Worst Years In History

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161 1960
162 1337
163 1598
164 1947

Why is this not any higher? This marked the beginning of the Cold War which raged on for decades. - Call

165 1917

America Enters World War I. October Revolution aka (Communist Revolution) - NegrosSuck

166 1676

I've always been the kind of person who thinks that the measure of a bad year is defined by how depraved the human societies can reach. In which case, 1676 and the build up to this year I'd consider to be the worst. This year saw warfare from several countries around the globe, from a civil war occurring in the colonies to a war brewing between European colonies over Scanian territory, death and suffering plagued the globe. The civil war conflict between the new English rule and the Native American tribes is what kicks this up to my worst year in history, though. This wasn't so much a war as it was a massacre on both fronts, either the Native Americans massacring English at the start, and vice versa at the end. But, when it was all over, rebels under the Englishman Nathaniel Bacon burned down Jamestown, killing what is believed to be hundreds of innocent people. The leader of the Wampanoag tribe, Philip, was also assassinated, and had his head mounted on a stick, to represent English ...more - nerffan8000

167 1857

James Buchanan became president. - NegrosSuck

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