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1 Battlefield 3

If this game was the best, you would not feel the need to insult Call of Duty 24/7. Your just insecure about how your game has flaws. Don't get me wrong, Call of Duty has a ton of issues as well, but battlefield is not the best game eve made. It's not a "simulator", its not even REMOTELY realistic, it's about as realistic as Call of Duty, to be honest.
In all honesty, yes, this IS a very good game. I just don't think that you should be calling it the "masterpiece" you say it is when you constantly have to compare it to a relatively old franchise to make it seem good.

Thumb me down. But you know it's true.

Deserves to be on top by a mile. No Lag at all and it's a great team focused shooter where you'll have to work with your squad to demolish on multiplayer unlike the unrealistic Call of Duty where you can just run out with a overpowered gun alone and kill the whole enemy team.

Call of Duty for little kids who don't know how to play a REAL first person shooter.


2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The only possible way this game could have been better was if it had zombies and community playlists. - Lauber

God, this game was so good. Why can't the just patch noob tubing and rerelease it?

Battlefield is too realistic.i don't like such games.

If they did something about the hacking...

3 Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

This is always king

The most revolutionary FPS ever made, without this game killsreaks would have never been implimented and boyfriend and Call of Duty wouldn't be the way they are today

4 Halo 3

It's real ass good! - GAMEKNIGHT999

Halo 3 is the best FPS gmae I've ever seen! - GAMEKNIGHT999

Halo 3 odst above this masterpiece? NOPE. It has great multiplayer, split screen is spot on unlike most games and the story is a great conclusion to the series.

5 Call of Duty: Black Ops

It is one of the best games ever made it has zombie option and the zombies look legit and has great action a good story mode and great maps to play great graphics and in zombies it includes world at war zombie maps + new ones good games + awesome= Call of Duty black op

One solid game with a ton of variety. Campaign with Hollywood voices. Zombies (with hidden story), Wager matches, and a thorough Multiplayer with great innovation.

Its great and NOT sniping InfinityWard sniping 2yr old fest or Sledgehammer camping fest

6 The Orange Box

This is the best why is battlefield 3 at 1 even though both are good what is better 3 epic games or 1 I would choose 3 and Call of Duty black ops and modern warfare are higher - ikerevievs

7 Halo: Reach

The best game I have every played. Great graphics, various multiplayer modes, custom games, and the ability to make your own maps, like in previous halo games, and unlike Call of Duty games, forge. The custom games used to be the best. Halo ring, duck hunt, fat kid, etc. Who doesn't like Halo Reach? The campaign is fun and it was set place before Halo 1. Living dead (infection), big team battle, swat, and all the awesome gametypes that you can play in matchmaking, or with your friends in custom games. Rate it 10/10 no matter what.

This is by far the best game of the best FPS series ever. The campaign is well done and I wish bungie would have stayed. Best game ever. So much better than call of duty and battlefield.

8 Boarderlands 2
9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

How can this not be number one, best online and fast paced action

Needs to be at least number 4

I think its the best

10 Crysis 2

The Contenders

11 Battlefield Bad Company 2

I personally love the underdogs... Crysis 2 & BBC2 have fantastic Graphics, & Sound, they are both way under rated & overshadowed by the over hyped Call of Duty & Halo series in my opinion... BBC2 has better controls, & accuracy then Crysis.

12 Bioshock: Infinite

This game will take you for a ride you'll never forget! Awesome!

"I'm blowing away! "

13 Halo 3: ODST
14 Killzone 3
15 Call of Duty: World at War

This game is fun and still fun there are servers still (August 2014) and I love this game. - EPIC4reALz

16 Borderlands

Great shooter, has parts of RPG and adding a great First Person Shooter experience to the game consoles, it has a Over billions of weapons made EACH day, so it easily defeats the other games in terms of Replyablity, it can be played over and over the same way and you'll never see the same gun once, the amount of guns in the game makes it so showing off that new sniper to your friends is all that much better considering they can never have it, unless of course you decide to give it to them or Mod it. If you can get passed the modders its a great game and can't be compared to the others, the addons it has also makes it so there is usually a new place to go to and something to shoot when you get there, there characters are well rounded and allow different play styles to be played making it so a good sniper is used better with his team, balancing makes it so no character is better than the others, also the amount of jokes in this game make it so the games darker part of the game is filled ...more

17 Crysis 3
18 Killzone 2

2.5 hours game rioting with teamwork

19 Far Cry 3

Best fps of all time, great storyline!

20 Battlefield 4
21 BioShock

I am amazed that bioshock isn't on the list its way better than Call of Duty - ikerevievs

22 Halo 4

The best halo=number 1

Halo 4 has the most enjoyable multiplayer mods in the entire Fps familly. If that's not enough to be the best, I don't know what.

23 Medal of Honor
24 Brink
25 F.E.A.R.First Encounter Assault Recon

Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing gunplay, scary, its everything you can ask for in a Horror, Science Fiction, Action Shooting game.

26 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

It's the best since cod4.

27 Left 4 Dead 2
28 Little Big Planet 3

I know you might say this is not an FPS, but people have made FPS levels in the LBP3 community. - noo7na7

29 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
30 Fallout: New Vegas
31 Far Cry 2
32 Call of Duty 3
33 Call of Duty: Ghosts
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