 7 and I already heard of 2 high-profile deaths. I'm from the future. Don't tell anyone.

I was born. Here is every year of ny life.

2009: neutral. I was born barely in. I came early. I was supposed to come on January 18.

2010: bad. I started to eat poop thinking its chocolate

2009 was awful. For me, it was the worst year of my life. I was in the hospital for nearly a month, I got sick a lot, it was cloudy and gloomy just about every day, and songs got stuck in my head for hours and hours every single day, I had literally no friends, my teachers sucked, my Phillies lost the world series, and so much more! I was only 7 years old, but it was definitely the most depressing time of my life. I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN 2010 CAME!

Ah boohoo. I'm sorry but that doesn't make this year worse than the Holocaust year.


I’m calling it, had that year never existed, the world would be in a far, FAR better state. This monstrosity of a year never should have had happened. It just enrages me thinking about it. So much bad happened in the world, interenet and people that year, but NOTHING good happened. The only good that happened were a few personal small things. Looking at it, it seems almost everyone in my country also thinks it’s a beyond atrociously dismal year and that’s a good thing. I consider this to be one of the worst things ever, let alone years.

This year was just incredibly bad, forgettable, and there is nothing good whatsoever about it. I will bet you all that by 2022 everyone is going to forget that year ever happened and treat it as just another year that happened. Well that’s how I see that year anyway.

I’m also very glad I deleted that loathsome comment I made several years back that was somehow my most popular comment ever. I apologise to anybody who had to see that offenseivw comment.

But back on topic, that year was simply embarassing. Not just to me but to pretty much everyone with common sense.

Both personal and political, 2015 takes everything that was good about the years prior and craps all over it. My family has fallen into shambles since early in the year, and the stress was only exacerbated by all the political tension, mass shootings, and racial/gender divide that has been happening in the months after that, not to mention people being overly offended even in the wake of NON-issues. There is no real way at this point that 2016 can just be a reset button because the damage that's been done will be hard to undo. Most of the damage that 2015 has done will take a long time to be remedied.

As much as I feel bad for your troubles, these are the top 10 worst years in HISTORY. Personal reasons should not have a single thing to do with this.

The Worst year in the History 1. We lost a very good Disney show called Phineas and Ferb 2. My brother annoys me. And hurts me 3. We just lost our music teacher Mr. Measiano 4. We had to go inside for recess" 2 times 5. Ruby Tuesday made a new kids
Menu and it made me have nightmares 6. Disney is losing Great Shows 7. There are a lot Of Bullies on the Internet 8.My mommy doesn't let me watch Abc Family *which that's turning into freeform 9. No one wants to play with me at school 10. My brother Destroys
A lot of things

2 good things about 2015

1. ANT farm got cancelled on Disney

2. Jessie ended this year

Well that's all that I can say about 2015 And I hope that 2016 will be better Friends!


All these retarded people who put 2013 and 14 higher than this need to get punched in the face a couple times until they realize what actually happened in history and not in media.

Still the worst because people had to recover from the ending of the war and the damage left behind. Plus the Cold War started afterwards, the Holocaust prisoners contracted horrible diseases before liberation, and everything was in ruin. So while the war ended, the world was in huge disarray.

It was actually good. WWII Ended. Japan Surrendered To the United States after getting bombed.

Not as bad as 1914, 1941, and 1939 because the war ended, but it was till pretty tough that Japan got bombed.

2018 2018 (MMXVIII) is a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2018th year of the Common Era (CE), the 9th year of the 2010s decade, the 18th year of the 21st century, and the 18th year of the 3rd millennium.

I had to move 3 times that year. We had move into my grandmothers house because the bill was wack, then my drunk uncle was antagonizing us so we moved into a apartment but the apartment was awful because it only had 1 bathroom and it’s was super small. Then my mom got her money raised up and bought us a house back in our hometown and we moved back there to a house from 1985 and moved in there and the worst part. We moved into that house in December. In June we had to move out of our house into my grandmas. Then we moved out in July. Then we moved into our new house in December. Which means I lives in 4 places in one year.

I choose this because my dad and two of my dogs died this year, may not be as bad as 1914 and 1939, but to me this year sucked big time, and it's been downhill since.

Worst year in my whole life. It all started when the penguins got eliminated by the Capitals. Then they would make the cup. My friend died on June 4th. My friend was one of the best people you could ever meet. So fun to be around and a really good person. I grieved for 3 weeks about it. A few days later, The capitals and the EVIL 8 won the cup and took over the world. My dog died in September. November 6th was one of my friend's birthdays. It was literal HELL from the start. The WORST day in my life and my friend had the worst birthday ever. Me and my friend were demoralized, degraded, and torn apart that day leaving us sad and depressed. Steelers eliminated from the playoffs and ravens get in. Overall, 2018 has been a living HELL for me and everyone that I care about. Can't wait for the year to end and have a fresh start.

2018 is no doubt the worst year of my life and of the 2010s. It is worse than 2017 and 2016 combined! 2018 didn't even feel the least bit memorable. It was boring, lifeless, and depressing. I was still stuck in that private special-ed school, I didn't get in the basketball team, I broke yet another smartphone that cost $800, and my dad doesn't live with me anymore. I didn't even go out much with any friends or family. People still listened to awful mumble rap and depressing pop music. Of course, did I mention that the summer of 2018 sucked too! I had to spend yet another year at summer school for the 5th and (thankfully) my last year before senior year. Out of all my years doing summer school it was the worst and it was really boring. Once again, I had to deal with those silly, immature, foul-mouthed classmates and the teachers being lazy when punishing them. After that, I didn't go on any vacation at all. The only good thing about this summer was going to summer camp for a week and ...more


The year that the Spanish flu occurred.

A century later, another flu epidemic is sweeping across the US.

The World War ended then though.


2008 marked the worst year for the global economy due to the Financial Crisis that destroyed the prosperity of every country in the world. Businesses were affected, closed down which was the impact whereas Federal Banks struggled to cooperate with the scarce resources. The Bush Administration still had something up with their sleeves and they were the reason why it happened. I believe Soros was also partially responsible.

Here's my opinion/timeline:

1999: Born

2000 - 2003: Awesome years! Best movies, best shows, best games, and best music of the late 90s and early to mid 00s

2004 - 2007: Great years, but not as good as the earlier years, but still had a great childhood!

2008 - 2012: These years were okay, Things were starting to change a lot.

2013 - 2014: Bad! Things were starting to suck.

2015 - 2016: Awful. Things were getting worse.

2017 - Present: $#! tty music, movies, T.V. shows, etc.

My timeline/opinion:

1999: Born

1999 - 2002: Awesome Years! Best movies, best music, best shows, and best games of the late 90s and early 00s

2003 - 2007: Great years! But not as good as the earlier ones but still had a nice childhood.

2008 - 2012: These years were okay, Things were starting to change a lot!

2013 - 2014: Bad! Things were starting to suck.

2015 - 2016: Awful! Things were getting worse.

2017 - Present: $#! TTY music, movies, T.V. shows, etc.

The year when both my uncle on my mom's side and my grandmother on my dad's side died. And the financial crisis happened. But at least Obama was elected. I was 4 years old then.


While it is nowhere close to the worst year in history, I strongly dislike 2019 for personal reasons. Firstly, I got sexually assaulted multiple times. In January, a man grabbed my butt and shoved my body into his body. I was blamed for it. In September of that same year, a man my age started talking to me. I thought he was someone who wanted to be my friend until a few minutes later when he talked about sexual things. He started asking me how large my breasts were, if I ever had a blowjob, that sexual intercourse was his all-time favorite hobby, and if I can come to his bedroom that night. That was despite the fact that he never communicated with me beforehand. Secondly, I got sent to the Dean's twice for apparent misconduct, and I almost got suspended. I had a poor reputation as a college student that year. Thirdly, my mom had a major heart attack one night and nearly died. I had to stay up most of the night, and I had to attend college classes for mid-terms. As a result, I didn't ...more

Wow 2019 is that low? Good. Even though the late 2010s was the worst era of my life, 2019 was actually the best year at that time. I mean it felt very much like 2018 but it was way better! I graduated high school that year, I started exercising at a gym for the first time, I didn't stay home as much, I went to California for the first time, and I bought a Nintendo Switch. Of course no one will forget about the worst Super Bowl and the worst Halftime Show that happened this year but it didn't stop this year from being good. Even the music wasn't all that terrible. Old Town Road ruled the music chart for 19 weeks and it is a great song! The movies during that year were really good too. Avengers Endgame one of the final movies of the third phase of MCU was a great movie and it marked the end of an era. Of course the last quarter of 2019 wasn't all that great to me. After I graduated high school, I participated in a work readiness program around the 4th quarter of that year and it was ...more

2019 = Almost the worst year of my lifetime!

Here are the reasons:

1. My driver did not take me home on June 5th

2. YouTube's New Terms of Service Policy which Is Very Greedy

3. Lots of good celebrities died (for example. Cameron Boyce), I know my mom says I don't really know these celebrities, but it's still sad to see them go... :'(

4. My Driver Did Not Get To School On November 18th and 21st so My Mom drove me instead

5. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

6. I had a painful zit in my ear canal, so I got it treated on September 4th

7. My driver did not get to school on September 26th, so My mom picked me up that day.

8. Uber Accident on March 27, 2019

9. Google+ shutting down

10. I ran late on September 3, 2019, so I ran behind my schedule at school.

Though 2019 may feel a little the same as 2017, regarding this story.

Let's hope the 2020s can have an 80s/90s comeback!

I thought of another reason 2019 sucked: That's the year Billie Eilish released "Bad Guy"

2019 = Almost the worst year of my lifetime.


1. Google+ shutting down

2. Lots of celebrities dying (for example: Cameron Boyce), I know that my mom says I do not know these celebrities, but it is still sad to see them go :'(

3. Uber accident on March 27

4. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

5. I had a painful zit in my ear so I got it treated in September of that year

6. My driver did not take me home on June 5th

7. My late drivers on January 2 and September 23

8. Super Bowl 53

9. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Frozen II

10. My driver being late on the first day of school which made me run behind in my schedule at school

11. I was non compliant during Reading Mastery at school, because I had a cold back then, so I took a day off.

12. My driver did not get to school on time in the afternoon, so my mom picked me up on 9/26/2019

Though 2019 did feel a little the same as 2017 ...more

Here are the reasons resaid.
1. A website shutting down
2. A few celebrities you liked dying
3. An accident started in 2018
4. A movie
5. A solved problem
6. You missing the bus
7. Late buses
8. A Super Bowl
9. More movies
10. A late bus
11. Another solved problem
12. More late buses
Seriously, these are some of the worst reasons I've ever read to hate the year. They're just bad movies, a few dead celebrities (which have happened basically every year), problems that eventually got solved, a bad super bowl, a few times you missed the bus or it was late and something that happened, or at least started, in 2018. Like that's totally worse than the World Wars and the Black Plague.


Whitney Houston died, Hurricane Sandy and the school shooting of an elementary school.

For my personal life, it sucked too, I moved out of my old house, had to move schools too, and my cat passed away.

I cannot believe it's almost the 2020s! It already seems like 2013 is today and yesterday was 2012. I'll be 20 in 2020.

Let's be honest, I feel 2020 and 2021 will highly be the same as the 2010s. But I don't really know what will happen with 2022 and further till further notice, I hope it gets better.

In 2012, my personal life sucked. It was dangerously hot that year, I got put into a frustrating class (and no one bothered to help me), one of my teachers thought that I had tons of missing assignments even though I turned them in, when a couple of students misbehaved in my class I got blamed, I got sent to detention even though I never had before, I had a sinus infection that I never had before, a man shot over 20 children younger than 8 at Sandy Hook Elementary School for no reason, and many others.

My Actual Timeline:

Born on December 30, 1999

2000-2002: I was still a baby

2003-2006: I was a very little kid back then, and these years were still good for the most part and 2005 could have been better and I went to the Comphensive Learning Center School (a non profit private school for autism) and I was put to timeout a couple times and it sucked.

2007: Great year! My little sister was born

2008: Not good starting with my diabetes diagnosis and T.V. shows and networks and brands going downhill like SpongeBob, The Simpsons, Nickelodeon, DC Comics, Disney, Viacom, Paramount and other brands going downhill and they were lots of mediocre ass T.V. shows back then

2009: Pretty bad too, Not only the fate of Michael Jackson, my parents had a very small car and school for me was torture, though 2016 was also terrible because of celebrity deaths, mass shootings, and losing interest to logos

2010: Good for most of it, except for my sisters ...more

2017 2017 (MMXVII) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2017th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 17th year of the 3rd millennium, the 17th year of the 21st century, and the 8th year of the 2010s decade.

Personally, 2017 was one of the worst year of my life. Trump became president of the United States, my dad got a stroke, my grandmother passed away, and I broke a $300 smartphone. A lot of people are saying 2016 was a really bad year but 2017 is slightly much worse. But I kind of had some good memories in that year too. Good thing that year wasn't boring but the year after would be much worse.

Now let's get this out of the way. There is NO WAY that the 2010's are worse than years during WWII and the Black Plague. That said, I can't deny 2017 is no better than 2016. There continues to be celebrity deaths, political tensions are as heated and controversial as ever, protests continue to retain a violent streak, the hurricane season this year had probably some of the worst hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Jose since Katrina to the point that Irma was confirmed to have actually been more powerful than Katrina, burglars around Florida looted many victims' belongings during the aftermath of Irma, and as of now, the 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting is now officially the deadliest mass shooting carried out by a single gunman in U.S. history since the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. I probably missed a lot more disastrous events, but this is just a few events that show how much of how 2017 is already a bad year.

I think why some consider modern years like 2017 and 2016 even close to being as bad as the 40s is not because of movies and pop culture, but because we've come to the depressing realization that we are in THE FUTURE. Which means deforestation and cutting down every tree, global warming making the world hotter by the minute, frightening technology like the htc vive, the broken down economy and terrorists who are worse than ever spreading there victims to big cities like London, you can't go anywhere like a concert or a theme park without having to go through metal detectors and heavy surveillance, that's not how it used to be. We're in the future and that means we are closer to the world pretty much collapsing over itself.

2017 was the worst year of my life! Reasons why..

1. My dog died (The Worst Part of 2017)

2. I had to switch buses

3. Hurricane Harvey

4. My sister sprang her knee

5. There were WAY too many shootings ALL OVER THE WORLD!

6. So many good celebrities died (like Don Rickles)

7. Paramount Pictures' dumb decisions about the box office bombs

8. My family members got into a fight

9. Trump being president

10. My cat had surgery

11. The Emoji Movie

12. My bus drivers were late during May and June, so I got to school late during these times

I'm SO GLAD 2017 is over! I never want a year like this again! Let's not forget Paramount has been making constant box office bombs in 2017 also!

So far.. 2018 is much better


The fall of the Roman Empire

what happend then


The Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter causing the Civil War to begin.

Why isn’t this on top 10?

The American Civil War Begun.

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