Best Things About Killer Instinct for Xbox One

Very cool game, making this as it has been made available for free right now on Xbox One along with dlc, a saving of 32 pounds. This is why you go xbox. . . Best exclusives, best service, and more aggressive marketing means more free games and deals.
The Top Ten
1 EPIC soundtrack

The soundtrack is just awesome. The guitar notes are my perfect guitar notes, seriously rock fans listen to it.

2 Very fun gameplay
3 Very cool
4 Great graphics
5 Brilliant pace of gameplay
6 Lots to do
7 Made available for free on Xbox January 2016
8 Updated version of classic games
9 Great designs
10 Includes original looks
The Contenders
11 Fulgore Fulgore is a player character in the Killer Instinct series of fighting games by Rare. Fulgore was introduced in the original Killer Instinct in 1994 as an advanced fighting cyborg and a nemesis of the protagonist Jago.
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