Worst Microsoft Xbox Mistakes

Everyone Makes Mistake Nintendo, Sony Or Anybody. Microsoft Has Made Some Mistakes One Changed Gaming AS Apualing. Here Are The Worst Microsoft Xbox Mistakes. BE Lucky I Did Not Do my worst mistakes. TRUST ME.
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1 Red Ring Of Death

Someone: Time to game.
Five minutes later...
Someone: Aw come on.

Just got it...

2 months later...

Piece of crap

Well, the blue screen on a computer is similar, and one of the few things xboxers complain about that actually was Microsoft's mistake, not just the complainer's crappy internet.

It honesly sounds like a sequel to the rings. This was Pain.
Microsoft JUST WENT "WE ARE NOT FIXING THE CONSOLE so when it breaks they will know."

2 RareWare

Microsoft brought it for no reason and only made one game. - Harri666

Remeber When Rareware Was Nintendo's Biggest Developer. CONKERS BAD FUR DAY, BANJO KAZOOIE, GOLDEN EYE, DONKEY KONG, STAR FOX. Now That Micrsoft Owns Them They Just Make Kinect Games. Rareware doing kinect games. Sorry Everybody but that sounds like selling drugs to a 5 year old. Lets hope Mojang don't go to Microsoft. - idontknow

3 Money

I Buy An Xbox 360. Expensive I buy another expensive game. Then The harddrive then the.. Microsoft If You want our money at least make a good console like the ps3. Because you are stealing our money. I am very unhappy with this so Microsoft Take This copy of the last airbender 2010 as my peace offering. - idontknow

4 Disk Destruction

It can't hold the games still while scanning like other consoles do cough cough real consoles so it scratches disk and makes them useless and there goes dozens of dollars spent on the game

I Move my 360 and the game breaks. My ps2 fell to the ground and nothing broke. I move my 360 1cm and the game breaks. Well I lost my money. And my patience. - idontknow

Don't you know how to move the Xbox360 because it's the best gaming console ever.And if you think it is'nt then compare the graphics and see for yourself.

5 Kinect

Broken Nintendo Wii and PlayStation move. I need so much space. The games are awful. And its easy to get tired with it. - idontknow

Absolute trash most of the time but had some cool games like gun stringer

It was better with Xbox one

I tought it was good

6 Gold Membership is Overpriced

$5 a month for free games worth $50 and discounts on tons of stuff?

Ps Plus is easier to deal with - bjinmaro64

My Gold Thingy Finished and they are asking for MORE MONEY... Listen I Did not pay them. Because The intenet sucks on Xbox 360. Not worth your time. - idontknow

7 Xbox One Announcement

Did it completely wrong and ruined the sales and reputation of an awesome console - EvilAngel

MS lost their focus

Fake applause..

Good job,Microsoft.Make your console focused on T.V.

8 Internet

I lose it a lot! Especially on 360 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Good Thing I Still Have My Computer. Because the internet on the 360 is atrocious. Once Again I Lost my controller and now I have to buy a really expensive one. - idontknow

9 Xbox One is made for watching TV
10 Duke Controller

Ugly,fat, and stupid. They also had "stupid gimmicks! "

The Contenders
11 Buying Minecraft

This is just sad. All Microsoft is going to do is make it a subscription and charge people extra money.

I think this was a pretty good decision.

Come on Microsoft!
You can do better than buying notch's and jeb's best selling game

12 Takes a month just to update your settings
13 Won't let you simply buy Xbox 360 games on Xbox One
14 Wont let you change your email
15 Sonic Free Riders Sonic Free Riders Product Image

Jesus, what happened?!? Who's dumbass idea was this?

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